JUNE 28, 2007

Hi everyone!
This last weekend I had the opportunity to visit Toronto. And I was blown away by the amount of PEOPLE, people out and about shopping in small boutiques and stores, enjoying the amenities of their city, grabbing a drink, eating dinner with friends and catching a show. I was also impressed with the variety of culture (everyone remarks on the diversity in Toronto) BUT one of the best things was realizing how similar Grand Rapids is. We are a micro mini version…. This week Word is a heavy focus on connections, some of the shows are Free, most of the community stuff is all about meeting some new people. So this weekend get out, enjoy an event or two eat some food, grab a drink with friends and enjoy the city life

Here it is, Word on the Street June 27, 2007

Tonight (Wednesday) at the DAAC at 8:30 Pm check out “every Avenue”, “Manna and Quail” and “Dear Noel”

On the 29th Skelletones is booked with 5 bands. “Carbomb Lottery”, “The Offbeats”, “Alleyway Sex’, “Hit & Run” and “HIV” Show Normal Time, normal Place (next to/downstairs from the Euclid)

On Saturday the DAAC is hosting “Merkit”, “Garlic Breath” and “HIV” Show starts around 8:30 so I guess if you didn’t catch HIV on Friday you can check them out on Saturday.

On the 30th Saturday check out “Kamila”, ”A Texas Funeral”, “The Cobra Punchers”, and “Beyond All Reckoning.” Tickets are 8$!

Friday night is Bike night, Critical Mass, at 5:30 pm you can meet up with other bike riders (this is pedal style and cruise the city, kinda a fun way to raise bike awareness, meet the other bike lovers in GR and make a statement. Meeting Place: Veteran’s Park. FREE!

This weekend you can check out the Grand Haven Art Festival there will be a whole bunch of stuff, generally there is some pretty not cool stuff but the cool stuff is mixed in and sometimes you find a gem. I got a rad necklace one year, domino with the NY subway line on it that said “you are not here” I wore it till it totally was destroyed. Anyhow go to the coast, check out some artwork, walk the pier, cruise the strip. From 10-5 Saturday and Sunday, (downtown Grand Haven) FREE!

I really think this sounds fun but I haven’t been able to find a start time, supposedly on the 30th (Saturday) Midtown Neighborhood Association is holding a mini music festival free show at Fountain and Houseman (yep I once lived on Houseman.) So after dark (like 9:30-10ish) Love Fossil will be rocking the Midtown. According to what I found there will be food and maybe beer. So check it out, if there is nothing going on… well I can’t be right all the time. FREE!

This Sunday at the DAAC there is a free gallery event from 4-7, catered by Olive Express “Tag-your it” is a graffiti show featuring DJ’s (I heard Spider Murphy is going to make an appearance) and possibly maybe a little break dancing??? FREE!

Canoes are the new Moped! Well that is according to Herm at Vertigo (don’t get me wrong I think Herm LOVES his moped but he really had a soft spot for his new canoe.) So he is looking to spread the love and find some Canoeing friends. If you are interested stop by Vertigo or email him at Vertigomusicgr@gmail.com. Tell him that Jenn sent you. FREE!

Along those same lines Check out the Local Moped Army the Ghost riders.. they meet every Monday night at 7 Pm at Founders. Nick said he went for his first ride on Monday and they were 25 thick. (that is a hell of a lot of local Mopeds) Best explanation I have heard for this group is “beer, collisions, Conversations, and more beer and more collisions” Thank you mopeders! I love to see you ride. FREE!

Jobs! That is right there are Two jobs this week!
Blue Lake (fine arts Camp, you work with high schoolers) is looking for a Sculpture Instructor for july 25th through August 5th. So get on this one now. Ya gotta be comfortable with several 3-d medias, and you can contact Mary Lamson Burke at 616 257-0484 or email her at lamsonburke@yahoo.com to get an application. This is like a total cool gig. Did I ever tell you I went to Blue Lake as a kid? It was like where I figured out I wanted to be a Printmaker… I made friends at Blue Lake that I STILL like. It was awesome. You can also check them out online at www.bluelake.org

Kendall is looking for an admissions officer (position number k14020) yep you get to be the person who reps Kendall at College fairs, portfolio days, and high school visits. Imagine all of those dewy eyed totally cynical in a naive sort of a way high school students will be hanging on your every word and you can tell them all about how cool GR is and why they should come live here. For more information contact Sandra Davison-Wilson her phone number is 451-2787 and her number is Sandra_Davison@ferris.edu.

Salsa Dancing 101 with Laura Armenta, starts July 11,18th and 25th it is $45 per series Class is from 6-7:30. Why Salsa? Umm have you ever seen a movie where people are salsa dancing??? It is freaking hot! It makes you 1 million times more sensual and just damn HOT! Check it out online at www.lauraarmenta.com

Or FOOD! This one sound especially killer to me, The executive chef at San Chez and Mezze has created a Multi Course Vegetarian Mediterranean Cooking Class (with Wine) but the catch is it is Tuesday August 7 at 7 pm, and seating is limited to the first 25 reservations. It is $65 per person but I would wager it would be pretty dang worth it. Again Check it out online at www.sanchezbistro.com

Life on Line.
Did I tell you all about Viget yet? Http://viget.org, help contribute to the creation of Grand Rapids history. Cause history is all in the telling.

Also I thought this was of interest. There is a group that is interested in having Grand Rapids become a fair trade City. While I found their email to have little useful information about what regulations this would put in place or support it did spark some interest. To Find out more you can email them at fair-trade_policy@yahoo.com

Wow that was really relaxing to write. I like the community bit, if you are looking to find some like minded individuals tell me what you are into, maybe we can make a friend. (not a personal ad, but like an interest connection.) anyhow, drop me an email at wordonthestreetgr@hotmail.com, ioniastreetmarket@hotmail.com, or jennschaub@hotmail.com.. Check out G-rad…. Check out the Forum!!!! If you want to see or read word with pictures or post comments, check it out online at http://www.g-rad.org/projects/wordonthestreet/ or you can go to G-rad http://www.g-rad.org/ and then access it through projects….
Thanks for reading all the way down to the very bottom.

Posted by jenn at 12:52 PM.

i am interested in membership i am a artist from the ann arbor-ypsilanti area please send any and all info. thanks hope to hear from you soon brenda

- brenda | October 18, 2007 12:45 PM

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