FEBRUARY 21, 2007

Hi everyone!
Fair Warning: This week I have been unable to say the right things at the right time. Each time I think I am up over the hump it happens again, foot in mouth. If anyone has a cure for this (other then to stop talking) PLEASE send it my way. To keep word clear of any written catastrophes (other then the norm) I am going to keep it short and sweet.

So here is the Word on the Street for February 21, 2007

On Wednesday February 21 at 1 PM check out “The Emmit Till Documentary” Emmit Till was a youth from Chicago who visited his Grandmother in Mississippi and was accused of whistling at a white women. Needless to say, 1955, pulled out of his home, tortured, killed and dumped in a swamp. Makes you sick doesn’t it? So if you want to know more about it head to Heartside Ministry at, 54 S. Division

This weekend there are 3 shows at Skelletones, kicking off with Thursday night the 22nd check out “your Best Friend,” “Please oh Please”, “the Anti Federalists”, and “Speak Don’t Touch”.

This Friday night Critical Mass is meeting to ride though Grand Rapids. I mention this every once in a while bit it happens monthly, they meet in Veterans Park at 5:30 and then ride thought the streets of GR as a group, making the point that there is a need for bike awareness in GR

This Weekend the DAAC is over run by interns with a Show on Friday, completely created by interns: Sarah, Victoria and Katie present “Decompose my Darling (aka Angelic Vomit) “Broken Rank” “1984” and “the Horsemen” 5 dollars gets you in! Doors at 8 PM, feel the excitement, a whole new era of involvement at the DAAC. If you would like to be a summer intern at the DAAC drop me an email and I will send you an application.

Fountain Street Church has been bringing in some incredible speakers lately, this time they are bringing in a man named Julian Bond, (that’s right Bond, Julian Bond) his list of credentials includes, being a chair of the NAACP, elected to Georgia legislature at age 25 and needing a US Supreme Court action to put him into his seat (opposition to Vietnam) he was the first African American to be nominated to be Vice president of the US , is the funding president of the Southern Poverty Law Center, and he has hosted Saturday Night Live. WHAT? So anyhow this apparently amazing guy is going to be speaking on Friday, and tickets are $10 in advance with $15 at the door. It starts at 7 PM.

On a totally different note Friday night you could check out the “Total Blam Blams’, “The Spares”, “Nathan Kalish and the Wildfire” along with “Ashley Grutter”. The cost is oly 5$ the show is at the Breakroom over on Plainfield, Should be a good show.

Or on Friday the 23rd check out the Hit and Run CD release party with “Desiring dead flesh”, “the resistance” “Gimpy Skin and the Mutts”, and “my Friend Ruda” Skelletones (located downstairs from the Euclid, S. Division by All City Kicks.

This Saturday the 24th “Winter Splinter” showcasing art, health, food and music at the Blackport Building, located at 959 Lake Drive, just up form Marie Catribes there are demos all day food all day and some pretty cool things going on so here is the schedule. Begin the day with coffee and pastries, and a glass bead demo from 10-1045 at Byrnehoehem Gallery, then from 12 until 1245 there is a demo at Full Strength Fitness. Followed by a demo at Design Collective Floral and Gifts, oh and they have food, and then move over and check out some artwork at Art Beat Gallery featuring the artwork of Mary Ellen McNaughton, from 2-3:45 there is gong to be a chainsaw carving demo in the parking lot. After that you can warm up with a cup of tea at global infusion and watch a Herbal body care demo, there will be desert served, and then finally at 7Pm there it is back to the Byrneboehm Gallery for Early Jones, Jeff and RyCo.

Skelletones! on Saturday the 24th rock out with “Bringing down Broadway”, ”the Satire,” “Ridgemoor”, “With Broken Ranks” and “Winter sets Fire” $7

Saturday night head over to Jukes bar on Leonard to check out “The law” and “John Henry and the Barons”. This show starts at 8pm, and as always no cover at the door.

