MARCH 22, 2007

Hi Everybody!

Sorry to be late! Yesterday was hectic, I was at a training, and learned some interesting tidbits about the arts and e-marketing. And sometime in the afternoon I recognized something about arts related statistics….. I wonder how (or if) WE are being counted, how mid sized cities, with active participating communities are recognizing the activities of small entrepreneurial somewhat off the grid arts groups? Just some food for thought, when I get that idea a bit more formulated I will expound. So if you have thoughts about ways we could “be counted”, to make a statement about what our arts community is like, and who is interested in the arts in Grand Rapids, let me know.

With no more ado – Here is Word on the Street for March 21, 2007, a day late, but never an event short….


Thursday night is high school rock n’ new music night at Skelletones, this weeks showcase with Young guns, Fight this War, Mountain Goat, and Shattered Sanity. Also I wanted to point out something I think is more then obvious. Kids who (as adults) follow their creative passions are encouraged to do so when they are kids. Therefore do something inherently good, check out one or more of the grade school events this weekend. And find something you like about the performance, or artwork or event, and tell someone who had something to do with it. You could change their lives.

On Thursday Night the 22nd check out Brian Kelly’s photo collection of images for Rapid Growth. The whole GR growth team will be on hand for schmoozing (otherwise time to pitch them story ideas!) anyhow you can check it out tonight from 5:30-8:30 at the Photography Room located at 15 Ionia SW.

On Thursday March 22 at 8:30 there is a huge show at the DAAC, Man Man and Icy Demons are playing, and seriously there are like so many questions pouring in about the show, how much what time, can I meet the band, all that. So I would suggest come early, thickets to get in are only 8$, but to get up front, you are going to want to be there early, dress light, cause I have a feeling it is going to get hot.


This weekend it the Smart Festival at the Wealthy Theater, it is $35 for non CMC members, but is tis all day form 10 until 5 PM and looks great, check out their website for total details The Festival Starts Friday and runs all day, and then same on Saturday.

On Friday night is my mom’s birthday. Happy Birthday mom, thanks for being born (EVERYONE! please email me suggestions for gifts, I am going shopping Saturday morning, suggestions need to be local only, my car is not running currently.)

Poetic Progression Poetry Slam is happening Friday night at the Ottawa Hills High School, Russell Simmons’ Def Pet “Scorpio Blues is hosting and features 2005 Nuyorican Slam Champ Andrew Tyree. There are kids competing form Cleveland, Chicago, Flint Detroit, Kalamazoo and Grand Rapids. Tickets are only $8. the show starts at 7 but doors open at 6:30 Pm. Proceeds go towards Scholarships for seniors. Questions? Contact Sara Hill at 617 3287.

Thebes Players Community Theatre is presenting “Humpty Dumpty is missing!” You get the idea, kind of a spoof who did it? what happened? where’d he go? That sort of a thing. At the Lowell High School Performing Arts Center, (located in the high school) shows this weekend include a performance on Friday at 7:30 or on the 24th at 2:30 and on the 25th at 2:30.

At the DAAC on Friday, check out Patience, Patients, Asphodel Fields, and this Painted Red, at the DAAC, 115 S. Division, a great little venue bringing you cool out of town acts, new and hot in-town-heros, representing musical diversity and community cooperative EFFORT!

On Friday the 23rd check out Kaline, Last Known Hero, City Train & a Time bomb, the Double Whammy, and Hit & Run. Where you ask??? At Skelletones I say.

Ok I think this one is a little particular and that is what I like about it, and that is why I am recommending checking it out. On Saturday at 12:30 you can go to the Tri Cities Historical Museum in Grand Haven and check out “Mackay’s Mighty Small Circus” On Saturday there will be (I’m not even kidding) full clowns and circus food accompanying the exhibit which is the good part. OVER 1200 hand carved miniature circus figurines, along with authentic carousel horses, and circus costumes. And that is the part I am interested by. If clowns aren’t your thing, the exibit is open 9:30-5 Tuesday to Friday and Sunday 12:30-5.

On Saturday night swing by the DAAC for the Invisible Children Auction and benefit Concert. A group of local high school students was so moved by the Invisible Children movie that they decided to do some fundraising to help out the cause. Starting at 5 PM the students are going to show the movie, have some live entertainment, and hold a live auction. I believe the festivities start at 5 Pm and go until 11ish.

While you are in the neighborhood check out the Punching Bee Music Showcase is going on at Skelletones, only 5$ you can check out a whole bunch of bands including, Mavericks & Monarchs, Burger Time, Jes Kramer (I just met Jes a few weeks ago and she seems really cool, George mentioned that she is also really nice) , Son & Heir, Thesauruses, Jake Stilson & the MMMMs.

Check out the Love Fossil at Sazerac this weekend on Saturday starting around 8. the show is free, and it gets pretty busy on the weekend, so 1418 Plainfield, with special guests The Watchers.

Super Happy Funtime Burlesque show is getting on stage (and sometimes off) and taking over Sazerac this weekend! On Sunday night 10$ gets you in the door, but oh what it gets you! Cheap beers, crazy bombastic entertainment that is a little more then slightly sexualized, a performance with a whole lot attitude and a ton of fun. See you there!

On March 26th, we can call that Monday night; help kick of the Hat Trick Series for WYCE. Amy Speace and the Tearjerks is going to be playing at the One Trick Pony, they are being touted as “Americana, confrontational and is a real singing Writer of Songs” Hat Trick Series benefit Catherine’s Care Center, a health Clinic what provides Free and discounted services to residents in Creston, so come down, bring some $$$ for donations, get dinner, it is a great cause, and a fun time.

There is a new film competition coming up. I want to mention it and I will throw in a reminder on April 13th you register to be a part of True Up North Film festival at the Wealthy theater, contestants enter and “draw” and then have 3 weeks to write, budget/plan, shoot/edit a summer flick. There are 3-5 sponsors, including WYCE, West Michigan Film and Video Alliance, GVSU, and CMC. I would contact Ben for more information at

Get away!
Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore is one of the most beautiful places in Michigan, and if you are an artists looking for a residency between September and October that is about two-three weeks long then I would suggest applying by April 15th. So you can call Michael Duve, at 1231 324 5134. (Congradualtions to Stacey N. for already receiving a residency at Sleeping Bear this summer!)

Art in the wilderness? Yes? Well then grand canyon National Park in North Rim Arizona is open to three week long residencies, but applications are due April 1st. they begin in September and also run in the Spring if you have questions call 928 638 7739.

Live somewhere!
The Fulton/Lake area ‘hood looking for some new neighbors (neighbor - hood, get it?) there are two condos at for sale, and the residents in the area are looking to get them owner occupied (until now they have been rentals) They are 3 bedroom, two levels, circa 1913, great neighborhood for young couples, with or without a kid. They are so close to the farmers market it is sick, and smack dab in between East Fulton, Eastown just east of Cherry Hill. Needless to say walkable distance to everything good including, a grocery store. The number to call is 248-4653 and the address is 1148.

Volunteer !
This Summer work with the Fulton Street Artisans Market from May thru September if you are interested in working with JynnaVvye on web development, publicity, press release, artists and musicians booking please call her at 856 0366

Smells like Spring out there. If you know of something I missed that means you should drop me an email, expand my holiday knowlege at,, or Check out G-rad…. Check out the Forum!!!! If you want to see or read word with pictures or post comments, check it out online at or you can go to G-rad and then access it through projects….
Thanks for reading all the way down to the very bottom.

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