JULY 5, 2007

Hi everyone!
Those holiday’s always catch me off guard. I really should have sent this on Tuesday, but here it is short and sweet.

Word on the street July 5, 2007.

Thursday night at 8 pm check out a Movie at the Micro Cinema located at 470 Market SW. I heard that the last film was a totally packed house so make sure you get there early. The documentary “War made Easy; How Presidents & Pundits Keep Spinning Us to Death” begins at 8p. Once you find the entrance to the building just follow the string.

On Thursday afternoon head to the South East Area Farmers Market for a demo by Jill Meyer about Cooking and Preserving foods safely. The demo starts at 3:30 and expect to stay until 5pm If you want to find out more call 451-3051/-3054

On Friday night at Mexicains Sans Frontieres (120 South Division Second Floor entrance to the back of the building though the 106 parking lot near the big colorful mural) Check out the Homecoming Milonga with Tango Folias. In other words there will be a Tango lesson by Carmen Maret and Andrew Bergeron from 8-9 pm and then from 9-12 pm there will be DANCING with live music by Tango Folias. The entrance fee is 10 and includes the lesson and dance/music. Street parking downtown is free after 5pm and you can call 406 9655 if you get lost.

Also on July 6th check out new work by Elisabeth Vadrine from 6-9 pm at Noir Gallerie. The gallery is located at 15 Ionia (enter in between Phillip Anthony and Bar Divani) Elisabeth’s work was up recently at Foodsmith and I have to say her work looks brilliant on a funky colored smooth wall. These works are not pastel shades of violet. If I was going to write a review of her work it would include undercurrents of Keifer, tonal vibrancies, poly-resin landscape and a naturally occurring phenomenon.

On Friday night 6pm! the IGE is showing “before the Music Dies” a documentary about the parallel worlds of commercial and independent music…. showing located at 1118 Wealthy. iF you do go and check this out please let me know if those 2 worlds are actually parallel or are they some kind of crazy funhouse mirrors.

Friday night check out new artwork at Four Friends Coffeehouse. Artists Laura Corcoran and Sarah S. Scott will be opening “Family Business & The Lost Sewing Terrorist Illustrations” the paintings and hand sewn prints will be up through the 31st but from 6-9 on Friday you can stop in see the artists and check out the new show.

On Friday July 6, 2007 “La Dispute”, “We are Hex”, “Man at Arms” and “Victor Fix the Sun” .At the DAAC! 8:30!

On Saturday July 7th head to the Breakroom to celebrate or morn the departure of Mr. Johnny Unicorn. The End of Times Orchestra will be performing its last performance (Special note, this is the last performance with Johnny, ETO will continue) at 9 Pm, entry fee is 5$ Get your chill on and hang out with the beloved and departing Johnny

Saturday July 7th at the DAAC (yes the following are band names) “dd/mm/yyyy”, ”Poison Control Center” and “The Sleeves.” 8:30

Looking for live music on Sunday night? Check out “page France”,”Cains and Abels” and “Ben and Bruno” Place? The DAAC. Time 8:30 ( I think this means that Ben and Bruno are back from their tour!)


I thought this was pretty great. There is a group that meets at Rosa Parks Circle on Sunday nights at 5:30 called Michigan Makers. You can head down to the circle and make stuff, for instance, some members are knitters and Crocheters but they are looking for other Makers who like to Make with people around. So join the Michigan Makers at Rosa Parks Circle this Sunday at 5:30 and get to know some other Makers.

The Eastown Streetfair takes place on Saturday September 22nd but you can begin registering NOW. Always a good time full of great performances the Streetfair is one of my favorite fall events. For vendor registration check out www.eastowngr.com.

Put it on your calendar! Next weekend Avenue for the Arts Market!

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