NOVEMBER 1, 2006

Is the Chit-chat necessary? Not this week.

Here is word on the street for November 1st.


Tonight one night only there is an art opening at the DAAC Artists Max Kauffman is on his art tour, 14 shows 17 days pretty impressive, so be a Grand Rapids Ambassador and go meet this Bloomfield Artist. The show opens at 8Pm and closes around 10:30-11:00 Pm for a sneak preview check out….ONE NIGHT ONLY….

Tonight (Wednesday) Olive Express (located on the Monroe Mall across from Rosa Parks Circle) is hosting an Arabic food workshop. A reservation is required, however I get the feeling this is an ongoing, so you may still be able to sign up. This is a hands on class where you will be learning about as well as making dishes. The host of the event is Wafa Haddad, and you can contact her by calling 261 3019 or emailing I have to mention that Olive express has a great vegetarian lunch platter/ combo thingy that I really enjoy. Based on my experiences with their friendly staff and great food I would think this workshop would be really fun.


Thursday night you can check out Making an Informed Vote: what has the media told us about the November 7th Election. (1110 Wealthy St... Studio B) you can get a comprehensive overview of the data and examples of local news coverage of the 7th Ballot issues. There will be a discussion about what has, hasn’t been discussed in the media. My favorite part is they will have a sample ballot so you can read the lingo and talk about it before going to the voting box. I think this is genius because it is so confusing once you are staring at the ballot. You need to RSVP at 459-04788x122, cost is 5$

This Friday from 5-7Pm there is an event at the Civic Studio Space. Located in the Rapids Transit station this space is freaking amazing, raw in the unfinished sense, it has an amazing view into the building. The show is “How do you go?” and of course is an exploration of transportation and mobility thought multimedia, interaction, and discussion” Again the sneak peak was promising, and the group looks bright enough, and Civic Studio rocks, the Rapid Central Station is on Grandville Ave. oh and you can bring your preferred mode of Alternative transportation…….

Finally it is here! The Dick vs. Jenn Video Contest. They have a bunch of submissions for this voice-your-opinion-about-the-gubernatorial-campaign video extravaganza. The showing is taking place at the Wealthy Theater, (1130 Wealthy Street) and will include the 30-60 Second Political campaign videos created by local voices. I have gotten a chance to sneak preview a few of these and they are great. The show starts at 7:00 Pm come ready to heckle; people’s choice gets $500!!!!! If you still have a submission that needs to be dropped off you can take it to 636 Innes Grand Rapids Michigan 49503 ( that is over by Martha’s) call 616 459 4788x2 for more info.

This weekend is the Tibet film festival at the UICA, so the whole weekend is peppered with these films but the short run down is there are 5 Feature films, you can get in to all of them for $15 or 7$ per one.
Friday night Tibetan film festival at the UICA, Film Wheel of time, starts at 7pm. This film is a look at the Buddist Kalachakra Initiation, made by Werner Herzog. 15$ for all 7$ per one.

Friday the 3rd, Skelletones, the underground (literally subterranean) music venue of the month is hosting The Casual Ties and the Briefs. These bands are PUNK ROCK ICONS. So if you are chomping at the bit or what to save a buck buy your tickets ahead of time check out, or you can pay $13 at the door.

There is only one show at the DAAC this weekend so they are determined ot make it count. Saturday night you can catch “Son and Heir, “Mavericks and Monarchs, “Please, oh Please! “Rising Vacency” and “Burger Time”. I am guessing the show starts about 8.

This Saturday you can catch the Super Happy Funtime Burlesque show at Sazerac, the show starts at 11 and it is 7$ to get in. I would guess the later the more outlandish but that is just speculation. Sazerac is located at 1418 Plainfield

Saturday afternoon Tibetan film festival at the UICA, Film: Home to Tibet, starts at 1pm. Kind of a retrospective of exile and return.15$ for all 7$ per one.

Saturday night Tibetan film festival at the UICA, Film: Samara, starts at 7pm. Spiritual enlightenment15$ for all 7$ per one.

What happens when you mix Chicago soul, reggae, and punk? Dreaded Mohawk? Nope (was that a bad joke?) well anyhow the real product is a band called “Deal’s Gone Bad” and they are playing at Skelletones on Saturday. Highly suggested for fans of Operation Ivy, bad Brains or Against Me.

Grab brunch at Mezze this Sunday and check out the new artwork. Hugo Claudin is showing part of his Mexicains sans Frontieres series at Mezze. So, honestly, I love Hugo’s paintings, they are bright, symbolic, and interesting; the figurative context becomes a stark narrative. With such intense colors you would think they would be happy, but instead they are introspective. The figures usually hang in between color fields and are somewhat like the artist, confident, hesitant, uncomfortable, in limbo. Hugo’s work is always a treat, so now you can check it out at your leisure, Mezze is located on Fulton right next to San Chez. If you want to get a hold of Hugo you can give him a call at 706 7963 (all work is for sale!!)

