MARCH 8, 2007

Hello everyone!
Welcome to Word on the Street March 7, 2007, there are a few less college students in town this week, just meaning there will be a bit more elbow room at some of these events for those of us deprived of a spring break. So here is a quick run down of some events happening this weekend.

On Thursday night the 8th the best show of the night is at the DAAC with “Night Toucher”, “Rahim”, “Maps and Atlases” and Local sweetness “Paucity” Show starts at 8:30! Be there!

“About that Time” opens this week at the Calvin College Gallery on Campus, this exhibition features graduating BFA students and opens this Friday, the reception runs from 7-9 PM.

Friday night at the DAAC check out “Putrid Warrior” and “Time of Plague” doors at 8:30 and who else knows what crazy stuff might be show up???

On Friday the 9th there is a killer of a show at Skelletones with “Rogers met An Iranian”, “the Crowned Virgin”,” Time of Plague”, “Doctor! Doctor!”, “Mental Infestation”, ”My Friend Rudra”, ”Decompose my Darling”, “Rise and Fight”, “Panda Strike” with this many bands the $7 is less then a buck a band, and of course that also means the doors have to open earlier, 6 pm to be exact.

On Friday Studio 71 South is getting back up in the saddle with their first opening in several months, and this line up is pretty crazy. It is bes t described as a Susan Stanek extravaganza. Her work will be on display along with the work of Blackie Dammett, and Jenny Wood. There will be fashion by Brandy Krause, with Audacity T-shirts designed by Susan, and then the band Tentacle will be playing at 9 with Susan on vocals. The Opening is the Saturday night!

When I was a kid we went on a school field trip out to Blanford nature center to see them make Maple Syrup… if you haven’t been you have to I think it was really one of those things that stuck out as a kid. They show you how they collect the sap, and then take you thought the whole process of boiling it down, and at the end you get to taste it. And of course there is syrup for sale. The Sugarbush Festival kicks off this weekend but is an ongoing event until the sap stops running (sap runs when it is cold at night and warms up during the day I learned that on my first tour) Check it out .

If you are going ot this event you better already have your tickets because the show on Saturday at Skelletones is SOLD OUT, that is right, if you were hoping to catch “Against Me” “The Riverboat Gamblers” or”Fake Problems” you better have gotten your tickets early, or bring a big wad of cash and try and find someone who is interested in selling theirs off….. doubtful, very doubtful.

Next up on Saturday 10th you can check out the Eschelons “Spring Fling Thing” It kinda sounds like a dance party because even though there is a 5$ cover it is being held at Marc Stewarts Guest House at 638 Stocking. It looks like a great time and even thought the doors open at 6:30 the band doesn’t start until 8. If you want to find out more about the band check out their website at

If you are looking for a slightly different flavor on Saturday check out the Belly Dancing Show at Mezze. The At-Neemrah Dancers are going to be shaking it, with a $10 cover, Mezze makes a mean Mojito, is smoke free, and has GREAT dessert. The entertainment doesn’t start until 10pm.

Take a moment to get connected and check out the Skelletones website when Mirf gets into it he gets pretty heavy, so most of his insights are pretty good. I suggest the “Think about this” rant. I think it is applicable across the board. Get organized, get connected, get out there, do stuff, appreciate what we have, and make the scene better. Thanks for the words…..

On Saturday the 10th the DAAC will be bumpin with the GR HIP HOP COALITION presenting another great night of good vibes and cools stuff going down. I know the website says 8:30 but I have noticed that their shows do have a tendency to start a bit later. So swing by and say hello to Victor.

Looking for some light entertainment on Sunday? Check out Notable Sawyer’s comedy show this weekend at 470 Market. This show begins at 6 Pm and is free free free.

Next week
Catch the new opening over at Kendall. Patrick Mohundro and Kyle Morris open “Tangible Media” on Wednesday the 14th at 5:15 in the Kendall Student Gallery, just in case I am late next week I wanted to throw it in early, there will be a bit more about it next time around. Sounds interesting.

Do Something

This week I got to spend a bit of time down at Heartside Ministries, I hung out in the gallery, got a great tour from Rodney, and chatted it up. If you are looking to get some new artwork consider checking out some of the great self taught artists in their gallery, many of whom are hanging out on site. If you are looking to volunteer time or donate $ they have a variety of programs ranging from educational classes (GED) to support/service meetings, (including free needle exchange, AA and NA) The encouragement of an inviting community atmosphere mad Heartside Ministries a great place to hang out for a while.

I think I already mentioned this but it is worth another mention. The UICA is celebrating their 30th Anniversary this year and are hosting 30 years 30 Cakes, which is a call for pieces with the concept of birthday, or celebration with Cake! You gotta have a cake theme but there is a $500 prize! Performance’s can be live or DVD, no open flame, and submissions are due March 30,2007

Go Somewhere!
If you are looking to get away this summer and head to New Jersey (weird, I know) there is a residency at the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area residency, the residencies are Year round and application dates vary but if you are interested in checking it out contact Peter Valley at 1 973 948 5299 or email at

This weekend is a bit more sparse, I might be a bit out of touch this week. So if you know of something I missed that means you should have dropped me an email at,, or Check out G-rad…. Check out the Forum!!!! If you want to see or read word with pictures or post comments, check it out online at or you can go to G-rad and then access it through projects….

Thanks for reading all the way down to the very bottom.

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