DECEMBER 20, 2006

Hi everyone!!!
So what is going on this weekend? Really not much! No large holiday celebrations, no good times with friends and family, no nostalgia or gift giving…. PSYCHE, just kidding actually with the holidays upon us people are hunkering in and spending time at home, and of course scrambling to find the perfect holiday presents for this season. So this week word is checking out the few things out and about to do, and then I am going to give you a consumeriffic list of great places to pick up those last minute gifts.

Here is Word on the Street for December 20, 2006!

Tonight down at the Wealthy Theater is running part of the Winter Farmers Market Series. It includes movies and panel discussions. Tonight they are playing the “Wrath of Grapes” a short movie about Chavez and Huerta’s activist struggle. And then “Covering New ground: Wisconsin’s Sustainable Agriculture” that one is pretty self explanatory.

If you are looking to rock out to a Grind Thrash show tonight then Skelletones is the place to be. They are featuring “Angelic Vomit,” “Rogers Met an Iranian”, “Humataria,” “Winter Sets Fire”, and “Putrid Warrior” Wow nothing more “holiday” then Angelic Vomit.

On Wednesday or Thursday check out American Hardcore at the UICA, this flick is a look at the early Punk Rock Scene and should be pretty interesting. Showing on Wednesday at 5 and 8:30 and then on Thursday also at 5 and 8:30.

Or check out “old Joy” two dudes, different paths, but on the same. Yeah. Want to know what is really up check out the website, Show times are Wednesday and Thursday at 7PM. If you are going to check out a flick at the UICA this weekend also think about picking up some gift certificates for friends and family. Nothing beats alternative films for the Film Video inclined.

On Thursday the 21st there is an Irish Dance Class at the wealthy Campus Studio A located at 1110 Wealthy ST. SE

Also on Thursday at Skelletones you can check out “The Inuendos” “Witner Effovex”, and “UC Loser.”


And on Friday the 22nd Skelletones has a special event, Alex from HIV unplugged will be there along with some spoken word from Mirf on the Subject “there’s Somethin’ afoot in my Christmas Stocking” 3-5$ donation for Pizza and Pop.

And if you haven’t been to the GRAM lately check out this Friday night, Admission is $3.00 and from 5-5:45 there is a Piano Bar, from 5:45-6:15 there is a gallery Talk, and then from 6:15 until 8:15 Junior Valentine and the All Stars are playing.

And other then that it is family and friends and all sorts of Holiday Cheer.

So for those of us not finished yet…. here is this year’s Consumeriffic report: I wanted to shoot out some ideas for last minute shoppers. I myself would like some old soul albums, on CD, not vinyl, but vinyl is ok, both can be found at Vertigo, I would also like a gift certificate to River Bank Books, and last a pair of sneakers from All City Kicks. But I thought a few shopping suggestions might help anyone who is panicking at the last minute as well as do a great overview of all the cool local places to support, not only for the Holidays but over the next year. $=gifts for under 20 that are sweet
$$ = gifts under 50 that are great
$$$=gifts below a hundred that are fabulous
$$$+= over a hundred and make a statement.
And of course you can spend as much as you have, but this just gives you a good idea of how much you will need to spend to get something great.

Downtown: Located on Monroe An’ginas Boutique, don’t like the name but they have great clothing, this is the kind of stuff for a sister/ sister –in- law that loves high end semi trendy quality clothing. Gift cost: $$$

Avenue for the Arts South Division: All City Kicks, more then just a shoe store they have hip hop apparel for the afficnado, along with a great selection of limited release shoes. More for guys then girls but with a few killer sneaker picks for the ladies. Gift Cost: $$ish

Suzanne at Scavenger Hunt

Also on Avenue for the Arts at 115 S. Division is Scavenger Hunt, the best of the best vintage used clothing, it is all great and I am going there tomorrow to pick up a gift for a family member, this is the store that makes an outfit a statement. Gift cost: $

Premier skateboarding from boards, to cloths to shoes they have one focus, cool skate gear. Great for trendsetters or those skateboarders. Gift Cost $$-$$$

For the last minute shopper or on the way to a dinner party,
Wealthy: Art of the Table is perfect, they have wine cute doodas, nice little whatchamacallits, and it all is really cool stuff, this is a you can’t go wrong sort of a place and there is no better gift for a social event then a bottle of Wine. Located next to Wealthy Bakery, Gift Price anywhere from $ to $$$+

Downtown: Grand Central market, pretty good selection of mid-priced wine, lacking cheap beer, this place is great to grab some gourmet cheese or an eclectic mix of slightly fancy candy or Cola. $

Uptown: Martha’s Vineyard on Union is so good I get all tingly when I walk in. They have a TON of wine, great staff, cigars, an amazing deli, exquisite selection of dried and canned goods. If you are running late and looking for a gift that says “I have taste” Martha’s is the place. $

Books! Books! and Music! I think that books are for everyone, I love to read and even for the least avid reader there are always magazines, and of course everyone loves music.

