JUNE 13, 2007

Hello everyone,
Big thanks if you came out to enjoy Saturday’s Avenue for the Arts Street Market. We all had a great time, enjoyed the atmosphere and I have to say I picked up some cool birthday presents. ( I’m tempted to list them but I know the recipients MIGHT be reading…) but you can check out pictures of the vendors and links to their website at http://www.aveartsmarket.com/

There are some killer shows and things to do on Saturday I am really excited about checking it all out. See you round town.

Here is Word on the Street June 13, 2007

Tonight at Skelletones check out “the Devil Wears Prada”,” Drop Dead Gorgeous” Dance Gavin Dance”, ”At the Throne of Judgement” and “Before their Eyes” Tickets are $12 and $14 at the Door. Show Starts at 6 pm.

Also tonight (That is Wednesday for those who don’t read their email the day it arrives) is the Lascivious Biddy Birthday Bash at the Wealthy Theater. Tickets are 75$ a piece but the proceeds go towards the UICA and the Community media Center so that is all good. What is this Birthday Bash? Who are these Lascivious Biddies? Well the Biddies are a “cocktail pop Quartet form NYC” Why is it a Birthday bash? Have you been to the UICA lately? 30 year celebration, so tonight expect to munch on some Birthday cake and sip champagne.

Tonight at the DAAC check out “Big Black Cloud” and “Chance Jones” uhhh the website says 12:06 am as doors open but I kinda think it might be closer to 8 pm. So if you show up at 8 and no one is there go grab a few pints at the pub, or a cuppa joe at the Euclid and then head back to the DAAC at 12:06 am.


Tomorrow (Thursday) check out “Son & Heir”,“Left Hand Daisy” “the Inuendos” and “the Advent” Skelletones!

Thursday night is your last chance to check out Mafioso, I’ll bet you can guess what it is about. … The Italian Mob. Anyhow this is a pre Godfather Flick about mistaken identity and the mob. Thursday night at 7Pm is the Final Showing.

Friday night
On Friday the 15th at the DAAC (115 South Division) check out “the fight scene”. “ridgemoore”” this painted red” and “model 38” doors at 8:30 Check out the website www.thedaac.org for up-to-date information about shows.

All weekend you can catch “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest at the Grand Rapids Civic Theater. Tickets are so freaking cheap 10-24$ and the show on the 15th (that is Friday) begins at 8 PM.

Huge show on Friday night at Skelletones ready for the list? “Rogers Met and Iranian”, “Decompose my Darling Daughter ”, ”Dismember the Martyr”,” Come Find the Lions”’” Humatara”,’” Life or Death”,’” Mental Infestation” and if that isn’t enough, “Time of Plague” Yep that is the list. 15th going strong all night long.

Saturday is a day to check out several great out and about all day events.

The First Eastown Bizarre Bazaar begins at 9 Am and runs until 5 Pm. You can love up the 60 booths featuring everything from food to arts and crafts as well as some live performances. Grab a bite to eat at any of the great Eastown Restaurants for lunch, my favorites include Pita house and Don Ravafv’s then head over to the Reeds Lake Clothesline Art Festival also from 9 to 5, a bit more formal the Clothesline takes place in Gaslight Village and John Collins Park.

If you are looking for some more relaxing music check out Rebecca Rodriquez (of Icicles fame) At Four Friends Coffee House (across from Rosa Parks Circle) beginning at 8 PM. Cost? A cuppa something yummy.

I am also going to try to make it to Sazerac on Saturday night to check out “Rock for Crash’s” the door is only 5$ which is a donation to Crash’s Landing, and then you get to see Love Fossil, Moto, The Total Blam Blams, Winnie Cooper” and DJ James Kraft. What a totally great line up… (The Total Blam Blams are so good… Nora’s Voice is really freaking great)

On Saturday night I think this is the “Hot” show. It will be the place to be…. I know I am going to be there…. Super Happy Funtime Burlesque is taking over the Wealthy Theater, only 9$ show is at 8 Pm. Have you seen the million flyers around, or the great articles and press these guys have been getting? Have you been to a totally packed house at the Saz when they are performing? If you haven’t seen them yet… Saturday is the day.

