NOVEMBER 8, 2006

November 8
Welcome to life after elections, a return to “normal TV”, fewer annoying yard signs, and a reduction of political conversations! Last week I checked out Dick and Jenn at the Wealthy Theater and I have to say, the 60 million dollars spent on this political campaign is freaking ridiculous. That is as much as a Picasso Painting is worth…..
Anyhow, this week we are starting to hit holiday market time, there is shopping to do and local artists to support so I want to make sure you all check out Handmade Parade this Saturday at Grandville Arts Academy. If you have checked out an event tell me about it. If you took a picture at the event, send a copy to me, let us dialogue!
This weekend there are some seriously cool things going on.

Here is word on the street for November 8th 2006

Tonight and tomorrow (Thursday) are the last days you can Catch Jesus Camp at the UICA. Showings At 5 and 7Pm I haven’t heard an actual review of the movie only discussion about the content, but that is what documentaries are for… right?

There is a Gallery Reception at the UICA on Thursday night from 5-7pm showcasing Photographed self portraits created by participants in their most recent arts therapy program “Expressive Arts for GLBT youth” ( I think that stands for Gay Lesbian Bi or Transgender)

Friday November 10th Liz Bachbuber, who is part of the public Art and New Stratagies Program of the Bauhaus in Wiemar Germany will be speaking at the Civic Studio Space. Civic Studio is located in the Rapid Central Station, 250 Grandville Avenue. The lecture starts at 4Pm and should be killer. I am for sure going to check this one out. Check out more online at or

Float Boat

Friday night after the Civic Studio Lecture you can head to the Space Vs. Time opening at 470 Market. Throw a bit of performing and Visual arts together and a bit of examination and get “the Grand Rapids I Know: Images of Criticism and Celebrations of our City.” Show starts around 8ish

So Calvin brings down the house this week by showing the Smithsonian’s Traveling exhibition titled “Robert Rauschenberg: Artist-Citizen: Posters for a Better World. There is an opening and gallery talk on Friday from 7-10 PM. The show is in the gallery on Calvin’s Main Campus.

Friday night at the DAAC Four Bands, “This level is Clouds,” “the afterword,” “Kimono you don’t,” and “our Rival Rock” will be playing. Show is at 8:30

Saturday night the Dirty Brothers invade Grand Rapids. With work at both the FWD Space and Artvark their Mini Show has over 40 submissions. If you remember all work must be smaller then 7x7 X7. the show gets hoping around 8. So FWD space is located at 120 S. Division 124 and Artvark is second Floor, of 120, unit 223. Come and welcome the Dirty Bros to GR.


Looking for gifts for your hip friends? The ones that you can’t give a plate of fruitcake, or a mass made card? Then this weekend is for you check out “Handmade Parade” an arts and Crafts show that is less then traditional. Located in the Grandville Avenue Academy for the Arts the show runs from 10Am to 4Pm there will be 25 different artists selling less traditional crafts and gifts. If you are an artist prograstinator and still want in contact Lisa at

Voodoo dolls Handmade Parade

Saturday night there are two performances at the Wealthy Theater, the CMC’s Vaudville is performing at 2 and 8 Pm. Tickets for the matinee are 10$ and 15 for the evening. A little singing, a little dancing, a little comedy, some contortion. This is the read deal hook and all.

On Saturday the 11th you can check out a show at Skelletones that features “the horror show theatrical antics” of “Walking Corpses Astro Zombies from another Dimension. Yeah.

Saturday night come down and enjoy Bohemian Stomp at Mexicains Sans Frontieres. Doors open at 7 pm with a 5 Dollar Cover. But what is this “bohemian stomp” you ask? Well it is poetry, with the band Blue Nebula and a few undisclosed special guests. And where is this Mexicains Sans Frontieres? 120 South Division #226, front door entrance next to Imagination Creations.

Saturday night at the DAAC, check out “Scouts Honor,” “The Family Line,” “Julio Gomez los Putos’” and “Fuckin’.”

Next Tuesday night the 14th you can get in on a work shop called Clear communication the cost is $75 and you can contact for more information.

On Tuesday nights at Rocky’s ( over off of Plainfield) Studio 71 South will be hosting a salon style opportunity to show off your work, it is a no refusal event so everyone can participate, however I would assume that you would need to be over 21 because it is located in a bar. If you want more information about Salon Tuesdays check out or call 616 458 4140

The Website of the week
The work of Former Grand Rapidian Treisa V. It features both her paintings and some handmade bags. Her paintings are amazing, truly beautiful. BANANACREAMPIEARTS.COM

The Heartside Neighborhood Association is looking for a new Logo, you need to have some kind of connection to the Heartside-Downtown Neighborhood, and incorporate your vision for the neighborhood. The logo will be used on HDNA letterhead, website, business cards, and other formal documents. Along with the logo they would like you to submit a document that answers the following questions. What is your connection to Heartside? What is your Vision for Heartside in the Near Future? How will you contribute to that vision? And what Changes would you suggest for the Heartside Community? You can email submissions to attention Anthony or Drop them off at Heartside Ministries 54 S. Division C/o Anthony Harrell Submissions due November 13th, 2006

All City Kicks is hosting a new design competition, this one is Custom fitted hats. I have to brag that the custom shoe competition, Jones, Stockton and I came in second place. And it was really fun, we made a pair of rad kicks, people voted on them.. it was a good time. So the new competition is White/white New Era 59Fifty Fitted Caps they come with a sports team on them, you can get Tigers, Cardinals, Yankees, Braves, Cubs, Dodgers, Phillies, and White Sox. For more information stop in at 139 South Division ask for Jason, the entry fee is 20$ and you have to be signed up by the 18th of November. Voting will take place on December 8th!!!!

. Jobs!
Local First (Grand Rapids, Michigan) a rapidly growing nonprofit education foundation and membership organization seeks an energetic, self-motivated, business-focused Executive Director to recruit new members, maintain accurate membership databases, promote the concept of Local First to a wide variety of businesses and consumers. Candidates must be experienced in grant writing and managing grant outcomes, basic fund development, building partnerships with local businesses and managing an organizational budget. Candidates report to a volunteer board of directors and must be able to utilize volunteers to carry out the work of Local First including ongoing
membership and special fundraising events. Candidates should be charismatic; a persuasive communicator and fully understand the concepts behind local living economies and the triple bottom line.

Minimum qualifications include: Bachelors Degree and at least three years in
a similar role at a nonprofit with proven results. Must be proficient in Microsoft office products and Quickbooks. Salary: $27,000, health insurance and paid vacation/sick time. This is a fulltime position.
Send resume, cover letter to: Search Committee
Local First
949 Wealthy Street SE
Suite 200
Grand Rapids, MI 49506

See pictures!!! Check Word out on G-Rad!!!! If you know of an up coming event let me know, send me a letter OR drop me an email at,, or Also of course WOTS is online at or you can go to G-rad and then access it through projects….
Thanks for reading all the way to the bottom….

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