Hugo Claudin Work

Sunday afternoon Tibetan film festival at the UICA, Film: Vajra Sky over Tibet, starts at 1pm. Looking at the surviving culture and traditions of the Tibetan people in Tibet.15$ for all 7$ per one.
Sunday night Tibetan film festival at the UICA, Film: Travelers and Magicians, starts at 7pm. Mystical Tibetan fable of lust jealousy and murder. 15$ for all 7$ per one.

In the mood for rock folk bluegrass and a heavy dose of traditional Celtic??? Yep there is a show for that. In fact it is Sunday night at Quinn and Tuites, the band? “Enter the Haggis” apparently it is a quintet from Toronto, I am sure there is a door cover, but can’t remember the cost so I guess just swing by and check it out.

Missed the show at Sazerac on Saturday? Well guess what round two is Sunday but the party starts at 9Pm with a 7$ cover Raunchy, fun, burlesque, check out the rad pic at Also I believe that I read somewhere that there are $1.50 Drafts? Hum PBR anyone???

Sometime this week check out Paperworks gallery before but it is time for a revisit. According to the name the gallery shows works on paper, this month it is featuring watercolors by Alethea McGuire and Litho prints by Lee Ann Frame (Lee Ann is a former GVSU alumni) not the easiest to find Paperworks is located at 2750 Birchcrest Dr Se, or, inside the mall adjacent to Peitro’s Backdoor Pizzeria…. (Think Breton and 28th) if you get lost call 616 957 2135, ask for Fred

Opening on November 6th Studio 71 South is featuring a Salon Style selection of Giftable Art, getting us all into the Holiday season. Getting ready to shop anyone???

November 1st and 8th there is a class on jewelry making with PMC Silver at Studio 71 South, this introductory class is $75 Dollars and if you are interested in obtaining more information please call Jameson at 458 4140.

OK. You want to get off your butt and make a difference? You like your amendment given freedom of speech? Well now you can support free speech and be involved by becoming a part of the Wealthy Theater. There is an online form to fill out, and then they get you involved. GET up DO Stuff!

Website of the week
Local artist designer Stacy Niedzwiecki would like to share her website with you. Some of her logo designs are pretty familiar, and the website has a great layout, it is easy to navigate, and does a great job of marketing the artist.


Another winter show! This time organized by JynnaVyve, ( Fulton street Artist market)the show will take place in the Grand Rapids Elks Lodge Banquet Room on West Leonard. It is on November 18th from 6-9 Pm there is room for 30 people to participate, so $30 per booth; you can contact jynnavyve at or 616 856 0366 for an application!

If you are interested in running a temporary gallery space on the Avenue for the Arts please contact me for an application I am looking for individuals and or groups who may be interested in running a temporary gallery in the 300 block of south Division. The exchange is labor for space, this is an application process. The space would be available after January 1st.
Brad Fowler is Curating a show to coincide with out December 8th Urban lights event with the Theme of “Home” he is looking for artists who feel their work fit this theme, you can contact brad by dropping him an email at

Here is the lowdown with Urban Lights; we are looking for artists who would like to donate “Urban lights” to decorate South Division for our Urban Lights Event. We are looking for artists who will create and donate “urban lights”. The “Urban lights” will be displayed in Studio 71 South beginning on December 1st until December 7th. On the 8th they will be displayed street side for our Urban Lights Event.

Donated lights will be sold to support local school arts programs.
1. “Urban lights” must be “safe” candles votives and holders are accepted, also lights can be plugged in.
2. Lights that are weather resistant will be shown street side; others will be displayed inside local businesses.
3. Artist are asked to donate lights, the funds raised by light sales will go towards a public school arts program.

Please be creative and have fun, this is a fun holiday event and we are looking to light up the street with great art made by local artists. Please drop off entries at Studio 71 South December 1st from 10-7 PM.Questions? Call Jameson at 458-4140 or email

I want to invite you to a Second meeting to review the Avenue for the Arts Street market. I am looking for individuals who may want to weigh in about the 2006 season, and help to plan for the 2007 season. If you attended, participated in or just want to give your two cents, please attend this planning session on Monday the 6th from 5:00 to 6:30. The meeting will be held at 101 Sheldon BLVD Suite 2. I hope to see you there.

Ok so there are several Americorp Vista Positions open to work at Mixed Greens in GR. The positions are Program development, marketing and fundraising, or School Garden network and resource Development. I have done a stint with Americorps as a LISC and it was awesome. I loved it. The position pays a monthly stipend of 4833 and includes Medical Insurance; there is also an Educational stipend of $4,725 which can be used to pay back school loans, or for other educational purposes. Applications are due November 20th so get on it.

If you know of an up coming event let me know, send me a letter OR drop me an email at,, or Also of course WOTS is online at or you can go to G-rad and then access it through projects….
Thanks for reading all the way to the bottom….

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