On the 16th at Skelletones “Kaline”’, ”TGD”, ’”Brick Fight”, “The Beatups”, and ”Minor Adjustment”

On Saturday at the DAAC there are 2 bands including “Burn the Sky” and “the Passion Within” they begin ay 8:30

Happy Father’s Day Dad’s (especially to my Dad though ‘cause he is a great dude)

On Sunday you can take your dad to the Children’s Museum for free. (I guess this is really only a good deal if you are 6 and love the Children’s Museum but nevertheless it is free (for dad’s) in honor of Dad’s special day.

Sunday night at the DAAC “Nomo” (which I hear is super cool) is playing with “Corey Ruffin and Hot Tapes” (no this is not a new band just some collaborative action

On Sunday the 17th check out the show at the Clique. The official last “Hombrinus Dudes” show will be taking place along with “Fuck This” “Hold it Down” “Violently Ill” and “Loaded for Bear” 7$ gets you in the door it includes bowling and Shoe Rental. Show Starts at 5 Pm and ends around 9pm.


I don’t know if they are still looking for vendors but the East Hills Handmade Market is June 23rd from 12-6 PM, Booths are free and you can find out more information at www.easthillscouncil.org.

Get away… this fall do a residency in the Badlands National Park in South Dakota you have to have applications in by July 15th for the fall residency program (from Mid September to October. They are 2-6 weeks long and you can contact the Artist in residence Coordinator at (605) 433 5245 or send your info to the Artist in Residence Program Badlands ND, Po Box 6 Interior South Dakota USA 57750.

Opportunities (as in Jobs)
Ok here is a whole list of these so I am just going to do the title, and the website or contact where you can find out more about what they are looking for.

Director of Development for ArtServe Michigan out of the Southfield Detroit Regional office located at 14515 W. Nine Mile RD. Southfield Mi, Letter of interest and Resume can be sent to Neeta Delaney President and CEO of ArtServe Michigan, 1310 Turner Suite B Lansing Mi 48909 you can email questions to neeta@artservemichigan.org

The Contemporary Art Institute in Detroit is looking for an Executive Director. Yeah CAID is going some really cool things. Check them out along with Job requirements at www.thecaid.org if you are looking for a mailing address to send that resume to 5141 Rosa Parks Blvd. Detroit Mi 48208 or call (313) 899 2243

The Chelsea Center for the Arts in Chelsea is looking for instructors to teach fine asts and crafts classes in the fall. They are open to class suggestions and you can emiail your ideas to Programdirector@chelseacenterforthearts.org but they want to hear them by June 20th. so get pn it. Check them out online at www.chelseacenterforthearts.org

The Flint School of Performing Arts is looking for an Early Childhood Music Instructor, they want to fill the position by June 22, 2007, you can email your Questions or resume to fspa@thefim.org or mail it to the Flint School of Performing Arts Attn: Early Childhood Music Instructor. 1025 E. Kearsley Street Flint Mi 48593

The ETC Arts Studio in Battle Creek is looking for an Executive Director. You can send the resume and cover letter to Linda Linke, PO Box 2069 Battle Creek Michigan 49016 or email Cirlady@aol.com

LOCAL JOB the UICA is looking for a Director of Development. That is right help them make the money to keep it all going. Letters of interst should be submitted to Attn: Executive Director UICA 41 Sheldon BL SE Grand Rapids MI 49503 questions? director@uica.org

What your event wasn’t on the list???? Well……Lay the smack down and tell me about it. Drop me an email at wordonthestreetgr@hotmail.com, ioniastreetmarket@hotmail.com, or jennschaub@hotmail.com.. Check out G-rad…. Check out the Forum!!!! If you want to see or read word with pictures or post comments, check it out online at http://www.g-rad.org/projects/wordonthestreet/ or you can go to G-rad http://www.g-rad.org/ and then access it through projects….
Thanks for reading all the way down to the very bottom.

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