JUNE 7, 2007

Howdy Everybody!
So how is everyone out there in summer weather land? Such a typical Festival weekend last Saturday with the torrential downpour right when I was headed home. Soaked to the bone but I was loving up Festival. So much to see, so many people so much good stuff. Congrats to Rebecca Kenny for getting the top prize in the show at the Museum and thanks to all of the volunteers (did you know that Festival is the largest volunteer run and operated festivals in the country) Grand Rapids Rules! Nevertheless this weekend we are on to new and hot summer happenings. Saturday is the day! Avenue for the Arts Market, call it a smaller more chill version of festival… maybe dare I say it.. a bit more …. Hip? A bit more ….. Fringe? A bit more….. underground???? If you haven’t been check it out. Stop by the info booth say hi…. I’ll be around.

Here we go, Word on the Street for June 6, 2007

The DAAC tonight June 6th, “why are we building such a big ship” (these guys are from New Orleans) “O Grandeur” and “Tim Flanders”

Thursday night at the DAAC! “Acid Reflux” “Attention Span” and “the Resistance” doors at 8:30

Thursday night at the Breakroom there is a show with Forrester, Dirty Little Rabbits, Big Brother and our very own amazing MR DAVID BLECKLEY. Doors at 9:30 something like 5$ to get you in!
On the 7th at Skelletones check out “the Psalters” totally free show!

Riverdance would like to see it in person but luckily I have it on VHS cause tickets are 32 to 62 dollars (Gulp) on Friday there is a show at 8 pm on Saturday at 2 pm and then on Sunday they will be gigging all afternoon (at 2) and evening beginning at 9 (yes I am a dance geek at heart and I love to see men in tights tapping and gigging and whatever else you might call that) guess where? If you said Devos Performance Hall you got it right.

We all love cats (well I LOVE CATS) and Crash’s Landing is a cat shelter with a no Kill policy for rescue and placement of cats and this weekend is their 3 day fundraiser and yard sale. There are great raffle prizes also including gif certificates for almost every great place in gr including food and concerts and goods. Also of course this thing is a yard sale so the parking lot is filled with stuff. Crash’s Landing is located at 1545 Diamond NE Grand Rapids Michigan. The sale starts at 8 and runs for 12 glorious hours

Friday June 8th, Lotte Anker a Danish saxophonist is jamming with Gerald Cleaver on Drums, and Craig Taborn. Where? 120 South Division Mexicains Sans Frontieres (above Imagination Creations) is a decent sized space (small enough to be really close big enough not to sit on someone’s lap) and generally if the music is danceable people feel comfortable busting a move so this one is a definite suggestion. $10 to get in

On the 8th there is a Double feature at Skelletones with a show at 5 Pm “Death or Glory”, and “the Frantic” then at 8 check out “With Broken Rank” “Knowlyfe” and ”Straight Line Stitch” Cost $7!

If you are looking to get away this weekend The Waterfront Film Festival is taking over Saugatuck, since this isn’t my specialty I am just gonna give you the website and let you figure it out…. www.waterfrontfilm.org

This weekend kicks off a DAAC fundraiser weekend with some pretty killer bands. You know Friday will be hot with “Hombrinus Dudes” (this is one of their last in-town shows) “Ozenza”, (they are a crowd pleaser), “The Apostles” and “Polite Hatred.” These bands are cool enough to come out and support, so you should too… all of the door goes to the DAAC so we can keep our doors open to you!

Saturday night 4-9 pm the Avenue for the Arts is the place to BE!
-Avenue for the Arts Market entertainment includes a few dj's, the Batucada drummers, a little sax by Walter, possibly some other surprise performances.

-Food at the Avenue for the Arts Market is getting rocked out this summer Foodsmith (102 South Division) is going all out for food, grills, some free taste testing, I hear there will be ice cream, they make some crazy ribs, you know market food. Euclid is cooking up the dark brew all night long.