On Sunday Check out new artwork at the DAAC featuring the work of Scott Travis and Evan Chamerblin the show is called “Theories of the Collective Unconscious”. The work is print based. And the opening is from 2-5pm. See you there!

This Sunday there is a benefit for the Grand Rapids Public Schools art and Music Programs it takes place from 2-5 at St. Cecilia’s Music Society and this is the 6th annual event, all proceeds benefit GRPS. There are performances by, “Nobody’s Darlin”, “John Hair and the new Connections”, “Dylana Jenson”, “LaFamigila”, “The GR Ballet Company”, and the ‘Schubert Male Chorus”, a little bit for everyone. Tickets are $20 for adults, 5$ for Students, and 40$ for a family of four. Pick them up at the GRAAC or call 459 2787


There are a few residencies whose deadlines are the beginning of March
First if you are interested in staying at the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore they have residencies that open for 2-4 weeks from June until September, if you are interested in being a visiting artists contact Elizabeth Hertel at 219-926-7561, ext. 225 CST or indu_communications@nps.gov

Or maybe Herbert Hoover National Historic Site in Iowa is more your taste they are looking for a specific group and are open to writers composers and call visual and performing artists. The residencies are 2-4 weeks and are open form may until October, I would definitely call ahead on this one cause it says that Housing might not be readily available??? So I would find out what is up with that. Don’t forget the time change when you dial but call Adam Prato at 319-643-7855 CST for more info

Next , Historic Downtown Northville is hosting Art in the Sun this summer and is looking for arts who might want t participate, the deadline is March 1st so get up on it, To be honest I have no idea where Northville is, but if you are going to try and make money at this art thing, if figure you need all the opportunities I can throw at you. So check out the website ‘cause they want you to be involved. www.northville.org or give them a call at 248 349 7640.

Other opportunities the first of March is also the deadline for the KIA Art Fair, which I know where the KIA is, and the fair is on the 2nd of June, they feature over 200 artists and attact over 60,000 visitors. You can apply for $20 and there is an exhibit fee of $110 the show is juried, and there is a first second and third place. For an application check out www.kiarts.org or call (269) 349-7775, ext. 3100.

Next up there is a call for entries, the Art Café a located in Davison Michigan is looking for donations of art sculptures for their garden area, the project is aptly and creatively named “community beautification” and although they would like sculptures with a theme related to the history of Davison/Michigan, this isn’t REQUIRED. A little loose with those requirements but they are looking for donations. The deadline for entry is the 30th of March and you can send submissions to Art Café 217 Shoppers Alley Davison MI 48423. or email them atstaff@artcafeonline.org

Someone forwarded me an email that the Krege Art Museum (Michigan State University is looking for a 9 month full time intern beginning in September 2007, they want someone who as completed some graduate work in art history and has taken some museum studies courses,, and of course be computer literate. There is a $16, 8000 Stipend you can send a cover letter, resume, and the names of three references by March 16th to “Search Committee Krege Art Museum Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI 48824” also if you have more questions contact by phone, 517 353 9834 cheremma@msu.edu http://www.artmuseum.msu.edu/

Beginning on February 28th there is a Paining Drawing Studio Class taught by Michael Pfleghaar that runs 145 for members to 160 for non members, is 8 weeks long, and you have to provide your own materials. The class is Wednesday s from 6-9 pm which is a pretty decent amount of time to get some work done. If you want more info call 454 7000 ext. 20

I don’t taste any dirt. So if you were not offended by this week’s word think about dropping me an email at wordonthestreetgr@hotmail.com, ioniastreetmarket@hotmail.com, or jennschaub@hotmail.com.. Check out G-rad…. Check out the Forum!!!! If you want to see or read word with pictures or post comments, check it out online at http://www.g-rad.org/projects/wordonthestreet/ or you can go to G-rad http://www.g-rad.org/ and then access it through projects….

Thanks for reading all the way down to the very bottom.
lave a great weekend

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