MAY 24, 2007

Hi everyone!
So here we go diving right in, it is going to be a gorgeous Memorial day weekend and I hope you all have a wonderful time out and about. Enjoy the weather, check out some artwork, community, take the time to love life ect. Ect. Do you know that next to the 4th of July Memorial day is a close second for grilled food?

Sidewalk art

This weekend Skelletones is back to back on Thursday the 24th “Screaming Mechanical Brain,” ”Psyostick,” and the beloved “Spit for Athena” are playing, Tickets are $7

On Friday night check out the new shop opening at FWD>>SPACE (unit 125 in the 120 South Division building) Kelly Allen is opening “A Little Surprise” including some little sculpture, mixed media drawings, and some drawings with thread. I believe that Kelly has just completed her first year of graduate studies at Kendall. Her killer cool paintings are also on display at the Byrne Boehm Gallery, and she and Jay have a clothing company called ruby clothing and you can check out their great website at, The show is from 6-10 Pm so stop by, Kelly’s stuff is really great.

Kelly Alison Sally
Kelly is on the left.

On Friday at the GRAM from 5-8:30 there is another Friday night shin dig, this one features the music of Java Jive from 6:30-8:15 and admission is only $3.

Also on Friday night check out Snapshot at Nest (that is at 613 Lyon 3 doors down the hill from Martha’s) If you want to drop off some snapshots to be included in the show they need to be dropped off by Tonight, you can put them through the mail slot, but you need to write your name on the back of each one and they have to be snapshots and there is an entry fee of 5$, I guess if you want to enter more the 20 pieces they want you to include another 5$ the opening starts Friday at 6 Pm.

On Friday the 25th if you are feeling a little freakish check out Sideshow at Spectrum Theater. Tickets are $22 and the show features Siamese Twins who traveled from Freakshow to Stardom. Show Starts at 8PM.

On Friday night at the DAAC “Reds and Blue,” ”a paschal Circus” “Clear days Always” and “Hot tapes” are all playing Tickets are probably right around 5$ and I am guessing doors are at 8:30.

ON the 25th at Skelletones check out a “the” show with “THE Inuendos” and “THE Abdicated” and “THE Bitters” and “Ned Nibiru”

On the 26th Check out “Burn the Sky” “Waltz of the Golden Pony” “Behind Lies Ruin Reunite” and “Beyond all Reckoning” I don’t know if this means that Behind Lies Ruin are reuniting or if the name is “Behind Lies Ruin Reunite” is the name of the band…. If you go to the show will you drop me a line and let me know what exactly that means?

On Saturday the 26th there is a state wide show at the DAAC featuring bands from Flint, Bay City and GR. Come and check out “The Cobra Punchers” “The envy League” “Born” and “The Orphan” I’m not going to tell you which band s form where and then you will have to come down and check out the show.

Sunday! This summer the Thinker is coming to Grand Rapids, you know, that big Rodin sculpture? Trust me if you saw it you would know what it was. Anyhow today is the day that he moves in for a summer at the Fredrick Miejer Gardens so even though he will be here for a while I would definitely put it on the schedule to see.

Grill something and visit a parade. Almost every community has their own parade, if your community doesn’t maybe you should make your own!

Next Wednesday
I am putting this out there pretty early because I want to get it on your calendar. On Wednesday night from 6-10 pm at Sazerac lunge at 1418 Plainfield they are doing an art battle to support the Creston Neighborhood Association. For a $10 Donation you can watch artists battle it out, lickety split, the schedule looks something like this.
6-8 mingle and meet artists
7-8:30 Artists Create
8:30 to 9Pm art review
9-945 Auction.
So Put it on your schedule I hear the Mayor is going to show up!!!!!

Life on line
I am pretty happy about this site and you have to check it out, infact I think tonight this is what I am going to work on. VIGET is a Wiki site (think Wikipedia) and you can add your thoughts, memories and information to the collective conscious of Grand Rapids Knowledge. I really like this site it is super cool. So there are some things that are still being worked out but it is a really cool place to spend time on the web. SO
This weekend

The Lowell Area Arts Council, Hudson Street Gallery and the Franciscan Life Process center are working on a collaborative Art exhibition and the deadline for submission is May 31, 2007 the show is Juried by the gallery committee and you can download forms at everything must be postmarked by May 31 and you can submit up to 2 entries (10$ fee for one and a 15$ fee for 2) there are prizes. I would check out the website because you don’t need to drop the work off you just drop off a form and a CD. If you want to talk to a person call 897-8545. did I mention the theme is pets???? Celebrate your favorite cuddly hedge hog!

Here is hoping that we all have a splendid weekend. I can’t wait to go swimming and I hope I don’t get a sun burn! If you know of something I missed lay the smack down and let me know what it was, or avoid this awful scenario next week and drop me an email at,, or Check out G-rad…. Check out the Forum!!!! If you want to see or read word with pictures or post comments, check it out online at or you can go to G-rad and then access it through projects….
Thanks for reading all the way down to the very bottom.

Posted by jenn at 9:08 AM.

I'd meant to email something in about this, but forgot. On Saturday night at Four Friends a friend of mine from London will be playing.

His name's Steve Lawson and he is a solo bass guitarist, who uses a mixture of looping, ebows, and other gadgets to build up sounds you wouldn't normally associate with the bass guitar.

I'm not sure of the set configuration as his girlfriend Lisa will also be playing and they sometimes collaborate as Lobelia:

- James Stewart | May 24, 2007 11:14 AM

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