MARCH 28, 2007

Hello everyone!
We have a few things coming up this weekend that are pretty exciting….If you are looking to perform little community service and would like to donate your time to the Avenue for the Arts, check out the volunteer section, and put it on your calendar, Next Friday the 6th is the Spring for the Arts Event. plan on taking the evening from 6-11 to check out some great gallery spaces, grab a bit for dinner, visit some artists studios and maybe catch a band or two. Ride the Trolley see the sights, a good time will be had by all. You can pick up a map of all participating sites at Vertigo Music, just ask Herm, or Sanctuary Artwork talk to Reb.
I will see you there, or maybe catch you out and about this weekend,

Here is Word on the Street for March 28, 2007!

Tonight if you are headed out to Jenison (I haven’t been there in years!) Stop by Culvers between 4 Pm and 9 Pm and grab dinner, 10% of the proceeds will support Alternative Spring Break, which is a really cool program and participants will be on hand to answer questions, generally Alternative spring break students do a service project over the week of spring break and go somewhere and help people who need help, doing something like build a house, or clean a national park or stuff like that. In my book that is way better then guzzling tequila shots out of someone’s belly button or any of the other various MTV- pleasing -spring –break- kids –gone- wild -scenarios. Anyhow Culvers is on the corner of Chicago Drive and Cottonwood, get dinner support a good cause.

This is one of those things where i can say, “I was at the first one, and mean before it got big, before it involved 6 area colleges, was housed at the UICA and included daculty and art students with a regional focus.” That is right it is time for CRIT O RAMA. At the UICA there are public lectures today and Thursday morning and you can check out a bunch of work by local students, call the UICA for more info 454 7000

This Weekend the DAAC is a happening place to be on Wednesday night catch a show at the DAAC with “Them Roaring Twenties”, and “Affect Effect”.

George is trying to talk me into going to see “tears of the Black Tiger” at the UICA. The flick is a Thai Western. It seems to have a pretty western theme, well to do check falls for outlaw the “Back Tiger” her family is like, “no way!” and marries her off to another dude. Then the Black Tiger gets pissed and tries to get her back. Hence the opportunity for duels, and shootouts. My question is, will I like a Thai western if I don’t like American westerns? You can catch the flick at both 5 and 9 Pm this evening or on Thursday night at 5, 7 or 9 pm.

Thursday night check out the High School Rock show at Skelletones, remember this show starts at 6 PM! featuring “Putrid Warrior”, “the Britty Drake Ice Skate Massacre’ “Waltz of the Golden Pony” ‘Bull Fights in Tijuana” “Decompose my Darling Daughter”

On Thursday night you will want to take advantage of the Artist Networking Event From 5:30 to 7:30 Pm at WMCAT on the corner fo Fulton and Sheldon. The event is Free for members and 5$ for Non members, you need to RSVP by March 26th to Janelle at the Arts Council at 459-2787 or email her at ( I know the date has passed but maybe if you tell her you just found out about it……..

On Friday the 30th at the DAAC (located at 115 S. Division) the “GR Hip Hop Coalition” is taking over and getting the house bumpin’.

If you are on the Avenue and looking for another type of show check out Skelletones on Friday and catch ‘US Beat”, “Gimpy Skin & the Mutts”, “Walking Corpses” “Astro Zombies from Another Dimension” and “the Republican’ts”

This week I scoped the new gallery show at Kendall from outside the window, and I have to say, it looks pretty cool. The work is created by Jacobo and Maria Angeles, Artists from Oazaca, the work is animal themed (although some of it looks to be mystical, I think I saw a dragon) what look to be wood carvings that are really well done, I am going to wander down sometime between 9 and 5 Monday through Saturday to check them out.


If you are going to the Sufjan Stevens show you already know it is Friday night at Calvin, you also know that Anathallo is opening and that the show starts at 9:00. For all of the rest of us, we are shit-outta-luck-cause-the-show-sold-out!

On Saturday night the 31, go to the DAAC see a show, in fact you can check out 5 bands including “Decompose my Darling Daughter” “Rogers Met an Iranian”, “Rise and Fight,” “Time of Plague”, and “Nailed to your Ruins” at the DAAC

Or you can head over Skelletones for “Dagon”, “Mountain Goat”, and a ‘Time of Plague”

(hum….. a Time of Plague seems to be double dipping. Smart, two shows same street same night, hope your fan base is interested in paying double cover)

Saturday from 10 am to 12 noon check out the Home Repair Fix it school, at 1100 South Division. The classes are free and open to anyone, there is no sign up and they each you how to do some basic hope repair skills, like plumbing, electrical, ceramic tile, Drywall, cabinet replacements, windows, doors, the list goes on. Pretty cool and you can look at their website for an exact schedule. or call 241-2601.

