AUGUST 8, 2007

Heeeelllllloooooo how’re ya???
The rain didn’t cool it down very much and the weather this weekend looks fabulous. SO I expect to see you all out and about. Loving the night life, and west Michigan scene.

Word on the Street, August 8, 2007, (we turn 2 this week!)


Wednesday night at the DAAC (that Stands for Division Avenue Arts Cooperative) check out the band “Best Friends Forever” and “Matty Pop Chart” Show ay 8:30.

Also tonight at 9:00 at Billy’s (in eastown, check out Chance Jones with MOTO! Fun show! There is probably a cover, but it would only be like 5$ I am going with a little crew of people. This is number 1 of 3 chances to catch Chance Jones Band this weekend.


I know that everyone is always keeping an ear out for a new great karaoke bar… Diversions is great, the Holiday over on the Westside is a bit raw, but one of the places I think would be worth checking out is Teazers on Ottawa. They have Karaoke on Thursdays at 9:30, the atmosphere is biker, the beer is reasonable. And the location is great cause you can always cruise over to Rocky’s or Founders.

On the 9th the FREE show at Skelletones is a rock show featuring “the Candles”, “Pitselah”, and “Midnight Radio.”

ON Thursday (that is the 9th) at 8 pm there is a free show at the DAAC along with a potluck…. “Lochame”, “Charles the Osprey”, ”Captain Learn-A-Lot” and “Tree Fort”

On Friday night there is an opening! Yeah ART! This is actually a Benefit Exhibition and farewell party of sorts for Ashley Lieber, hosted by Fluxus Gallery (curated by Annamarie Buller) Located at 14 Williams (off of S. Division one block past Cherry across from Goodwill in the green building on the left side of the street on the Third Floor unit 320.) the show opens this Friday night August 10th from 7-midnight…. And then there are also hours on Saturday from 2 until 7pm. Buzz around town is that this is some of Ashley’s best work. Not only that but, damn the girl got into graduate school at University of Michigan! Look out Ann Arbor, Ashley is coming to town!

On the 10th (that is Friday) check out the Metal Show at Skelletones bands include “Ridgemoor”, ”Come Find The Lion”, ”Half and Hopeless” and “Beyond All Reckoning.”

Friday August 10th, at the DAAC check out “Will Stratton”, ”Glowfriends”, and “Lights at Sea” Show starts at 8:30.

Looking to go somewhere new? Check out the Whiskey Lounge over on Godfrey (by the 1111 Godfrey building) at 9:00 check out Chance Jones with Winnie Cooper Good Times! There is probably a cover, but it would only be like 5$ This is number 2 of 3 chances to catch Chance Jones Band this weekend. I think we are looking at a Chance Jones WEEKEND.

Ok you know the Avenue for the Arts Market is Saturday, and you know it is from 4 until 9pm and you know that there will be a ton of vendors, and all the shops on the Avenue will be open. BUT I still have to tell you….. 100 block of South Division Saturday form 4-9 is the biggest event going on this weekend because it features the entire neighborhood including all the businesses along the 100 block, vendors on the sidewalks and in the 106 lot. Performances by break dancing crew the Circle Junkies, last month there were over 35 independent vendors! And you can check them all out on the website If you have been thinking all summer, hum I should go to that….. This is your chance.

Stick around after the market and check out the awesome show at the DAAC featuring “Paucity”, ”Victor Fix the Sun”, ”If He Dies he Dies”, and “La Dispute” you know this show is going to be HUGE!

Or head over to Skelletones on Saturday and check out “Knowlyfe”, “Doctor! Doctor!” “The Trial”, “Mental Infestation” and “Send the Dawn” Metal Show at Skelletones. Free! All ages!

On Saturday night at the Microcinema they are playing 21 “mini movies” including experimental Shorts The Movies include “lightwork I”, “123 Dream”, “Blue Black Hours”, “Just Another Small Period of Tranision”, “ the Teacup”, “Eaux d’Artifice”, “Fade Out/Street Spirit”, “Walking” “Take On Me”, “All I Need”, “Night Swimming”, “In Passing”, “The Heinrich Maneuver”, ”The Last Farm”, “I will Follow You Into the Dark”, Badgered”, “Taking the Wheel”, ”Scaredy Cat”, ”Emelia: the five year old Goth Girl” and ”What Love has Done” and it is free, and located at 470 Market….. and doors open at 8:30. Pretty cool cause this is like a media BINGE.

Also on Saturday is the International Belly Dancing week Hafla Dinner Party celebration at Mezze there is a huge meal from 8 until 11 with live drumming and Dancing from 9PM to Midnight. Dinner is $35 but if you are only interested in the show it is $15. There is also a Cash bar. For more information about the dinner call 774-8272

This is your last chance of the weekend. Check out the Breakroom over on Plainfield at 9:00. the Chance Jones Band is taking over. If you are wondering who these guys and gal are, check out their myspace page. Just a note…. This is number 3 of 3 chances to catch Chance Jones Band this weekend.

Saturday night at 9PM check out Chance Jones at the Breakroom on Plainfield. This is a full band performance, and one of 3 Chance Jones Band performances this weekend.

Also on Saturday… The Potatoe Babies are throwing a big party this weekend at Jukes, over on Leonard, it is the “Glad Ass Beaver Memorial Bash” with several Special Guests and Detroit based “Chrome Spiders” There is no cover but you have to be 21 and up. Party starts at 9:30.

On Sunday at the Grand Rapids Children’s Museum you can bring the kids down to create Asian panels between 1 and 3pm, of course there are a ton of other fun kid activities. Also they are doing a special promotion where you wear your favorite color and ask for a free book (this is limited to the first 50 Kids!) Admission is 5$ or lest. Children under 2 are free.

If you are interested in outdoor summer sports or meeting new people this is an event for you on Sunday night join up for the Urban Capture the Flag grab run and run like hell, return to your base and DON”T get tagged. Piece of cake right….. yeah…. Right…… anyhow if you are interested, show up at 7:30 next to Flannigan’s Pub at the corner of Monroe and Pearl.

WOW and another good show at the DAAC on Monday. At 8:30 with Bands “high Places”, “Soft Circle” and “Red Tom.”

This week marks a milestone in Word on the Street History….. it is the unofficial birthday of Word on the Street. (word was actually started sometime in July, but for lack of a better date, and because it was the week I began listing it on G-rad, this week is the Birthday week) So raise a glass of cheer to the first 2 years.

You know the deal If you know of something I missed that means you should put me in my place, drop me an email at,, or Check out G-rad…. Check out the Forum!!!! If you want to see or read word with pictures or post comments, check it out online at or you can go to G-rad and then access it through projects….
Thanks for reading all the way down to the very bottom.

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