-And of course all of the coolest shops, I mean this is what makes us the happening place to be at, pick up stuff at Vertigo, Scavenger Hunt, Imagination Creations, All City Kicks, swing over to Premier, need i say more?

-You can buy and look at art at the Avenue for the Arts Marekt! Check out the combined talents of Sally England and Nick Stockton (totally cool handmade goods) all the galleries including Capsule, Studio 71, Emily's Big Picture Project, Sanctuary Folk Art, Heartside Gallery and Gallery OGI. at (106) check out the opening of “Do I Know You?”…..is it “Don’t I know you?” (regardless there will probably be someone you know in the show, or whose work you have seen) with some kick butt Calvin alumni including Conrad Baaker, Megan Luhs-Thompson, Rick Beerhorst, Michelle Vondiziano, Edgar Boeve, Juan Garcia, Robin Jensen, Tim Grubbs Lowly and some TBA’s to mix it up.

-There will be vendors all over the street and in the lot at 106 S. Division. Grand Rapids vendors make some cool s*%($ they will be selling everything from shirts to paintings to bracelets to pottery. Beverly will be there selling potholders and cards for sure.

So from 4-9 pm, you know where to be..... stop by the info booth and say hi to me,Erwin, Jess and Nate

Oh and right around 8 at the Market come by for the virtual gallery tour…. I won’t say to much but street side will be blowing up with some cool effects and an international artshow. Or stick around for the show at the DAAC (“them Roaring Twenties””Unique Chique” and “Ivydrive” )

A few streets over on Grandville ( totally walking distance) you can catch the 4th Annual Local First Street Party also happening on Saturday night. You know where Bistro Bella Vita is right? Well the local first party is right outside, music food and they will be rocking until 12:00

I am pretty interested in checking this out. The James C Veen Observatory is open to the public at certain times over the summer and June 9th is one of those nights if the skies are clear (if your not sure you can call the star watch number at 897 7065 for updates or check out their website at graa.org anyhow is super cheap if you have not seen the night sky up close and personal this is a must do. The Observatory is located at 3308 Kissing Rock Ave SE in Lowell. Google map!

Sunday night at the DAAC is fundraising extravaganza number two! Begins at 5 potluck style, bring a dish to pass and a hungry belly, The bands playing (oh yess great line up) “the Mighy Narwhale” “cloud Cluster” (just started to get to know Skyler seems like a great guy) “Mister Squid” “Jes Kramer” and “the Sleep Tils” Music at 6 Pm. Food food oh how we all love food!

On Sunday the 10th I think the place to be is in Riverside Park for the Annual Traditional Pow Wow, there will be food vendors, trader booths, and of course probably some performances and lots of Native Americans Celebrating their heritage and you can too. 111-4 pm, Riverside Park Monroe Ave. And Knapp!

Feel like running though the downtown honing your keen sense of observation, caught or be caught. Sunday nights in the Alley by Flannigan’s at the Corner of Monroe and Pearl Capture the Flag will be getting going form 7:30 until 11:30! Run your little heart out.

Next Tuesday night at the DAAC check out the Camping show, stars smores, popcorn, urban, what more can you ask for. June 12the, 8:30 $5 to get in. Three musicians, Jon Rejewski, Jeff Boudin, Brock Vriesman bring your flashlight (for real)

Oh boy I am running out of time so I have to dash. So that is all she wrote, I hope to see you out and about this weekend, the weather looks amazing and the scene looks happening. You know the gig If you know of something I missed that means you should put me in my place, drop me an email at wordonthestreetgr@hotmail.com, ioniastreetmarket@hotmail.com, or jennschaub@hotmail.com.. Check out G-rad…. Check out the Forum!!!! If you want to see or read word with pictures or post comments, check it out online at http://www.g-rad.org/projects/wordonthestreet/ or you can go to G-rad http://www.g-rad.org/ and then access it through projects….
Thanks for reading all the way down to the very bottom.

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