JUNE 20, 2007

Hi everybody.
There was so many great things going on last weekend and this weekend looks just as good. So get out and enjoy the summer solstice weather. I’m Keeping it short this week (I think) cause I need to get out and celebrate my Birthday week.

Wednesday night a summer tradition has returned to the city…..Blues on the Mall Started this month so tonight check out the vibe downtown, if you have a (motor or Bike) cycle it is a great time to get it out If you are looking for a place to eat I suggest XO on Monroe, outside seating, a little further east then the festivities but they have a great Pad Thai, Nick thinks it is a little saucy, but I dig it, and there tofu is great.

Tonight if you are looking for some SKA check out “Fatter then Albert”, ”Chicken Poodle”, ”Soup”, and ”Selectively Anti Social” at Skelletones.

At the DAAC tonight (yes still Wednesday) check out Clair Fisher (like 6 feet under? Seriously that is some good tv, does anyone know if this band is named after that character?) “Patrick Elkins”, “Pet the Warrior”, and “Annie Plamer”

On Thursday at Skelletones there is some old School Punk with “Fight or Die”, “The Resistance”, “The Double Whammy” and “Hour Riot.”

Thursday night the flick to check out it “After the Wedding” at the UICA, the plot looks pretty interesting, orphanage, trickery and intrigue. There are two showings 5, and 7 pm… humm maybe I will use my free movie pass.

I was born on this day! but there are other cool things going on.....

On the 22nd check out “Show Bread Project 86” Album release show with guests “Sullivan”

On Friday at the DAAC check out “the New Midwest” and “Crooked Saints” Show is at 8 30 Pm.

My suggestion for Friday is to walk over to Moxies the New Ice Cream place off of Michigan and get something sweet. If you walk though the Hill it is a totally great jaunt, with a good reward (ice cream ) at the end of the journey and Moxies is totally great. Also a great biking destination.


On Saturday The Handmade Market is taking over East Hills, Cherry near Diamond. Beginning in the morning and ending in the evening it should be a pretty good showing because there is no charge to vendors (ie there should be quite a few of them) So bring some loot and pick up those last minute birthday/ wedding presents.

On Saturday afternoon and evening night check out the new show at Studio 71 (71 South Division) opening that night is “Nuevo Lation Art Exhibit” with Hugo Claudin, Oswaldo Garces and Roli Mancera the opening is from 3 pm to 8pm And then at 9 pm stick around some heavy rocking metal bands. 6$ for music if you show up after 8:10.

Also on Saturday Founders is holding their 10th Anniversary Party. That is right 10 years of Founders. Pay admission and you get a commemorative 10 Anniversary Beer Glass filed with your first Beer, there will be food and entertainment provided by “the Ragbirds” “four Finger Five” and “Oracle.” Music at 8Pm. Party Starts at 3 PM.

Where you going? To the DAAC Saturday night to check out a whole mess of bands. “olivet”,” Patience, Patients”, ”Asphodel Fields”,” Proconpro” and “Searchpartyformel”

On Saturday at Skelletones it is an animal menagerie with “Mountain Goat” and “the Legendary Coal Black Horse” playing.


On Monday night at the Micro Cinema they are showing Michael Moore’s “Sicko.” Exposing exploitative nature of American bureaucracy and the inadequate methods our government takes to protect the monopoly and take a dump on the little guy. Well that is what most of Moore’s documentaries are about so this one looks at Health care or should we say the lack of effective Healthcare. How much will it cost to see this movie? It is free… and where can you see it? 470 Market SW Grand Rapids Michigan. Show time is at 8 pm.

On Monday June 25th two out of town bands are playing at the DAAC, “Violent Apathy” and the “Nervous Wrecks.”

That is how I describe the stuff in Space Craft. Located at 126 South Division this New York Style handmade boutique showcases some of the best of GR handmade goods including Ruby Clothing, Sally England Designs, Teamwork Tshirts, and Artgoodies home items. Stop by and say hi to Sally Tuesday thru Friday in the afternoon.

Have you been to the beach yet…. Seriously you have to go why wait? This is the weekend. You know the gig If you know of something I missed that means you should put me in my place, drop me an email at wordonthestreetgr@hotmail.com, ioniastreetmarket@hotmail.com, or jennschaub@hotmail.com.. Check out G-rad…. Check out the Forum!!!! If you want to see or read word with pictures or post comments, check it out online at http://www.g-rad.org/projects/wordonthestreet/ or you can go to G-rad http://www.g-rad.org/ and then access it through projects….
Thanks for reading all the way down to the very bottom.

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