AUGUST 16, 2007

Hey guys,
Thanks to everyone who came out the street market this last weekend, it was so fun to see so many people out enjoying our neighborhood. We are going to blow it out of the water next time with a stage, 6 bands, some more food, awesome vendors, rad businesses and an overall great atmosphere, put it on the calendar for Saturday September 8th. I hope you can all come down and check it out ! there will be pictures from this last weekend online at up by the end of tomorrow! There is a great variety of shows going on this weekend I hope you find something to fit your tastes.

Here is Word on the Street for August 15, 2007!

Thursday night at the Wealthy Theather be sure to catch Karisa Wilson’s DEBUT CD RELEASE PARTY. Can you believe that she has never put out a solo feature? If you have been to hip hop shows, if you have been to Rocky’s you have probably heard the amazing voice of Miss. Wilson. So this is a total recommendation 7:30 check it out, full band, cd’s for sale, I’m sure it will be totally rad.

On Friday august 17th, 2007 check out the Video Hippos show they are from Baltimore and according to george this show is a pretty decent gig for the DAAC. And Interns Katy and Carson orchestrated the whole thing. So grab 5$ for the door and check it out. Show starts at 8:30pm.

Also on Friday night you can check out a totally free show at Skelletones featuring 5 bands, “Bringing down Broadway”, ”Decompose my Darling Daughter” “Waltz of the Golden Pony” “the Legendary Coal Black Horse” and “Mental Infestation” these bands are described as Thrash/metalcore so get ready to throw your head around really hard to some loud lively music.

On Friday the 17th join artist Jose Castellanos at Gallerie Noir, located at 15 Ionia, for the opening of “La Vida es el Arte” According to curator JynnaVyve there are like 30 pieces and this is the artist’s first solo gallery show- this guy is an artist and Physician. So give him a warm Grand Rapids Welcome (he is an out-of-state-er) Also check out the opportunities section for more info about Noir.

The Black hills Theater group is opening 2 one act plays, “The Dumb Waiter” and “Slush” both of which can be seen at Wealthy Theater. (side note: Slush is also written by a local pen, Randy Wyatt) anyhow, Friday August 17th, 8:00 Pm 7$ adult, 5$ students Saturday august 18th 8pm 7$ for adults 5$ for students For more information contact Matt Siegal at, the Wealthy theater is located at 1130 Wealthy

Mel Trotter Ministries is holding their annual Picnic in the Park on Saturday (the 18th) afternoon. The picnic is form 11-2 and it is free, food provided, games for kids, and of course the park has a really cool water playground. Location? Heartside park Ionia Street, also if you want to volunteer contact the Grand Rapids Young Professionals.

On the 18th of August (make that Saturday) there are another 5 bands playing at Skelletones and guess what.. it is FREE! And totally punk rock. Line up includes “the red shift” “Rusticus & the invaders”,” Svertus Tone”, ”Selectively Anti Social” and “National Cadaver” if you haven’t visited Skelletones during this month of free shows you really need to check it out the entrance is on South Division Next to the Euclid.

On the 18th (that is Saturday night) head over to All City Kicks on Division and check out the Nike Dunk High Custom Sneaker Competition! Yeah. Local artists are competing to make a shoe cool enough to be fly. Public Voting starts at 7Pm and runs until 10pm. There will be tunes from DJ Money Green, a totally happening scene and you get to pick whose shoes are the most sizzling. SO, see you there! (this is the Hot Heartside event for the night)

There are 4 bands at the DAAC on Sunday check out “Actual Birds”, “Burgertime”, “Colortrack”, and “REC PAUSE PLAY”. 5$ gets you IN!

Gallerie Noir is looking for Video/DVD submissions to participate in a show called Global Village scheduled for Friday January 16th 2009- quite a ways into the future but they would like pieces to focus on the communications, the barriers and the universal signs that would tie people together all over the world. The Deadline for submissions is November 20, 2007, and there is an entry fee of $25, enter up to 3- ($25 for each entry) there will be prizes for first, second and third place. They would also like a description along with a resume, artists’ statement and bio, send to Noir c/o JynnaVyve Bruntmeyer 1439 Laughlin NW Grand Rapids MI 49504 or call with questions 856 0366.

The Carlyn Gallery in
Grand Haven is going co-operative. So if you are looking to belong (and you want to belong in Grand Haven Call 842-7744 or check out

This is a great opportunity for emerging artists, the Huron Valley Council for the Arts is hosting an art exhibit for artists at the beginning of their career in October, so they are looking for submissions though September 1st and you can check out for an application

There is are two fundraisers for the Creston Community Association taking place at the Red Jet Ball Café (call it a sneak peak of the newest Gilmore addition) next week, one is on Tuesday and costs $20, it’s more of an Horse’derves and mingle sort of a deal while the Wednesday event is a full out dinner taste of the café sort of a sit down deal. With a cost of $30 for individuals with $55 per couple. There is a capacity limit so, if you are have questions or are interested in attending contact Tommy Allen at

I thought this looked like a great one night class to take. On Saturday the 18th from 9am to 3pm there is a 754 workshop on Assault Awareness and Prevention 101 to be hosted at the Laura Armenta Studio, if you are interested I would put in a call today to see if there are spots still open..

Buystuff!Want to buy a home? apparently there is a great home for sale in East Hills, the owners like the neighborhood so much they are only moving a ¼ of a mile away, described as great for first time home buyers, For more information contact Janay Brower at or call 616 745-4041

Want to buy a car? Seriously, I am looking to sell my car. It is a 1991 Grand Marquis, it looks like a 1984, it is white and rusty, it has a hanger for an antenna, several moderately sized dents, a whole lot of character… you might say she has a great.. personality? BUT! The tape player works, there is one working window, she is big and built like a small tank. The trunk is huge, and the backseat is enormous. And I am looking for around $700 dollars (or quite a bit less if you pay today!) So if you are interested I would think with a little TLC she could make it another few years, or you could get her and drive her into the ground….. email me if you are in interested.

So this week I am feeling especially domestic because I just completed my first exploration into Canning & Pickling…. It is a whole new world of vinegar soaked treats… this week was dilly beans, next week pickles…. It is harvest time so know and support your local farmer, buy some produce and stash it away for a cold winter day… (I also freeze stuff) Enough about me!

You know the deal If you know of something I missed that means you should get proactive, and drop me an email at,, or Check out G-rad…. Check out the Forum!!!! If you want to see or read word with pictures or post comments, check it out online at or you can go to G-rad and then access it through projects….
Thanks for reading all the way down to the very bottom.

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