AUGUST 22, 2007

Hi everyone.
This weather has put me into massive nap mode. I can’t seem to get enough of my couch, and I can’t wait for it to get warm again. But better weather is headed our way and there are quite a few indoor events and shows this weekend to keep us all occupied.

So here is Word on the Street for August 22, 2007.

Tonight check out the UICA’s “Art Out Loud” event featuring local bands Domestic Problems and Mid-life Crisis, both performing an unplugged show to benefit the UICA’s Artworks program. The entire benefit was created by artworks interns (ages 14-21) and it features Food bar, vendors and art Demos, Mid life Crisis takes the stage at 7, and Domestic Problems takes the stage at 8:30, tickets are $10 for the first 100 Students, and if purchased at the door tonight, $20 for UICA members and $25 for nonmembers.
The show begins at 6 and ends at 10pm

OHHHH….. so I just thought I would throw this in my friend Outo Bol is taking over Stella’s shift on WYCE tonight from 9pm-12am. This is noteworthy because I got to be on Bol’s College radio show once. I was told if I spoke even once I could never come back. Needless to say after several hours I was never invited back. ALSO this is great because it is a critic taking action to “Change the System” Bol pissed and moaned about WYCE for several months before taking the class to get on the radio, NOW TONIGHT is his chance to show us what he’s got, so let’s all tune in to 88.1fm between 9 and 12 to see what he does (no pressure or anything!)

On the 23rd of August, (that is Thursday) Check out “Fake a Smile”, ”the Luminous” and “My friend Jared” there is a good chance of a special guest that might just show up tonight at the show….. uh only 8 days left of August, this and 2 more free shows left…. You are running out of time to catch a free show at Skelletones.

On Thursday might at the DAAC check out “Mika Miko”, ”the Offbeats”, ”Fuck this” and “Attention Span” the gig starts at 8:30 pm and will be rocking out. Tickets are generally 5$ at the door.

This weekend all weekend downtown is the Polish Festival at Calder Plaza. There is food, cooking demos, vendors and stuff, ids activities and a “beverage tent” The entertainment begins on Friday and runs until Sunday with new acts ever few hours.. So this weekend is another great excuse to get down, do a little polka, drink some drinks and eat some kraut…. Also Polish accents are so cute right? Enjoy!

Friday night the 24th get ready to go hardcore with “Fight this War”, ”Fade Away Jumper”, “Refuse to Lose”, and “With Broken Rank” Where? Skelletones? How much? FREE! Countdown, 7 more days of August, after tonight only one more FREE SHOW in AUGUST

On Friday August 24th two of our GR Symphony hipsters, Haijin Choi and Chris Martin are going to be collaborating for “too Much Violins” which will perform at Schuler’s books and Music on 28th St beginning at 7:30. By the way did anyone hear the rumor that Schulers is taking over the downtown book store????!!!! I am so excited! I hope it is true… and I hope they are open before the holiday season!

On Friday August 24th at the DAAC (pronounced Duh-aaaaaaakk) check out 4 bands for $5. “a tundra” takes the stage along with “Locks”, ”Thinking” and “Jesse Stephanopoulos.”

The Super Happy Funtime is about to hit the intersection, and a damn good thing because the Intersection (by the 131 overpass) could use a little “engaging entertainment” On Saturday night August 25th check out the larger then life Super Happy Funtime Burlesque Show. The Theme is Classic TV, the show is at their new home The intersection, and tickets are $10. Think TV of the 50’s and 60’s but dirty and more obviously kinky…. So check out the tunes, jokes, songs and skits. Show begins at 8pm.

Saturday night at Skelletones check out “Time of Plague”, ”From under the Gallows” and “Tall Ships” has a Metal Hardcore show ever sounded so 1600’s (snort snort that is some total geek humor for you). Anyhow need I remind you this show is the LAST FREE SHOW IN AUGUST!

We have an artist who is an ex-Grand Rapidian looking for an apartment or short lease running from September/October until Feb/March. The artist is Renee Hartig (great painter)and if you are looking for a roommate or know of a month to month lease situation please email her at

OK maybe you haven’t heard but Art Serve is really trying to work the Governors award for Arts and Culture this year and they are looking for some creative poetry that “captures the essence of arts, culture and creativity in Michigan and gives meaning to the value that arts and culture has on everyday life.” Also the poem needs to be less then 1 minute long. So get out those pens and show them what you’ve got. There is a $100 award to the “winner” but submissions are due on September 14, 2007. The poem will be read at the Awards Ceremony on November 29th. Send your submission via email to Questions? Call Debbie Mikula at 1515 371 1720 X223.

ALSO- the Governor’s Awards Committee is looking for Photos Documenting Michigan Arts and Culture. The photos will be used during the ceremony portion of the 2007 GUVVY awards on November 29th and they are seeking Quality photos that capture and document arts and Culture in Michigan, the buildings where arts anc culture take place, artists at work in their studios community arts projects etc, etc. Selection is based on the Quality creativity, innovation and suitability of submitted photographs. They must represent the arts and Culture in Michigan. They are due on September 14th, and must be a minimum of 300 DPI, Sent as a tiff or high quality Jpeg. Supplied via email or emailed as a CD, mailed to the CD must be Accompanied by any credit information, and a signed photo release. Include Approximate date of photo include the City and County where the event took place and what the photo represents. In Conculsion, this is a great way to show the state what we are doing and make a big fussy deal. I want to See hundreds of photos sent in ( I ma planning on sending at least a dozen and I am a sucky photographer!) mail Disks to ArtServe Michigan Call For Photography 1310 Turner, Suite B Lansing MI 4806. or email submissions to

Pat on the Back!
Did you get a chance to check out the Custom Nike Dunk Competition at All City kicks last weekend? It was totally cool, there were a ton of people out, the shoe designs were great and even though the winning shoes were not my style I really though there were some good designs. I had a hard time choosing between my top faves. (my top fav. was second place) Great job to the All City guys for making a sweet event.

Also congrats to Karissa for SELLING OUT the Wealthy Theater for her Cd release party- that is so awesome, and to LSDudes who had their last show Saturday at Jukes. I will really miss seeing you guys play and I am stoked that I got to catch your last show.

So like, that is it! If you know of something I missed that means you should put me in my place, drop me an email at,, or Check out G-rad…. Check out the Forum!!!! If you want to see or read word with pictures or post comments, check it out online at or you can go to G-rad and then access it through projects….
Thanks for reading all the way down to the very bottom.

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