JUNE 1, 2007

Hello to all!
This weekend…. Its big…. It’s huge…… it’s the Festival Weekend. For real folks. Check out the art, and food, and music, and food and performances and food and people and did I mention to food? Grilled meat sticks all around. I don’t know about you but I am looking forward to it (not the meat but the performances and hopefully I can track down an elephant ear…

Word on the Street May 31, 2007
Rapid Central


On Thursday night head to Four Friends Coffee house on Monroe for some live music with Jess Kramer and Emily Bate. They are getting kicked off at 7 Pm.

Today is the lovely and talented Mrs. Lisa Crow/Ward’s birthday. And since she now lives in Boston Massachusetts, tonight raise a glass with friends and think a happy thought for her on the day she was born.

On Friday Skelletones is celebrating their birthday with part one of the Birthday bash beginning at 6 pm with Attention Span, National Cadaver, Static Massacre, Hit & Run and “The Resistance”

This weekend at the UCIA you can check out The Host a comedy/ thriller about a virus infested monster who is busy disrupting happy families in south Korea, for show times check out their website at www. UICA.org

Here is my short list for Festival on Friday. Of course I am always a sucker for kids dance classes performing live also festival made easy.
Where Stuff is:
City stage (Monroe Mall)
Circle (as in Rosa Parks)
Calder (at Calder Plaza)
Clock Tower (Corner of Pearl and Ottawa)

Where is the food? All along Ottawa form Monroe to Michigan and around the Calder Plaza.
Food I am interested in includes baklava from the Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church, the vegetarian Flouta from the Mexican heritage Association the elephant ears from the north view athletic boosters, or the Bethesda Baptist Church Hawaiian Ice the Buddhist association of Mi/tam Quang Temple all vegetarian. Of course there is meat up the wazzo including BBQ Lonches de biistec, Szechwan chicken, pork skewers, you name it .

Want to see the art? GO TO THE ART MUSEUM. Yes there is a large art show that goes along with festival it is in the MUSEUM. Of course you can check out the tent to but the Museum is where it is at.

Friday Festival Guide:
At the County Courthouse check out films beginning at 12 noon- Dylan Gunnett’s film Saturation and Sean Kenny’s Televisions Die Everyday are in the first 5 films. Dylan is still a kid, the sound track was made by his brother the movie has some great shots… I expect great things from those Gunnett kids. The films at the courthouse re-loop at 5 Pm.
You can also catch films at the Art Museum ( beginning at 12:00 noon) they are looping 5 films that restart at 2:40 and then 5:20
Of course there are so many performances this weekend you can’t help but want to check out at least a handful. These are my picks.
Friday at 4 Pm at the clock tower Sarah Mayne & Garha-Grha Belly Dancing Troupe
At 4:55 in Calder Plaza the Mighty NarWhale
6:15 at Rosa Parks The Grand Rapids Community College Jazz band will be performing Big Band Jazz
9:50 at the Clock Tower La Famiglia.

Friday night at the DAAC there will be new work up by the students of Evan Chamberlin.

Looking for a good yard sale this weekend? Saturday afternoon and evening swing by 523 Crescent (corner of college and Crescent) and pick though some castoffs of a truly fabulous crew of people, Ben and liz Hunter, A Jones, jason Murray, Markele and Annalou will be giving up their goods so the rest of us can find some treasure. Stop in hang out get some good stuff.

More festival! On Saturday films at the Courthouse and the art Museum start at 10 Am. Performances start at 10 am. Picks for the day include
12:05 at the outer fringe, Gr Improve doing their thing
3:10 Coverstory is playing at Rosa Parks Circle (total cover band, Brick house? Yes they play it)
5:00 Pm the Edeilwises Choir or the German Ethnic club is performing at the Indoor classical stage.
5:25 city stage Midtown Horns & Rhythm featuring Mary Rademacher. (swing!)
7:10 The Rocket King is playing at the Clock Tower.
And of course a Grand Rapids Tradition Mustard Plug is plating at 9:10 at the Calder

