MAY 17, 2007

Hi everybody!
How are you all this week? I know busy as always but hopefully this weekend we will all be able to squeeze in some fun and social time. If you want to be a vendor at the Avenue for the Arts Market you can now sign up, just let me know and I can send you a form. This week’s events look to be pretty interesting. I hope to see you and about.

Here is the Word on the Street for May 16, 2007

On Thursday night EQ3 is kicking off another year of funky home furnishings. They have an annual party so you can schooze, check out what is new and chill in their 130 Ionia store. I am looking forward to checking out the spaces set up with artwork from local Avenue for the Arts Artists including Bill Taylor, Hugo Claudin, Erwin Erkfitz, Sally England, Theresa DeJager, and Derrick Hollowell, the part starts around 6 and runs until 8 pm. Special thanks to interiors designer Audrey Chapman for the heads up about this event.

Bill Taylor

On the 17th check out the show at Skelletones, Amber Pacific, Melee, Montie Are I and Poerspace Tickets are $12 and you can buy them by visiting the very cool Skelletones website,

On Friday May 18th at 8:30 the DAAC is hosting “Unknown Existence”, “Martry Machine”, and “All the Fallen”. Last weekend at the DAAC there was a massive power outage and the show had to be run off of a generator in the parking lot, what luck that Jesse Beverage has a truck that is also a generator. The show would have never happened without him Thanks Jesse!

Friday night at Lafontsee you can check out their last show of the season featuring Tom Clinton, Christy DeHoog, Lisa Kowalski, Linda Lafontsee, Jeremy Newman, and Alison Ciancibelli the opening is the last of the show season and it begins at 5 of course it runs until 8:30 but it will be one of the places to see and be seen on Friday.

On Friday the 18th Punk Rock Prom featuring a cd release party for “Flatfoot 56”, bands include “The Offbeat”, “The Groodies”,” VDB”, and “Far From Finished”. This one is as Skelletones.

Saturday! This listing is my favorite. Sigh… I love cheese. This weekend you can go to Coopersville and visit the Cheese Factory. FOR REAL! They are going to be making cheese, you can watch the whole process go down, there are even cows, and a hay ride. And it is all FREE and that is just awesome. Did I mention I love cheese. The free cheese exhibition of making begins at 10 am and is located at the Steve-N-Sons Grass Fields Cheese Factory, or 14238 60th Avenue. Coopersville Mi.

After that head over to John Ball Park neighborhood Association Annual Arts & Crafts Fair ar rhe West Side park. Yep arts, Crafts, and Stingrays (the sting ray pond at the zoo is my favorite I could sit there and touch those things all day long. The fair is going on from 10 until 5 and I am pretty sure you still have to pay a cover to get into the zoo but let me tell you those stingrays are worth it.

Looking for a good garage sale this weekend? Alger Heights is the place to be not only are the residents encouraged to put out their trash and treasures but there are business district Specials and Activities from 11 am to 3 pm.

I think this is the gallery event of the weekend it promises to be entertaining and a bit strange. The Luther Blissett opening form the “International Neoist Society” is being hosted by Studio 71 South (71 South Division) and even though there is a 10$ cover you can get in for only 5$ if you RSVP to The cover gets you an eye on the work, a chance to bid on stuff, and you get to check out all of the live music and entertainment for the night. Entertainers are global including GRs own Racheal Finan, and Jodi Rietber while Monty Cantsin, Keely Indra, Augustus Miller and Elliot van Hausen come from as far away as Stockholm. There will be live music from Coin and then an after hours dance party with Dj’s Mother Hubbard, and DJ boy Elroy. Is that a mouth full or what.! Saturday night the 19th things get kicked off at 7pm

The Grand Raggedy Roller Girls are going to by moping up the floor of the Deltaplex with the Detroit Derby Girls this weekend. On Saturday night beginning at 6 Pm you can check out the bout as well meet some doggies in the lobby before the show (there are 4 West Michigan Canine Groups who will be introducing you to your new favorite pet in the lobby)

On Saturday night the 19th check out “Lights at Sea”, “Fields Of Industry” and “the Flowbs” at the DAAC, should I remind you of the location? 115 S. Division, next to Scavenger Hunt. If you haven’t heard Fields of Industry they are pretty good Mr. Man has a disc or two and every once in a while when they are on I find myself asking… “who is this” and quite often it turns out to be Fields of Industry.

Rick Chyme is bringing down the Breakroom on Saturday beginning at 9pm. Last time we checked him out he went from having quite a few guest performers and progressed from some solo stuff, to a full out band, accompaniment of a human beat box, and a visit from Karissia. Everyone was having a pretty good time and the vibe was sometimes sentimental, sometimes intense and very often fun. So See you there.

On the 19th Thrash bash is ripping up downtown with bands “Panda Strike”, “Beyond the wall of sleep” “Decompose my Darling Daughter”, “Rogers Met and Iranian” and a “Time of Plague” Skelletones, entrance now by the Euclid on South Division

On the 21st (that is Monday night) you can listen to some great tunes from Vinx at the One Trick Pony as part of WYCE’s Hat Trick Series. This event is a fundraiser for HIV/AIDS Services a Group that works for the health, rights and safety of people living with HIV/AIDS.

On Tuesday night (the 22) get out and enjoy some art for a good cause. The GVSU Alumi Association is holding Art on the Grand at the Eberhard Center. There is a silent auction, and entertainment, along with some interactive art. The cost is only 10$ but the work is being auctioned to support scholarships for art students. A piece of my work will be on display and I have to say I am pretty happy to be included with the other artists who are participating. I got a scholarship my freshman year of college and I am proud to be able to hopefully contribute to the fund. If you want to RSVP call 616 331 3590. I hope to see you there!

On Tuesday May 22 there is a huge show at the DAAC including “These are Powers” “tiger Passion” “Trash Mountain” and “Tin Pigeons”

Also On Tuesday night you can go to an Arts Council meet and greet at the UICA from 5:30-7Pm it is a way to make connections and find out more about the council and the UICA. If you have questions call Janelle at 459-2787

The Lansing Art Gallery has two calls for proposal coming up the first is for proposals for upcoming solo and or group exhibitions in any media for the 2008 Calendar year. They are looking for artists over 18 who make original work (duh) and the second is for a show called Fire and Mud a Juried Competition of Ceramic Works by Michigan Artists from July 10-August 24th. you can enter up to 3 works but it must be at least 70% ceramic. There are over $1,800 in awards for the show! If you are interested in finding out more visit or call Catherine Babcock at 517-374-6400

You know the deal If you know of something I missed that means you should put me in my place, drop me an email at,, or Check out G-rad…. Check out the Forum!!!! If you want to see or read word with pictures or post comments, check it out online at or you can go to G-rad and then access it through projects….
Thanks for reading all the way down to the very bottom.

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