MAY 10, 2007

Last week was pretty fun I got to check out some good stuff and Bowl O Rama was a blast, Thanks to everyone who came out, and special thanks to our rad bands, the Concussions (these guys were “freaking awesome”) and the lovely David Bleckly. Our bowling teams had fun and everyone else got a chance to bowl, eat pizza, won some great prizes, and I think a good time was had by all. So…put it on your calendar, the first Avenue for the Arts Market kick off is June 9th, 2007 that is a Saturday, and the streets will be swarming beginning at 4pm. This weekend there are some total class events and some kick back good times, so see you out and about.

Word on the Street May 10, 2007


On Wednesday night check out Daniel Johnston at the Intersection Daniel is a cult hero I believe he was described to me as Enigmatic. The show is opening with performances by Chance Jones and Clear Days Always. The show is 18 and up and if you don’t have tickets already they are $12 the day of the show. Doors are at 8pm. The intersection is over by 131 just past the Rapid Station.

Thursday night the BOB is hosting a “Crib Full of Blues” an In the Image fundraiser for a great cause. Proceed actually will go to provide cribs, along with other furniture items for Grand Rapids families. This year’s entertainment is Thornetta Davis an original Detroit legend. Singing begins at 7:30 The tickets are $25 dollars and I cam guessing you can still pick them up at either Schuler’s or at In the Image, if you are last minute planning call them at 454 6150.

On Thursday night at Skelletones check out “Time Again” “Gimpy Skin and the Mutts” (eeeww I HATE that band name) and “Static Massacre”. The door is only $8 but they open at 6Pm. Enough time to get in check it out and make it home by curfew, or if you are old like some of my friends claim to be, before the 11:00 news gets done.

On Friday May 11th check out the Daac show, (that is right 115 South Division) the bands? “Victor fix the Sun,” “Evelyn,””Son and Heir,” and “the sleep ‘tils

The Glenn Miller Orchestra is playing at the Devos Performance hall this weekend (yeah I am totally going to this, and super excited about it, I hear they are letting people dance in the isles) there are performances on Friday, Saturday and Sunday I have heard that the Friday performance is looking a little full so maybe Saturday or Sunday? The performance begins at 8 and they are prompt so get there on time, tickets are available at the box office ( I have been late and stuck outside a few times if you don’t want to miss anything get up on it!)

Friday night is the Spring Punk-fest 5 at Skelletones check this line up. “13 Step group”, “Alex” “Static massacre”, “Hit & Run”, “Bowling Green,” National Cadaver” “The Resistance” “the Yugits” and ”Attention Span” get in for 7$ uhh that is less then a buck a band, and doors are at 5pm to let each band fest it up.

On Friday night check out Don Cabellero, Night Toucher and Ozenza, the show is 21 and up but according to JVB it should be a great show. The venue? The Breakroom. The Cost? I don’t know you will be going in blind (but the Breakroom has cheap beer Strohs!) Approximate start time? 9PM. But I have to warn you, the Breakroom is a totally weird place to have a show, they totally have a bizzaro set up, and there are a TON of tables in the back kinda like a pool barn, if you go tell me what you think of the space.


On Saturday night you can catch the 24 hour Theater Avenue for the Arts edition. There will be 5 original one act plays written, directed and produced in five separate apartments and storefronts along south Division, the event is on Saturday, tickets are 7$ Doors at 7Pm, a good time is guaranteed by all. The first space is located at 106 South Division (next to Oakes Street) parking is available on street both on Division and Sheldon ( one great secret is you can park in the 101 Sheldon lot and then use the blue stairway at the back of the lot to come out on South Division, the stairs are hard to see from Sheldon but they are there.) This is the 19th time that they have done 24 hour theater and it should be a really lively time.

What’s going on at the DAAC on Saturday night you ask??? Well the DAACis hosting an Art Collaborative with music by” Julie Belle”, “Jes Kramer”, “the Pistolbrides” and I think there is another band, but I can’t remember who… but I know there is, so you will just be surprised. Anyhow the whole idea is come down listen to some great music, and make some art… they will have supplies on hand to make stuff, to draw and get creative all over that DAAC. Doors around 8:30ish.

On the 12th at Skelletones there are 6 bands playing including “Knowlyfe,” ”Brothers,” ”After Prior Day,” ”Fight This War ””Comma After You,” and ”Young Guns” doors at 5 Pm, 7$.

East Hills Council of Neighbors Garage Fest is this Saturday. Such a great event! it is a fundraiser, but it is chill, you get to hang out in the Garage behind 959 Wealthy from 3- 10 Pm. Enjoy food from Sandmann’s, Beer from Founders and New Holland, and so much music. Bands and entertainment include in this order, “Wild Wood Folk”, “Oxter Mahone”, “The River City Jummers- Double Dutch Expo”, “The Fabulous Eastones,” “Jimmy Lee Daanger and the Cleverly Hillbillies”, “Truckstop Cobras” and “The Icicles”

If you are going to the Library this week or if you are looking to find out more about our awesome city then check out some of the photos on display as part of “Main Street Grand Rapids, the Changing Face of Monroe Avenue” Downtown branch this should be up for a few weeks but I would say check it out now. I love looking at old pictures of the city, they are so cool, they show how many cool things have come before and of course give you hope for cool stuff yet to come. (my favorite part of the museum is Gaslight village, always has been)

Last weekend Mr. Man and I went and drove around and checked out some of the industrial areas in GR. We happened to stumble across the Rowe Internaitonal Jukebox company which I had totally forgotten is located in GR. And now the Van Andel Museaum has a show called “Jukebox heroes” which features a bunch of their Jukeboxes. So if you want to check out some musical/ local history the show is open for a few more weeks and should be a really kind of cool retrospective.

The Chelsea Summerfest ARTicipation event held on July 27-28th deadline is on May 18th you know the dea, a juried Fine arts and Craft show featuring Michigan artists, music and aart activities, you can get details by calling 734-433-2787 or check it out online at

Yeah that is going to be it for the week, I have to get onto some other stuff. If you know of something I missed that means you should put me in my place, drop me an email at,, or Check out G-rad…. Check out the Forum!!!! If you want to see or read word with pictures or post comments, check it out online at or you can go to G-rad and then access it through projects….
Thanks for reading all the way down to the very bottom.

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