JANUARY 31, 2007

Hey guys!

This week is pretty normal, there is a good mix of things going on this weekend, some good music, new arts shows opening… artists I have never even heard of which is pretty cool. I am getting psyched about an event we are working on for the spring so I want you to put it on your calendar, April 6th, Huge event, block it off in big red letters write “Spring for the Arts, Cross town Art Hop, this event will include studios from 1111 Godfrey, studios and businesses from the Avenue for the Arts, Trolley rides to and fro, food, entertainment, art up the wahzoo, you name it we’ll have it. So write it on your hand, don’t sweat too much, and then when you get home write it on the calendar and put it on the Fridge!
I will see you out and about soon enough, have a great time this weekend.

Here is the Word on the Street for January 31, 2007

On Thursday night at Skelletones check out the “Anti Federalists”, “Tim Flanders”, and “Comma After You.” Show starts around 7Pm. Skelletones, is below the Euclid, located on South Division.

This event has not one but two opportunities to catch it. On Thursday night at 7:30 or on Friday the 2nd at 8pm the Royce Auditorium check out Film Transformations, Casual Classics, put on by the GR Symphony, they are featuring Violinist Christopher Martin playing portions of musical scores from The red Violin, la Strada, and the River. Tickets are 23$ up to 31$.

Friday night at 14 Williams (Located across the street from the Goodwill on South Division) there is a show featuring work by a few photographers, Doug Titus and Annamarie Buller put the show together, and it features 4 different photographers. If you show up around 7 you should be good. There will be a live performance form Mantra, and of course great people and a relaxed atmosphere. The space number is 320 top floor.

First Kelsey Martineau resident potluck 2007
Picture of 14 williams, Unit 320

Or on Friday night Check out City Xposure at the Wealthy Theater. I would be curious to find out more about this event they promote it as a Talent Showcase for everything from Rappers, producers, comedians, to models and look/sound alikes. It is competitive so that would be interesting. If you want more info or in on the action call 916-9939, but to just check it out and be a spectator, 7 Pm start time.

Also on Friday at Skelletones check out “the Red Shift”, “Selectively Anti Social”, “the resistance”, and “hit and run”. Doors ‘round 7 ‘bout 5-6 bucks to get in.

On Saturday, Mexicains Sans Frontieres is located at 120 South Division (second floor unit 226, the front entry is next to Imagination Creations.) is holding an opening for a local artist by the name of Roli. He has 30 new pieces both oil and acrylic that will be on display both Saturday the 3rd from 12-7Pm and then on Sunday the 4th from 12-7Pm. Also to note, on Saturday night Mantra will be playing from 5-7Pm I am looking forward to seeing some new work, from and artist whose work I have never seen.

Mantra at Sanctuary Folk Art
Mantra, Chris and Matt in a recent performance at Sanctuary Folk Art

Saturday night! Rock out at Founders (on Monroe) with “Love Fossil”, “MOTO “and the “Total Blam Blams”, it is 5$ to get in show starts around 9 and oh did I mention this is a CD release party for love fossil, their new disc “Scientists Save us” will be on hand for purchase. I’m guessing they will rock all night. If you want to know more about the show email the band at lovefossilband@yahoo.com

Also on Saturday at 8pm catch Tim Lowly and Ben and Bruno in a show at the First United Methodist Church (227 E. Fulton) . It is a benefit for Gift, Fays in Faith Together. There is a suggested donation of $10 for more info or a sneak peak at the bands check out info@GaysInFaithTogether.org or check out the musicians, www.benandbruno.com and/or www.timlowly.com

Whoa, on Saturday the 3rd there are four intense bands at the DAAC (115 S. Division) “The Offbeats”, “the Republicants”, “the Resistance”, and “Brutal Tactix Unit’. Show at 8:30! Go! Rock out! Music! Yeah!

On Sunday the 4th at 2:30 at the UICA you can check out a movie that is part of the Chiaroscuro Film series, the movie is free which it totally cool. The movie “West-Ouest/East- West.” The movie revolves around the tragedy of events resulting from the dictatorial rule of Russia, circa 1946. The Chiaroscuro Film Series is a promotion of cultural awareness, diversity, and this year their theme is “Love without Borders”

This weekend
This weekend the Art Museum is opening a new show featuring Mathias Alten and other Artists of Michigan. There are more then 80 paintings by past and present artists of Michigan. I think this is pretty cool because they go back into the archives and find work that has been donated or purchased by the museum and pull it out for the show. Sweet! Imaging being able to just go though all sorts of artwork, decades worth to create a show how fun would that be??? Ok now that I am over my total art geek moment, the show opens this week. I would suggest checking it out on Saturday or Sunday. The museum is located at 155 Division. It is super cheap to get in, $6 for adults, and only $5.00 for college students.

I thought this was kind of cool the Grand Rapids Library, like all of the locations (8 in total) will be showing the work of local watercolor artist Jon McDonald. His work is a series of paintings of Blues musicians. I appreciate that Jon is not afraid to make a watercolor dark. He is a “well known local who teaches classes so you may have seen some of his work around. So I guess if you are headed to the library check out his work or take an afternoon and get acquainted with the local library locations, could be fun (This makes me faintly reminiscent and misty eyed because I have framed some of this work when I was working at Eastown Frame Shop.) Show goes up this weekend.


Don’t forget next weekend is the Drop off for the Lowell Area Arts Council Annual Regional Competition. Drop off dates are the 8th, 9th and 10th, they are looking for work from regional artists, there is an entry fee of $25. also for an entry form call 897 8545 or on the web at www.lowellartscouncil.org

Also get work ready for the Kalamazoo Institute of Art West Michigan Area Show the Deadline to drop off work is February 17th and the show is March 24th through May 6th. they are accepting work from Kent County artists ( that is most of us) You can drop work off on Saturday the 17th or Sunday the 25th. the guest Juror is Louis Marianaro whoc is part of UofM;s art department. No more then 2 pieces, $15 entry fee. There is up to $1,000 in prizes there is an entry form available at KIA www.kiarts.org/museum/exhibitions.shtml

Also on the 2nd (make that Friday), you can drop off work for “Celebration of the Arts” being held at the United Methodist Church (227 E. Fulton). They are looking for Spiritually themed work, there is a $10.00 Entry fee (per piece), and you can enter up to 2 pieces. Drop off is from 10 am to 2 Pm. www.grandrapidsfumc.org/celebration.htm

FYI Just so that everyone knows, Robinettes out on the Eastbeltline did not close, there was an article printed in the GR press that said Robinettes would be closing for several months, it was wrong, the artists in their gallery are distressed to the max because the article greatly decreased their flow of traffic SO! you can still go and cross country ski (bring your own equipment) as well as check out artwork in their gallery and sip some cider or wine, or whatever brew is in season. http://www.robinettes.com

So tomorrow begins a month that is pink and red and filled with chocolate, along with being probably snow filled. You know all of those great events you have going on in February? Let me know what they are by dropping me an email at wordonthestreetgr@hotmail.com, ioniastreetmarket@hotmail.com, or jennschaub@hotmail.com.. If you want to see or read word with pictures or post comments, check it out online at http://www.g-rad.org/projects/wordonthestreet/ or you can go to G-rad http://www.g-rad.org/ and then access it through projects….

Thanks for reading all the way to the bottom!
I always appreciate it!

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