On Saturday night at Jukes, catch three great performances, starting at 9:30, Winnie Cooper, Pascal Circus, and David Bleckley, no cover, located on Leonard over by Neon Americana. If I have said it once I have said it twice, and I will say it again. I like David’s voice it is worth the listen, he comes recommended, and if you don’t like voices so deep the rattle your boots, maybe you will just enjoy his sense of style.

Saturday night at the Clique (533 Stocking) Host John Rich invites you to check out the 5th Annual Fools new Year Masquerade Ball tickets are 5$ there are Drink Specials, Snacks, bawling dancing, and live djs as well as performances by the Potatoe babies, Mailboxes and the Blue Machine, Son & heir, and the Mighty Narwhale, the event begins at 10 Pm and ends at 2 am, and even though it is the 5th annual, I guess it is the last. It is 18 and up.

On Sunday the First check out “the old and New Avant-Garde jazz compositions by Corey Ruffin performed by “The End of Times Orchestra” accompanied by a performance by Rachel Finan. at Studio 71 South the gig begins at 8 and tickets are $10 Tickets are $10 and available at the door. You can contact Corey for more information at 881-3287 or check out Space Vs. Time’s website

Artserve is looking to develop a new Strategic plan with the overall objective of fundamentally improving the level of support for arts and culture thought Michigan. So they are asking for our feedback. And so tell them what you think. Take their online survey and help us all out by shaping the future of art in Michigan

If you are the sort who likes to go directly to the source then advocate for the arts yourself by calling or visiting key legislators there is a list of talking points, and the names of legislators who are just so excited about fulfilling their elected duties within the democratic process. If you would like an Artserve recommended list of talking points and messages as starting points you can check out. Also be sure to email your State Representative and State Senator telling them of your concerns.

And if you would Truly like to get involved with Advocating for the Arts in Michigan call Drew Buchholtz at 517 371 1720 extension 22. A phone call from a concerned person wanting to make a difference will make this guy’s day.

The next Salon (bring you art put it on the wall talk about it with other interested people) at Rocky’s is the Third of April, ( there was great coverage of the March salon in the GR Press) and if you plan on bringing work it is good to give the organizers a heads up so they can plan on what to bring (easels and all that good stuff) email Bill for more details or just show up

I misquoted some information in last week’s information section. The film Competition is The True North Film Festival, which you can register for on April 13th at the Wealthy Theater, and you have three MONTHS to make the film (not three weeks) and the contact email for questions is So if you are interested, hopefully this will give you more precise information.

The Noir Gallerie is looking for an Acoustic Guitar player or a small acoustic 2-3 person band to play their opening on April 6th, if you are interested call JynnVvye Bruntmeyer at 856 0366 and check out the website at

This is an opportunity that is coming up quite a ways in the future, but next Winter 08 Civic Studio is gearing up for another class. This class is best with I diversity of critical thinkers who are looking for a creative outlet, weather it be visually based, text based or experimental medias. The class is through GVSU, but I know there have been Calvin students who have participated and it is Monday/ Wednesday from 2-5 pm and you can check it out at if you are interested talk with Professor Paul by emailing him at As a past Civic Studioer I highly recommend this class.

Event date Friday April 6 from 6-11Pm
“Spring for the Arts” a gallery studio hop with trolley stops in 5 arts hotspots
Location: Avenue for the Arts S. Division Grand Rapids Michigan

1. Volunteer Position: Trolley host
Qualifications: must be outgoing and able to talk with people, and not be predisposed to motion sickness, you will be on a trolley for several hours.
Duties: To ride the trolley between trolley stops and give a “guided” tour. There will be a Cheat sheet to give you a structure to the tour, and portions of this can be adlibbed to include your interests and personality.
Dates to Volunteer April 6th
Sign up now for 2 ½ hour shifts, 6-8:30 and from 8:30-11Pm
Contact: Jenn Schaub ay 855-0435 to sign up or email her at

2. Volunteer Position: Avenue for the Arts Ambassador
Qualifications: be comfortable talking to people and own a rain coat or umbrella (in case of bad weather)
Duties: hand out maps direct people as to what is going on in the neighborhood. You will have the inside track as to what is cool, what time entertainment performances begin, where the trolley stops are, and give directions to the wandering masses.
Date to volunteer April 6th
Times: from 6-11Pm or from 6-8:30 and from 8:30-11PM
Contact: Jenn Schaub ay 855-0435 to sign up or email her at

That is all I have in me. I hope it is enough that you have found something to check out this weekend. If you know of something I missed that means you should drop me an email, at,, or Check out G-rad…. Check out the Forum!!!! If you want to see or read word with pictures or post comments, check it out online at or you can go to G-rad and then access it through projects….
Thanks for reading all the way down to the very bottom.

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