Also during the day on Saturday check out Vegitable, happening in the Avenue for the Arts neighborhood. There is going to be some art, and some music…. Stop by the daac after 12 before 6 pm. So if you are out and about come down and see if you can catch wind…. I don’t know much about it but I know someone who does email Vito for specifics. vi4mi4@yahoo.com

On Saturday check out part 2 of Skelletones Birthday Bash with a totally killer line up “The Skies Revolt” ”Vigilanties” ”La Dispute” ”Kaline” and “Brothers” doors open at 6 PM.
On Saturday June 2nd at Rocky’s Bar and Grill (I thought it was on Ottawa, but the note I got said Ionia…. But you know where it is… or I guess google it) anyhow the End of Time Orchestra is taking over. It should be a great time cause the 9 man band’s musical styling include musicians Corey Ruffin, Hugo Claudin, you know Operatic journey though the Apocalypse. A Pashcal Circus is opening and it is only 3$ to get in. The flyers for this whole deal are pretty funny.

Saturday at the DAAC in the evening around 8 check out Flesh of the Beast, I know there are other bands playing but I don’t know which ones. Yummy.

Start your Sunday off the right way by going straight to the Calder stage at 10am and checking out the Accordion Ensemble. On Sunday Films begin at 11:00 am at the courthouse and The art museum
11:25 Truckstop Cobras at city stage
12:25 the Potato babies are playing at the city stage.
Then take a break for the afternoon get some ice cream.
In the evening check out Natchez Trace at Rosa park Circle at 5:20

Sunday night at the Daac check out music by Harlequin Fever.


On Monday June 4th “Devil in a Woodpile” will be performing at One Trick Pony. Again this hat trick series is for a great cause! The Sight Seer Radio Program. Totally cool they use special radios to read books and newspapers to the blind and visually impaired. Of course check out www.wyce.org online for more information. (PS. I have a friend who is currently taking one of their radio classes and getting ready to try and do some air time at WYCE. That is super cool cause he is getting pretty Hype about it….so get ready for some new late night dj’s)

Life on Line
Did I mention last week that there was a great little video spot done about Bowl O rama? Chuck Peterson did a great job with it. Fun, a bit campy, with great music (Thanks again Concussions and David) so if I did mention it ignore this but if I didn’t check it out by cutting and pasting this into your web search page thingy. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uBH1OznrGHg

Also this week you can check out the brand new and totally great Avenue for the Arts Market website, yes there are pictures of you on there, loving up the summer fun, enjoying the ambiance of downtown gr on a summers eve with your friends buying great art work form local artists galleries and vendors, there are links to some of the pre-registered vendors, (you can download a registration form right off of the site!) The design is fly so are our flyers, (created by mr Erwin Erkfitz) check it out www.aveartsmarket.com


You know I have a soft spot for organizing so this job caught my eye and I thought I would pass it on. The Westside Farmers Market is looking for an individual to manage the market work to establish long term sustainability, promote promote promote, recruit people to participate write grants, and work with partner organizations. $12-$15 dollars an hour baby! Anyhow want to know more? Contact turnergateway@tds.net or call 451 0150.

The Grand Rapids Art Museum is also hiring temporary workers for the summer to help move artwork form the old museum to the new museum, you know packing and move work from one to another. If you are interested contact Dan Vandesteeg. at 616.831.2911

It’s like I just can’t stop myself, I tell myself no you don’t need it, but then I think to myself…ooohhhh but it will make my life so much easier…… and I really want it…… so I spend an insane amount of time putting it together only to find out that I don’t like it as well as the other 4 I already have. That is right….. I got a new email…… wordonthestreetgr@gmail.com so…… you can email me there also…… You know the deal If you know of something I missed that means you should put me in my place, drop me an email at wordonthestreetgr@hotmail.com, ioniastreetmarket@hotmail.com, or jennschaub@hotmail.com.. Check out G-rad…. Check out the Forum!!!! If you want to see or read word with pictures or post comments, check it out online at http://www.g-rad.org/projects/wordonthestreet/ or you can go to G-rad http://www.g-rad.org/ and then access it through projects….
Thanks for reading all the way down to the very bottom.

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