MARCH 15, 2007

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I have a vague idea of why Valentine’s day came to be, and understand all of the ethnic and religiously based holidays, but I was mystified by St. Patrick’s day. So I did what any good self respecting internet junkie would do. I looked it up on Wikkipedia. I found a wealth of information and have decided to share it with all of you. Instead of a straight up tutorial, I’ll spread it in between events, Shamrockshake things up a bit.. Make word a bit more Mischievous.

Clique Detail

Here is Word on the Street for March 14, 2007 or should I say, 3 days and counting!

Today Patrick Mohundro and Kyle Moris are having a show at the Kendall Student Gallery “Tangible Media"opens today at 5:15 and is up over the weekend until the 22nd. It is an experimental investigation of using digitabl medial and traditional fine art techniques. So stop by and check out the new, say hi to Patrick and Kyle. Make your Wednesday more then ordinary.

Speaking of patricks…….Saint Patrick was said to live 120 years, some scholars speuclate there might have been 2 Patricks.


This weekend if you are heading up to Traverse City stop by and see Renee Hartig’s work at Gallery 50. the show is up for a while until April 30 so if you are going to buzz up there for a day or to it is worth stopping by and checking out her stuff. The Show “Shifting Spaces” opens this Thursday from 6-9pm. If you have not seen any of Renee’s paintings they are sweet. Generally I am not a fan of the landscape but she keeps them fresh, bold and clean. I would love to have one, I think they are totally juicy.

In Dublin St. Patrick’s Day is a 5 day long festival and in 2006 500,000 people attended, the largest St. Patrick’s Day parade in the US is of course New York. The largest St. Patrick’s Day parade I have ever attended was in New Orleans, circa 2004.

On Thursday the 15th Skelletones is hosting High School Rock, Featuring “Burning the Night Sky” Half & Hopeless”, “Ridgemoor,” and “Come, find the Lion”. Doors ay 6 pm I think it is rad that there is a high school band night, I would guess there are some pretty cool things going on in the local high school bands, and if you are interested check them out.

On Friday night Skelletones features “this painted red” So Save me” Away with Fear” and “Speak don’t Touch” $7 at the DOOR.

This Friday night Nick Stockton is having an opening at FWD Space. Located at 120 S. Division Nick is going to be showing a new body of work, although I have seen a little bit of what he has been working on, a little wire a little soap a little lint… I am excited to see the outcome. I will for sure see you there, maybe 8 or 9ish I am guessing the opening goes until around 11ish?

Legand has it that St. Patrick bannished snakes from Ireland, because there aren’t snakes in ireland, and there never have been.

On Friday night the show at the DAAC looks pretty interesting I can’t recall seeing any of these names before so I’ll take that as something to pay attention to “The advent” Static Massacre” “Bird Dog” and “Double Whammy” are all playing.

St Patrick died on March 17, 493 and is buried in Downpatrick Ireland


So on Saturday if you are headed to the lakeshore this weekend grab the kids and head to the wooden shoe boat workshop, at the Holland Museum. I’m captivated by the idea that kids in the Netherlands were taking old wooden shoes and making boats out of them. How cool is that? Materials and instructions provided but there is a $20 fee per boat and the wooden shoes are new. Reservations required call 616 382-9084

It turns out that Saint Patrick’s Day has been celebrated in the US since 1737 when the first parade was held in Boston and organized by the Charitable Irish Society.

I have to say on Saturday the place to be will be the 20th Annual Conklin S. Patrick’s day Parade an celebration. For such a little town Conklin does St. Patrick’s the right way. Irish pub sponsors the event, last year they had over 2500 participants in the parade. To participate you line up at the north end of Mainstreet at 10:45 and then “Step out Lively at 10:55” the entire parade route takes about 5 minutes. After the parade the pub is the place to be with Traditional Irish Music, and kegs upon kegs upon kegs of, Guinness-or-green-its-all-Irish-beer.

Shamrocks are three leafed, I always thought they were the 4 leafed clovers, but those are just especially lucky)

In Downtown GR the Annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade is organized by the Ancient order of the Hiberians it starts at Lyon NW, goes south on Monroe to Monroe Center, Then to Division turn right on Division and then Left on Fulton. Starts Saturday at 12Pm NOON!

Saint Patrick’s Day is a Christian festival celebrated by the Church of Ireland, and St. patty’s day falls in Lent. In 1903 the Bank of Ireland Dubbed Saint Patrick’s day a public holiday.

This weekend at the UICA on Saturday you can check out Live Coverage. There are 50 artists making work,(available for purchase) food by Cygnus 27 and a cabaret performance, getting saucy at the UICA only costs 50$ a pop so you might want to budget for this one. The event is a fundraiser so that is why the high ticket price, there is a cash bar and the event runs from 7 until 11 pm.

Supposedly St. Patrick used the shamrock to spread the word of the Christian church having each of the leaves represent part of the holy trinity all as one whole being.

St. Patricks day is a day for music! At the breakroom on Plainfield you can catch “Bearhugs”, “Nathan Kalish & the Wildfire”, and “the Mighty Narwhale” 5$ to get in the door, music at 9:00pm

If you are looking for a loud St. Patty’s Party look no further then Skelletones 5 band line up. “the Offbeats”, “the resistance” VDB” “selectively Anti Social” and “National Cadaver” Doors at 6pm.

On Saturday the 17th if you are looking for something a little more hip and hop then the DAAC has you covered with a show sponsored by the GR Hip Hop Coalition.

If you are feeling a little more Punk head over to Jukes for a Paddy Party that is anything but green. They promise a flat out lound’n’good time with “US beat”, “10 Second March” and “Ned Nibiru” no cover, show at 9:30

Once upon a time the colors of Orange and Blue were used to signify St. Patrick’s day unlike today’s Irish Green.


I thought this one was pretty cool on Sunday check out “Seduction Power and Flirtation: the language of the African Women’s head wrap” at the Gerald R. Ford Museum, at 2 P.M. the lecture is with Steve Buckridge who is a professor at GVSU, having had a class with him before I have to say, he is interesting, has a great speaking voice and I would guess by the subject matter it will be pretty interesting.

On Sunday enjoy a free movie at the UICA at 2:30 catch another Chiaroscuro Film, “AE FOND KISS” I like the description of “ we are left with a lingering anxiety about the viability of interracial relationships” sounds a bit traumatic, but the stetting is Scotland and some of the characters are Pakistani, which promises to be an interesting accent.

The Lowell area arts Council is looking for some Talent! They have created a talent battle that happens in “ 3 rounds” First face off against 23 other local amateur acts at the Lowell Performing Arts Center on Sunday May 12th, Winners will move on to round 2 where 12 acts chosen to participate at the Riverwalk Festival on July 14th, the last 6 standing acts will then be invited to play at the Showboat Nostalgia Event. If you would like an application (which have to be in by the end of this month) or if you have questions contact

If you are looking for a volunteer organization to be a part of check out this weekend’s Volunteer Orientation at the Equest Center for Therapeutic Riding Center in Rockford. Yeah translation, horses for healing, social emotional mentally and physically challenged people get to ride horses. Cool right? AnyhowThey are holding a volunteer orientation this weekend, so if you are interested it runs from 10 to 1 Pm 866-3066

WWHHOA, now we all know more about St. Patrick’s Day! If you know of something I missed that means you should drop me an email, expand my holiday knowlege at,, or Check out G-rad…. Check out the Forum!!!! If you want to see or read word with pictures or post comments, check it out online at or you can go to G-rad and then access it through projects….
Thanks for reading all the way down to the very bottom.

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