NOVEMBER 15, 2006

Hi everyone!
Projects, Projects, Projects, all I am thinking about is projects, and events, and homework. So for some reason I was surprised to find out how many things are going on this weekend….. I hope you find something you like. I hope to see you out and about. I went to the lecture at Civic Studio on Friday night, there was lots to think about.

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Here is the word on the street For November 15, 2006

Tonight (the 15th) at the Wealthy Theater, GVSU is presenting their 2006 Summer Film, ”Story Time” created by students at GVSU, and acted by a regional cast the film begins at 8 and runs till 10Pm. Wealthy theater is of course at 1130 Wealthy St. SE

On November 16th from 6-9Pm check out the Jewelry Artists Trunk Show at Studio 71 South. Trunk shows are such an interesting idea. I especially like it when there is actually a trunk, sometimes people leave that little bit out.

After the trunk show swing by the DAAC and check out Samantha Crain, and Joey Lemon, and of course a mystery guest.

On Friday night (the 17th) check out the opening at Sanctuary Folk Art, from 6 until 11 there is going to be new work from Tom D, and Melissa Duimstra, and cool new jewelry from the multi talented Chris Shaefer( his newest rings have moving parts) and there is music by bob fry and others. There will be a bit of munching and some talky talk with a bunch of interesting people.

Across the street on Friday the 17th Skelletones will host a Ska show featuring the Flaming Tsunami’s and The Judgementals, if you are thirsty stop by upstairs at the Euclid for some Carmel Hot Cider, I got mine with Chi in it and I am salivating thinking about it.

Around the corner up on Sheldon you can catch a big happening art on Friday. Head over to the Art battle V at the UICA the event runs from 8 till 10 PM, you know what an art battle is by now right? A bunch of artists make work, you watch, someone judges, they announce a winner. it is 10$ to get in.

Sixteen Years Old!!! Tanglefoot studio is 16, so this weekend they are holding their annual sale and celebrating their birthday. There are 4 featured artists, Elaine Dacher, Michael Pfleghaar, Tommy Allen and Alynn Guerra The sale starts on Friday, the 17th from 5-9 and then Saturday and Sunday from noon to 5 PM….Tanglefoot is 314 Straight Street SW between Wealthy and Fulton, you get in thought the north side at the loading dock
Michael's blog:

Friday November 17th early show at the DAAC, and tickets are cheap! 2$$$$! Bands include “all rights reserved” “Chinese Happy” “Shy Boy Dreamer” and “Without a Crowd”

On Saturday if you feel like taking the trek out to Byron Center (or I guess maybe it is not so far for you) Check out the new show at the Van Singel Fine Arts Center at 8500 Burlingame the show is “Revisiting Guernica Themes and motifs in Paint and Print”. The work is by artists Tom Post, and the show opens on Friday the 17th from 2-3:30 Pm.

Also on Saturday there is a show so big at Skelletones that they are expecting to sell out. Roadrunner records “36 Crazy Fists w/ Bloodlined Calligraphy & Scars of Tomorrow. You can purchase tickets online at

On Saturday the 18th check out The “Winter Exhibit” at the Grand Rapids Elks Lodge banquet Room there are suppose to be 30 artists from the Fulton Artists market. The lodge is on West Leonard and the show begins at 6Pm, I believe this is one night only so check it out and get some of those goods that you are kicking your self for not getting over the summer. If you have questions contact jynnavyve at 616 856 0366

It is a sad day for children. Easely art is having a Going out of Business Sale from 10-5 on Saturday. They will be selling off their materials, supplies, tables and easels and closing up shop. Located at the intersection of East Beltline and Plainfield.

I was recently reading an article about John Sinclair and he mentioned the movie “the US v.s. John Lennon which opens at the UICA this weekend. If that wasn’t enough the description leads me to believe that this might be a fairly interesting look into what happens when art and politics don’t simply collide, they become fused together, and speak with one voice. I am interested. So if you are you can check out the show on Saturday (18th) at 3,7,9 pm and then on Sunday at 3 and 7 pm.

Saturday November 18th at 8 PM the DAAC is having a huge blowout, If he Dies He Dies, La Dispute, the Nain Rouge, and Coal Black Horse This show is a CD release party for If he Dies He Dies. So that should be a good time.

If you are looking to get in and learn the ins and outs of booking music and art shows, and if you are a “self Starter” and last if you are looking for an internship think about becoming an intern at the DAAC!

Website of the week!
Well this is not a local individual but it is a local project archive, check out for a look at past civic studios and some of their projects, last week they hosted the lecture at the Rapid Central Station Check out the flickr site for photos.

See pictures!!! Check Word out on G-Rad!!!! If you know of an up coming event let me know, send me a letter OR drop me an email at,, or Also of course WOTS is online at or you can go to G-rad and then access it through projects….
Thanks for reading all the way to the bottom….

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