Fulton: Aspire Books, Specializing in inspirational books $

Eastown: Argos, located by Brandywine, this place is a classic Used bookstore wonderland, I love this place, it is a treasure hunt for sure but you are bound to find something kick ass. $

Downtown: River Bank Books, great to grab a cuppa’ coffee and browse, wireless internet, decent selection and they will order anything you need. Great to unwind after a bit of intensive shopping or when looking for that hard to buy for person. $

Avenue for the Arts S. Division: Vertigo, how many times must I tell you that this place is Rad. I am stopping by tonight to pick up some last minute gifts and i have to say the staff rocks, the selection is awesome and what they don’t have they will find. Say hi to Herm, Josh, and Ken also MUSIC MUSIC MUSIC!


Looking for Earth/ world friendly Items
Eastown: Clothing Matters is located behind Wolfgangs they’ve got everything from shoes to organic soy hemp whatever for your head body feet hands arms ears you name it, including accessories. This is a buy one piece or a whole outfit your ecologically conscientious aunt will love you. $$

Cherry Diamond Global Infusion Each summer the Eastown street fair I end up buying something form these guys, if you have someone that loves tea ( they sell in Bulk) or is eco friendly this place is great! Located to the Left of Marie Catribs on Diamond. $

Over on Cherry: is a new place called Mena Imports, specializing in Egyptian goods they have cools stuff at reasonable prices, great for the world traveler or those just interested in Egyptian Culture. $$

Little gifts. Looking for a great little trinket for a mother or in-law or even grand parent??

Eastown: Gallery 154 in Eastown is a great place to pick up ornaments, and Ron and his wife are so nice. I always try to swing by and find a great little Trinket. $

Cherry Diamond: Over the River the window display is so great it is almost the best part, I have heard these guys have a sale going on right now, their unique gifts are great and will be a great bit for a Grandparent, girl friend or someone else. $

Avenue for the Arts South Division Imagination Creations has a great selection of unique jewelry, and vintage pieces. Also you can pick up a gift Certificate for a haircut…

For the Creative types

City Knitting In Eastown get a gift certificate or a great high end skein of yarn most of the stuff in this place is so freaking good. May I suggest a great set of bamboo knitting needles for those who like to cozy up and knit away. $- up to whenever you stop finding stuff you think they will like,

For the Arts Appreciator.
Reb Roberts

Avenue for the Arts S. Division. Both Studio 71 South And Sanctuary Folk Art are great places to stop in and find something. Sanctuary is so chalk full that there should be no problems finding something, between the $ to $$$ and it is all cool. On the other end of the Block is Studio 71 they have some great Giftable art up front, including some great smaller bright funky pieces. $$-$$$

Cherry area: Imagerie on Cherry Co-operative gallery space, eclectic mix of artists. Last time I was in they had some interesting photos. $$ and there is also Art Beat which I cannot comment on because I have not been there!

Fulton: Mercury Head Framing and Gallery with great trinkets, landscapes, and Irishy stuff. Good for a kind of conservative taste in art with a color twist. $

Eastown: Pepper Moon has small gifts and featuring the work of local artists as well as pieces from around the world. The work often has a distinctly imported feel or I-just- got-back-from-a-vacation-to- somewhere-tropical-and-fabulous. $

Make a memory: Tickets to a show or other event are a great present. Something you can do with a loved one is a great gift so I would also suggest getting tickets or memberships from the following local organizations.

Theater: The Civic Theater, newly renovated great season of plays, tickets are more then reasonable, anywhere from $10-25ish and available online at

Music: Opera Grand Rapids, with one of the best promo looks of the year the Opera has great shows. Tickets range form $20-90$ Online at or if you are not into opera check out the Grand Rapids Symphony which does a great job of mixing classical and more “approachable” tunes and shows any of their pops series are great for the whole family.

Dance: The Grand Rapids Ballet, it is just so pretty! Gentlemen if your lady has a dance appreciation, tickets to any Grand Rapids Ballet Event are sure to please.

Visual Arts: Give a loved one the gift of Art, a membership to The UICA ranges from $20 for a student to $35 for an individual or $60 for a household. Or a membership to the Gram which begin at $35!!!!

Online: I have to suggest supporting local artist Lisa Price, her Kitchen towels are going like hotcakes and I am buying at least 4 of them for assorted family and friends.

And so that pretty much rounds up my selection of consumeristic love. Remember to shop local!

And LAST but Certainly NOT LEAST!!! have a great happy, long, wonderful, weekend with friends and family. Enjoy spending time with those you love.
I look forward to hearing what everyone will be doing for New Years.. I am a fan of resolutions, even though I rarely make any myself, so if you want to run a rough draft by me or tip me off to any great New Years get together, drop me an email at,, or Also of course WOTS is online at or you can go to G-rad and then access it through projects…. Then you can check out pictures from last events, other happenings or see what is going on when…. And check out pics at

Thanks for reading all the way to the bottom….

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