OCTOBER 18, 2006

Hello Everyone!
So now the question is can I take all of the events for this week, boil them down to one or two pages and then spit them back out to all of you in about an hour?? Well I am going to try. And I wanted to mention this week that you can experience word on the street in a slightly different manner, If you go to G-rad, then Projects, Then word on the Street You can read word, and ta-dah, check out some images to go along with the whole text thing….. See if you like it….
Anyhow, Here is word on the street for October 18th, 2006.

Love the Farmers Market? Afraid of what your winter will be like without it? Wealthy Theater has you covered. Thought the winter they will be holding a Winter Farmers market and Film Series including information about Food, Farming Health Education/ On Wednesday October 18th they will kick off with Seven Samari by Akira Kurasawa, the film begins at 6:30.

Avenue for the Arts The DAAC

ART SHOW!! Thursday night at the DAAC kicks off the Horror Art Show with new work by Aaron Rossell, JB, Rayanne Boyk and more. It is open to submissions but the drop off times are October 17, and 18th from 6-8PM.
Thursday night at Skelletones check out “Eric Browning,” “This Man’sArmy”, “Shy boy Dreamer” and “Enso.”

On Friday the 20th the DAAC will have the “Plot to blow up the Eiffel Tower” “Maps and Atlases,” “Pretty Thigh”, and Mr. Squid. 8$ to get in, but Mr. Squid is worth it..

Big goings on at the UICA this weekend on Friday night there is an opening reception this Friday the 20th from 6-9 Pm and it features three new artists. Brian Harper, “New Myths” Simone Paterson “Safe and Sound” and Winner of the Art Battle ed Brown, “On Paper” . anyhow it is my plan to check this out, I hope that you will be able to stop by and check out the show.

Also this weekend on Friday night at the UICA there is a showing in the theater of the Ann Arbor Film Festival it is $8 to get in, you get to check out 22 short films and the show starts at 7:00 PM. There is another showing on Saturday the 21st also at 7PM only.

Local Film will be experiencing its own hayday this weekend with the arrival/completion of a new “microcinema” So welcome in the Grand Rapids Independent& experimental Film Festival (GRIEFF) they are going to kick of a bright future this Saturday at 8PM in the space at 470 Market Street SW in Grand Rapids Michigan 49503 by showing “3 Guinness Commercials you’ve probably never seen, a music video for “Mama Said” by local band Fancy Thermos “Milk and Honey” and experimental film by Kate McCabe and “Rubber Johnny” By Chris Cunningham and last but not least “Slacker” by Richerd Linklater. So if you want to support some local film people, and check out some flicks then it isn’t going to cost you a dime, cause this event is FREE!!!!

On Saturday the Nest is hosting a G-roup Work Round Table Discussion. They wll focus on the ideas of collaboration, social practive, and localism. I have ot admit some of my favorite localites will be involved in the panel, Josh Ippel, Dave Prinsen, Ryan Tompson, George Wietor, Paul Wittenbraker, and Adam Wholpa. Begins at 2:00 Pm, I would expect this to be pretty laid back.

For those Beer aficionados in the group there is a great event, “Beers of the world” at the Center of the universe, (Easthills, Mangiamo, 1033 Lake Drive) This event is also a great excuse to check out Mangiamo. There are 40 Beers to taste, and also some great food and music. ( a representative for Stella Artois will be there! Among others) Tickets are 30$ at the door the event goes from 6-11Pm, and it benefits the Community media center and Easthills Council. If you want more information call 616 454 9079!

It is that time again on the 21st the Grand Raggidy Roller Girls are having a Bout! Night of the Living Derb! There is a Costume contest along with a half time show by the Haunt. Tickets are 15 bucks. And the bout starts at 7, Come watch the Roustabout Rollers and The Everyday Rebelles skate hard and fast.
Saturday night at the DAAC there is a show featuring Son and Heir, A tundra, Red and Blue, it is 5$ to get in and if you want to pre-check out the bands they are all on myspace.

Sunday at the DAAC brings us a pretty chill show, Breath owl Breath, Thanksgiving and LAKE. Show is 5$ starts at 8:30 PM

Yippee for David Huang, he will be doing a demonstration of some of his work processes. In case you didn’t read last week David is having a one man show at the Fredrick Meijer Gardens, this is particularly impressive because to my knowledge he is the first local artists to have a one man exhibition at the Gardens. So if you would like to attend his Angel Raising and Chasing demonstration it is on Tuesday the 24th at 7PM, at the Gardens.
Check it out, there is a Eames Lounge chair Podcast on the Grand Rapids Museum website that you can download and then check out on your video ipod. Pretty cool, I am going to try and down load it tonight and check it out. If you have already checked it out. Let me know what you think. http://www.gramonline.org/

I want to invite you to talk about the October 30th meeting to review the Avenue for the Arts Street market. I am looking for individuals who may want to weigh in about the 2006 season, and help to plan for the 2007 season. If you attended, participated in or just want to give your two cents, please attend this planning session on Monday the 30th from 5:00 to 6:30. If needed there will be a follow up meeting on December 6th. the meeting will be held at 101 Sheldon BLVD Suite 2. I hope to see you there!

Th UICA will soon be wrapping up their call for proposals, the Deadline is November 1st so get on it! if you want more information about how to do a show at the UICA email Janet Tunis at jteunis@uica.org

Also the Anton Art Center is seeking Exhibition Proposals from Artists, they want submissions postmarked by November 15th, if you know where Anton is then you are a step ahead of the game, submit, why not? What do you have to loose?
Tessa Stein
Exhibit/Education Coordinator
The Art Center
125 Macomb Place
Mount Clemens, MI 48043
Phone: (586) 469-8666

Oh new bit at the bottom here, if you are interested in checking out pics from some of the events listed above check out http://www.flickr.com/photos/wordonthestreetgr/ I am trying to take pics of the events that I attend, but I am not so good with remembering the camera, Anyhow, there are new pictures and I promise to be better at it.
Artvark, oct. 2006

If you know of an up coming event let me know, send me a letter OR drop me an email at wordonthestreetgr@hotmail.com, ioniastreetmarket@hotmail.com, or jennschaub@hotmail.com.. Also of course WOTS is online at http://www.g-rad.org/projects/wordonthestreet/ or you can go to G-rad http://www.g-rad.org/ and then access it through projects….

Thanks for reading all the way to the bottom….

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