AUGUST 1, 2007

Hi everyone!
It is a hot one out there. Very very hot. But its AUGUST so we better all be enjoying it… and of course that also means there are some pretty hot events happening out and about this weekend. So dress down and get out. I wanted to congratulate Elizabeth Vadrine on being the cover artist for On the Town magazine this month. Her work is currently on display at Gallery Noir located at 15 Ionia. Also August kicks off a month of free shows at Skelletones. This means if you have always wanted to “check that place out… “ now is your chance. FOR FREE. Pick a show… any show.

Here is Word on the Street for August (YIKES AUGUST???!!!) 1, 2007

Wednesday night is amazing…. So many good things……

Tonight at 5:30 grab your favorite vegan delights and head over to Wilcox park for a vegan potluck and performances by “Son and Heir” “Hot Tapes” “Jess Kramer” “the Anti Federalists” and “Rob” Awesome use of the park. Wonderful way to spend the evening. Rad fun. And a great thing to do before you head over to the Wealthy Theater for……

“the Icicles”, “Tiger Passion” with New York band “Ladybug Transistor” there is a cash bar, dance floor, and the show starts at 7Pm. Tickets are only $12 at the door and this show sounds like a biggie. Also if you enjoy getting email updates that keep you informed (hopefully you do otherwise email me and I will take you off this list) you can subscribe to the WYCE concert Email list at …… also the Wealthy Theater for those who haven’t been there is located at 1130 Wealthy St.

At 8 pm at the UICA you can catch “Made in LA” it is about the Garment industry in LA, guess what? The workers are repressed, work long hours for shit money and pretty much work in conditions that would make most of us cry. So the movie is followed by a panel discussion. Brought to you be the UICA, GVSU, and Media Mouse. (On suggestion from Ryan you should stick around afterwards and catch “killer of sheep” at 9Pm, two movies for less then 7$!)

If you are looking to check out another great independent film this week the UICA is the place with “Killer of Sheep”- ends on Thursday night, and “the Valet” which looks good to me (French, love, deception, supermodels, valets, billionares) also ends on Thursday and This weekend check out “Paprika” which looks like a Thriller, a little mind invasion, psychotherapist. As always check for movie listings.

Kicking off the Free month of Shows Skelletones begins tonight with a Punk Show featuring “Attention Span”, ”Hour Riot”, ”the Harlequins”, ”Hit and Run” and “the Double Whammy”

On Thursday night from 5-8pm swing down to 140 South Division to Sanctuary Folk Art and check out what happens when the “inspired, intuitive, busy, colorful, over the edge, spontaneous, funny political naïve, religious, profane, and misunderstood” artists get together to create a “Collaboration”. They will be “working together for your pleasure” because ultimately “you need it”, and they “want you to have it” sure to be a ruckus good time with a bunch of really awesome fun amazing artists.

On Friday night there is a show at the DAAC that is drawing quite the attention, in fact all of the shows at the DAAC this weekend are pretty big. Friday night check out “ju-jaiuba”, ”Spectral Mornings”, “ Laconic Euphora” and “Onett” Friday is the 3rd incase you have to do a calendar check, and the show is at 8:30, 5$ gets you in.

On Friday night check out the Rock show at Skelletones ( South Division, below the Euclid) the show includes “the Vigilantes”, “Home Pomegranites”, And “Death by Dancing”

Local-yokels will be super excited about this! On Saturday afternoon you can stop by the Meanwhile bar (1005 Wealthy – also known as the old Two Stan’s Bar) from 5-8 Pm for an open house also they are accepting applications for bartenders, doorpersons, and servers so it would be a great time to check out a possible job site. Needless to say all of us Grand Rapidians who have been breathlessly awaiting the opening of the Meanwhile can now sneak a peak at our next great locally owned and operated hang out. For more info check out

On Saturday the 4th at Skelletones there is a hardcore Brothers Cd release party. With 5 bands including” Ivan”, “Reinventing Yesterday”, ”Under Anchor”, “Better left Impaled” and “Time of Plague”

Saturday night is a 4 band blow out at the DAAC with “armondo peter”, ”blackberry winter”, “the curious”, “Loren Murrell” and “Julia Belle” doors at 8:30, 5$ at the door.

Or head over across the street to 120 South Division unit 226 (go around to the back porch) and check out “Thank you”, ”Coin”, ”Corrosive Kids” and ”Mailboxes and the Blue Machine” 5$ at the door show starts at 8Pm.

Further towards the river on Monore check out Paucity at Founders beginning at 9 Pm. 5$ to get in.

OOHHH Sunday night should be so cool if I am in town I am so totally going to this… So you have read your newest Harry Potter book, and you went to the movie (I have done neither yet ‘cause I am a Bad Harry Potter fan) So now you can check out “Harry and the Potters” along with “Draco and the Malfoys”, fresh off of their library tour, at the DAAC beginning at 6PM. Tickets are 10$ the show is appropriate for all ages, come one come all muggles…. I encourage you to dress in your Potter fan best. I have heard that Harry and the Potters are a group of brothers that all look like Harry at different times in his schooling….. AMAZING.

So the Great Porn Debate is finally here. On Tuesday night at the Intersection you can watch as Ron Jeremy and Pastor Ron Gross discuss Porn. This is especially interesting as a concept because it is a traveling debate. The tour hits 7 cities in seven days, we are the third city and I can see the porn debate being pretty hot in GR. I like the idea of a traveling debate because it allows us to see (and participate in) the evolution of a conversation. The Debate begins at 8:00 pm, I have no idea how much it costs… but it should be an interesting conversation. Check it out at

The 2007 NCCA Regional Art Exhibition is open to all artists over 18 who live in the 231/616/269 area code. You can enter up to 3 pieces for a 30$ entry fee and the work will be on display from August 29th through September 22nd. The Arts Place is located at 13 East Main Street Fremont Michigan, (google them for directions) Entries are due by August 9th at 5:30 PM! You can look at the website at I will be entering this show for sure.

The UICA is looking for students age 14-21 wor participate in the UICA’s summer Artworks Program Mosaic Sculpture Project starting on August 6 though the 30th where students will be creating project proposals and then working to create a permanent outdoor artwork. If you know someone who qualifies have them Contact Janet Teunis at or call 616 454 7000 X 11

Ok so local photo dude Doug Titus started an online myspace type chat network called GR Social Network. Now we can all communicate and check each other out. It seems a little more grown up them myspace and even though the system isn’t as sophisticated I was enjoying seeing pics of people that I see out and about… so needless to say I joined up.. I will still chat on G-Rad, upkeep my Myspace, but maybe grsocialnetwork will give me the ability to remember a face with the name. I still have to work on uploading a pic of myself. Here is an idea. Instead of making up a dumb online persona, think about joining as you, just you. That way when you meet another grsocialnet user the conversation isn’t “oh you’re “lil’andy Warhol” I’m “luz GR Art”. Instead it is “ hi I’m Jenn Schaub, oh your Doug Titus, nice to meet you in person, I think we have communicated on grsocialnetwork.” Because it is kind nice to know who people actually are. The site is less then a week old so check it out.

Guys…. I am a little worried about the lack of new art shows, please let me know if you have something going on. If you know of something I missed that means you should put me in my place, drop me an email at,, or Check out G-rad…. Check out the Forum!!!! If you want to see or read word with pictures or post comments, check it out online at or you can go to G-rad and then access it through projects….
Thanks for reading all the way down to the very bottom.

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