JULY 26, 2007

Hi Ladies and Gents!

This week is a totally lazy summer. And I am sick. Again. Seriously I don’t think I kicked the bronchitis and it is coming back to bite me in the throat. Like a rabid mountain lion. Yeah. Summer sick is the worst, cause the rest of me feels great, but man my throat is a PROBLEM. So this is a list of all of the stuff I would be doing if I wasn’t growing green throat goobers.

On Wednesday night I would go to Bar Divani for their Wine social, only $15 per person, the tasting starts at 6:30 and today you get to check out Chardonnays from around the World. Meet some people sip some wine, learn some stuff so the next time you are out for dinner and want to order a bottle you don’t have to ask…”chardonnay, is that pink or white?” Bar Divani is on Ionia. Must be 21

Wednesday night should be a great night to catch a show at the Breakroom. Everyone I know is pretty excited about this one because it includes, “End of times Orchestra”, “A Paschal Circus”, ”Chance Jones Band” and “the Besnard Lakes.” The show begins at 9 and it is 5$ to get in. must be 21. (Breakroom is up in Creston, by the Sazerac, address is 1359 Plainfield.

On Thursday night-this is a must go…..at 7pm they are holding a Mayoral Debate at Wealthy Theater, form 7pm to 8:30 watch George Heartwell (he is my man!) Rick Tormala, Jim Rinck, and Jackie Miller as they throw down in front of a crowd, there will be a moderator- and even though they are going to play it on GRTV, I would say catch it live.

Thursday night I would be headed to the Sixth Street Bridge (ok, enough with the sick talk....) Thursday night I WILL be heading to the Sixth street Bridge to check out the first Portable Cinema of the season, True Stories….i’ve seen this movie a ton and it is good every time…. David Byrne is in it…. Automatic winner. Bring a chair, a blanket, and show up around 10Pm. The movie is free but they are taking donations so they can show films more regularly so contribute! This is an all ages event.

On Thursday the 26th check out 3 bands at Skelletones including “the Inuendos”, ”Trandock Wobblers” and “Bait the Bear” this show is all ages!

On Friday catch a pretty intense line up (some of these band names are almost theatrical.) “Behind Lies Ruin”, ”Burn the Sky” and “the Crowned Virgin” it is like a great movie about Queen Elizabeth.

There are so many music shows on Saturday night!

Saturday night I might check out “the show is the Rainbow”, ”The Apostles” and “Charles the Osprey” show is at 8:30…. Did anybody catch the band on Tuesday night at the DAAC? “Giants”… I think the band was the “Giants” are they local? Because they sounded AMAZING. If the Saturday show is anything like that you are in for a great show. The DAAC is all Ages all the time.

At 9:30 at jukes on the Saturday the 28th catch 4 bands for Free! “night Toucher”, ”Invisible Mansion”, ”Oni Gosen” and “Moss Folk” I haven’t ever liked Oni Gosen and I am guessing Night Toucher is not my thing. BUT I head that Night Toucher is leaving and some people like Oni Gosen… So the show is 21 and up but it is also FREE.

Here is a way to break out of the norm, on Saturday night head to All City Kicks on the corner of South Division and Cherry for a listening party for “Common” and the Cd titled Finding Forever. From 7 to 10 Pm you can check out the new tunes, and Chill. If I know the All City boys this event will be pretty awesome, it is just their way.

Also on Saturday night the 28th check out more End of Times Orchestra featuring, Contrabass, Cello, Viola, Flute, Bassoon, Classical Guitar, and voice, Not your normal bar music, the show is at Rocky’s and it is only 5$ to get in. Show starts at 9:30.

On Saturday for $8 you can catch 4 bands at Skelletones, “the Skies Revolt”,”Renae”,”So Save Me” and “Kaline” all shows all ages. Skelletones is located below the Euclid on South Division. Get caffeinated and then DANCE!

On Sunday night at 8 Pm you have to go to the Sazerac, because it is the last time that the Super Happy Fun Time Burlesque show will be performing there. Tickets are 10$. I have heard the best place to see this troupe is in the bar, drink it up smoke it up and love up the sex, magic and comedy that is the SHFTB. I would get there early for a seat.

Sunday night at the Daac you can catch “Javelins”,”The Hard Lessons” and “Zoos of Berlin” I am trying to read an Irving Stone and it takes place during Word War Two, and they let all of the animals out of the Zoos, and that is what “Zoos of Berlin” reminds me of. Show is at 8 Pm. All DAAC Shows are all ages.

On Tuesday night the DAAC has another one band touring act from Iowa called “Infandous” Doors still at 8:30 all DAAC Shows are all ages, DAAC is located at 115 South Division.

Art serve is looking to Hype up the Guvvy Awards this year and is looking for a sculptor that is willing to help They want a sculpture that will represent the Guvvy Awards along with a series of smaller awards to be given to their recipients of the awards. Think Oscars or Stanley cup or something like that. Anyhow. If you are interested submissions are due the 24th of August and I would suggest emailing Debbie Mikula for all of the details. Her email is debbie@artservemichigan.org

There is an 18 year old Musician dude looking for other preferable dude roommates to live with. He is moving in from Big Rapids and if you are looking for someone to live with email livelycom@aol.com

The Meanwhile (the fabulously long awaited bar to be opened by Brother/Sisters Jeff and Tammi Vandenburg ) is now hiring. They are looking for….Bartenders, doorpeople and servers! But they have to know that you have experience, and of course the Meanwhile is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Want an App? Download it at www.meanwhilebar.com. Get on it now cause they are only accepting apps until August 10th.

Put it on the Calendar!
This is a little early but it is so you can pre plan July 30th thru August 4th is being promoted by Mixed Greens as “Eat in Act Out “ week. In other words, focus on purchasing locally produced foods, and support businesses that are locally owned. You know make a better local economy, support a healthy environment, and build some community relationships. Not sure how to eat locally? Go to the farmers Market (there is one on Fulton, one off of Bridge by St james-thurs and Saturday- most smaller towns have one on Saturday morning-and there is a South East side market as well.) Look for signs that say-home grown, or actually still have dirt on them. You can also grow your own, Mr. Man has a garden that is like an acre big, I am starting to worry about how many Tomatoes we are going to have. Or you can Join a community supported agriculture farm (check out localharvest.org for more info) or shit, go to Marie Catribs for lunch they do all of those things FOR you. Anyhow some events for you calendar, on the 30th there is a potluck and outdoor movies at Blanford, on the 1st check out the Downtown “do you know where your lunch came from “ campaign and then on the 4th join up for the Bike Tour of Community and School Gardens. Is you want to know more about any of this call Mixed Greens/Blanford at 616 301 3592

Life on line
I recently got a chance to meet Kendall/Grand Rapids graduate Patrick Mohundro and then shortly after he send me his weblinks. Totally worth checking out. The web design is nice, and I really liked the first animated piece. Also I have a pretty keen appreciation for how often he posts work.
www.apologyexcepted.com afterschooldetention.blogspot.com

You know the deal If you know of something I missed that means you should put me in my place, drop me an email at wordonthestreetgr@hotmail.com, ioniastreetmarket@hotmail.com, or jennschaub@hotmail.com.. Check out G-rad…. Check out the Forum!!!! If you want to see or read word with pictures or post comments, check it out online at http://www.g-rad.org/projects/wordonthestreet/ or you can go to G-rad http://www.g-rad.org/ and then access it through projects….
Thanks for reading all the way down to the very bottom.

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