JULY 12, 2007

How are things going in the hot, hot city. (actually the last few days have been temperate and enjoyable)

Here is Word on the Street July 11th 2007!

On Wednesday night the 11th at Nest (located at 613 Lyon) there is a Quilting Bee- call this another version of a Stictchy party. You know bring your scraps and squares and share the communal love. Start time around 7:30.

Thursday july 12th check out the show at the DAAC, “Daggermouth” and “Gracer” Doors at 8:30

Thursday night and Friday night the Symphony’s Picnic Pops kicks off their summer season. This week’s theme is Sci-Fi Symphony with music from Star Wars and Star Trek. Also I heard the Concussions are starting the show off and I dig the Concussions. The show starts at 7:30 BUT you can get in and set up the picnic beginning at 5:30. Become a legend, bring a couch or a super fancy set up. Maybe a candelabra? So you know the gig, Cannonsburge Ski Area (out by Rockford/Belmont google it for directions 6800 Cannnsburg RD. NE) I am going on Friday and I can’t wait…. It is going to be awesome.

Thursday! Skelletones has some big shows this week including The Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza”,”KillWhitneyDead”,”From the Shallows” and “the Demonstration” Tickets are $10 and there is a link off of the skelletones website, www.skelletones.com


On Friday July 13th there are three bands at the DAAC including “Midnight Radio”, “My Friend Jared” and the “Basanotis” Show starts at 8:30

On the Friday the 13th at Skelletones check out “a Global Threat’, ”Monster Squad”, ”Wednesday Night Herons” and “the Offbeats” Tickets are 10$ online or $12 at the door. Also I noticed there will be some kind of “big announcement” made on stage at Skelletones that night, something big, something momentous, something to come out for.

Friday night over at the IGE (located by the Wealthy Theater) check out the documentary “American Jobs” beginning after 5 and ending around 8Pm recommended for social justice minded young adults. A little Global economy action at the IGE check out the film online at www.americanjobsfilm.com

Taste of Grand Rapids is taking over John Ball Park on Friday and Saturday. There are like 25 resatuants serving up a bit of their menu for a bit of loot. What is great about this event? say you can’t figure out what you want to have for dinner, one person wants this type of food the other wants that. Well instead come down to Taste and get a bit of the best. Did I mention this is also a big barbeque cook off ? of and how about bands? Live music includes house music “stolen Horses”,”Branded”,”Bronk Brothers & Headin’South” and “Crossin Dixon” (Music is Friday night)

This Saturday (the 14th) from 4-9 Pm the Avenue for the Arts Market is going to be taking over South Division-100 Block between Cherry and Oakes.
So what you say? You want to know what you going to see? Well let me tell you.
Check out: Henna, Felted Clutches, magnets, pillows, prints Photography massage therapy, Handmade Soaps and Lotions, stained glass items, unique handmade bags for the stylish women on the go, custom Screen printed Children's Clothing and accessories, wooden Jewelry and Goods wax casts on wood, Paintings, purses, Journals, Ceramics, & 2 D Work, scarves, stone birdhouses, block printed items/ pottery photography, handpicked Tea, Decorated Candles, T-shirts tank tops, bandana's Screen Printed, jewelry photography cards wallets lampshades, handmade Glass beads, crocheted creatures, unusual stuffed animals, and various wearable accessories made from vintage fabrics, Stone Jewelry, unique home décor, rethink good things, vintage stuff, Blown Glass, Hand printed block prints, framed or unframed clothing and small paintings, entertainment, street performers, Public artwork, and FOOD!
Check out our webpage www.aveartsmarket.com for pics, web links to our artists sites, and of course to find out more about all of our great events.
Afterwards stick around because there is live music all over the neighborhood.

Saturday July 14the The Daac is hosting “baT Baby” and “ppbo #2” Yep those are band names and no I have no idea how to pronounce them. Show as always, 8:30.

On Saturday the 14th “the Sleeping tribute” Farewell show along with “ilaik”, “Shane Tripper” and “Menage” Skelletones!

On Saturday the 14th check out Mike Tamburo (a little Guitar) Nick Schillace (a little more Guitar) and Hugo Caludin (a little drum/percussion action) at Mexicains Sans Frontieres, (120 s. Division go round back thought the 106 lot up the ramp) Only 5$ some of the most affordable live music in town.

On Saturday night across town check out “US Beat” with “First Offence” and “Squared Off” Show is free, punk, Jukes style. Located at 506 Leonard. Free through the door but you gotta be 21.

Sunday night at Mezze Chicago’s Very own Ferdinand Fox is playing at 8 Pm it is a 5$ cover, Mezze is a great place to go catch smoke free entertainment in a casual cool setting. Also if you want to learn more about these out of town rockers check out their myspace at www.myspace.comferdinandfox can I suggest looking at their pics? There are some great jumpsuit shenanigans.

Monday if you are looking to catch a live show check out “Son and Heir” at the DAAC…8:30. Check the website for updates on other bands

HEY PEOPLE THIS ONE SOUNDS GREAT! The Arts Council is looking for artists and graphic designers who may be interested in an opportunity to design a flag for an international rotary club. There is an RFP to solicit flag designs and there is a $3,000 dollar honorarium if your design is chosen. If you would like a proposal contact Janelle Mahlmann at 4592787 or jmahlmann@artsggr.org. can I just put this into perspective for you” if you are thinking, well they will never choose MY design so why even check it out then you are being foolish and lame. I have been a part of enough of these RFP things to know that there are always way less submissions then you would like and for $3,000 isn’t it worth some of your time to at least see what you come up with? Do I need to tell you how many hours I have to work to make $3,000? SO PLEASE CHECK THIS OUT!

This month I have been traveling around a bunch, regionally at least and have a few suggestions for great places to grab a bite to eat that I thought I would share. (this is inspired by the Taste of GR,)

In Rockford I checked out what use to be Marinades and has now been expanded into a larger 2 story grill/restaurant. The food was great and the interior decorating almost made up for the absolutely dismal waitress, she was a catastrophe.

In Howard City stop by Latitudes (attached bar the Steelhead) The brucetta is very good and their fettuccine alfredo is delicious, Mr. Man had a steak that was top notch.

In Interlochen check out the Haufbrau The outdoor patio is lovely, the menu is extensive, the onion rings are killer and I highly suggest their appetizer menu.

In Traverse City Poppycock’s is one of my all time favorite restaurants. Their 3 dip appetizer is amazing, I strongly suggest the tomato and Swiss chard soup, and their Thai corn cakes are also amazing.

Life on Line.
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So that is it I know I am going to see you at the Avenue for the Arts Market because it is going to be one hellava time. You know the gig If you know of something I missed that means you should put me in my place, drop me an email at wordonthestreetgr@hotmail.com, ioniastreetmarket@hotmail.com, or jennschaub@hotmail.com.. Check out G-rad…. Check out the Forum!!!! If you want to see or read word with pictures or post comments, check it out online at http://www.g-rad.org/projects/wordonthestreet/ or you can go to G-rad http://www.g-rad.org/ and then access it through projects….
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