SEPTEMBER 27, 2007

Howdy Folks!
Wow! This weekend is so crazy, there are just SO many things going on, it is a super weekend to live in GR.

So here we go, Word on the Street September 26th, 2007

On Tuesday September 25th Open Concept gallery Tried to open their doors with a show of new work by local artists Kim Roberts,(rumor has it that when setting up for the Marriott's Grand Opening an underground fire was started which built up pressure underground causing an explosion that propelled several manhole covers airborne! But that is just a rumor.........) So since we weren't able to get our first peak at GR's newest gallery space we should all put their upcoming Panel Discussion, "the power of art?" on our calendars for Wednesday October 10th.

Wednesday/ Thursday
This week there is a special event taking pace at the UICA Film Theater. The movie "Summercamp" is playing tonight (the 26th ) and Thursday the 27th at 7pm both nights and Thursday can meet co-director/ producer Sarah Price. The movie is about just that... summercamp in northern Wisconsin. Thursday night at 27th there is a Q&A after the movie. Tickets are 5$ or less. If you want to check it out online

On Thursday 27th check out the Tide at their CD release Party. They are playing with Farewell Flight, Blue Coat Carosel, and Corenete. Tickets are 7$ Skelletones, South Division below the Euclid!

Friday the 28th!
Start the art events early on Friday afternoon at 3:00 visit Calvin College's campus to attend the roundtable discussion with artist Jon Lowenstein to discuss his body of work "repackaging the American City" images exploring the south side of Chicago. I wasn't given any details as to where to go to participate but I am guessing you could email Joel Zwart head of exhibitions at Calvin and find out all of the glory details. His email is

Then ride your bike over to Veterans Park downtown and join up for Critical Mass, every Fridays at 5:30 they hit the streets of GR riding around trying to raise awareness of bike and bike safety and honestly also to have a nice ride though our great city.

Noir gallery is hosting it's first group show this weekend with "Viva la Femme: Mixed media Photography and Sculpture by celebrated Female artists." The artists include Sandi Gunnett (who is so totally talented and nice) K Carlton, Elizabeth Kellogg, Audry Crambilt and our own favorite Parisian, Elisabeth Vedrine. The exhibit opens on Friday the 28th at 6pm and will continue until 9pm. Noir is located at 15 Ionia.

After the "Viva la Femme" show head over to catch live music with "Tango Folias" at Mexicains Sans Frontieres. Located at 120 S. Division unit 226 (second floor, enter on the street next to Imaginaion Creations or through the rear by walking around the building and up the ramp) From 9-10 there is a tango lesson, don't worry if you don't have a partner there will be willing partners available. At 10 the performance begins with some great Tango... 10$ to get in, BYOwine.

If you plan on heading over to the lake shore on Friday the 28th between 6:30 and 9pm stop into imagine360 gallery and studio in Grand Haven and check out their Fourth Fridays Series, "Art Uncovered". The gallery will be hosting 4 of our own Sanctuary Folk Art artists. Since I am not familiar with Grand Haven I would google the gallery located at 403 Davis St, (49417) also to find out more about Imagine 360 check out Tom D and Melissa (TOM ROBBINS owns some of TOM D and Melissa's work! Tom Robbins is like one of my all time favorite authors, I freaking love him!) will be on display as well as some of Reb's work and artist Patrick Millard. Patrick is originally from Lamont, a lovely little town where they gather maple sap from the trees in the cemetery. So I really like Reb's work, as well as Melissa and Tom D, I don't know Patrick's work but I guess it will make the drive worth it.

Friday September 28th there are three bands playing at the DAAC for just 5$ (WOW say what only 5$, well what a deal!) "lay the Cid", "Midnight Radio", and "Instant Prehistoric"

On the 28th "fight this war" is playing at Skelletones with "refuse to lose", "Young Guns", "Torn Between Arms" and "For All We Know"

Saturday the 29th!
Happy Birthday Baby, I love you!

Saturday morning (the 29th) meet from 10am to 12 noon at Vito's place (like his apartment, 106 S. Division Apt 215) for a little breakfast and chat. The conversation will involve discussions about the Vegtible Festival and No War/ No Warming. They are looking to make connections to the national No War/ No Warming Campaign, and of course begin to discuss this year's Vegtible. ( that is not a spelling error on Vegtible, if you want to know WHY it is spelled that way stop by Vitos on Saturday morning!)

There is "someone else" celebrating a birthday this weekend. Scavenger hunt turns 20! And of course leave it to Suzanne to do it up in STYLE! She is totally rocking out the birthday party and throwing a huge bash at the Intersection. The Super Happy Funtime Burlesque show is taking the stage along with The Last Vegas, and Rocket King. Also there is a chance to win prizes (or would they be birthday gifts?) tickets are only $10. The show starts at 8pm Saturday the 29th. I expect everyone who goes to be dressed in their absolute retro/vintage finest! The burlesque troupe has been practicing some really awesome stuff lately, I think this party will be a super fun (time) extravaganza!

Get your gloves on, strap on the paints, grab a heavy dose of opinion, gear up with a clean apron and prepare for the battle. Art Battle. Saturday night, the 29th, doors at 9pm, the paint begins to fly at 10pm. Artists will be throwing down on 4X4 canvases until 1am when a winner is chosen from your votes. Address to google is 707 Hemlock or check out or email did I mention there is a $500 dollar grand prize?'

Of Course this is also the big Destination 1111 weekend. Saturday night is the 3rd annual Ideal Collective Fashion Show in the loading dock ( a total whose's who and what's cool) I am having problems tracking down the details, I think I deleted the email SO I would suggest checking out the Destination show earlier in the evening on Saturday and then finding out more details about the event. (check out new stuff from Indie Ops!)

On Saturday the 29th at Skelletones check out "Battling This Descent", "Humataria", "beyond all Reckoning" and Cerilia"

Saturday the 29th at 8:30 pm the show at the DAAC includes 3-4 bands, first off "Jenny McIntyre", "Kick Punch" and "Blackberry Winter" bands hit the stage at 8:30 pm.

If you haven't checked out the Fulton Street Artisan's market on Sundays you are missing out. Located in the same space that is normally the farmers Market, the Artists Market will only be around for a few more weeks! Set up around 10 and vendors chill until around 2:30- 3Pm, noon is prime time to check it out. So go down and say hello to Nikki Mac for me!

Next Tuesday night catch the Artists Salon at Rocky's bar. (that would be the 2nd of October) Newly local artist Randall Gornowich will be showing images of Latin and South American including images of and Oaxaca Student protest, Lucha Libre all the way to Paraguay. Of course you are welcome to being a piece or two of your own or you can come and check out what Randall has to offer. I would say being some bucks for beer and head down for a good time, a bit of art, and some camaraderie, around 9pm is my suggestion.

Tuesday night at the DAAC, three bands for 5$! "Video Hippos" are playing with "A Tundra", and "REDTOM"

Ok now a little enrichment and context.

Vito is starting up a "live Figure Drawing Series at his place. 106 S. Division Unit 215, they begin on Monday October 1st at 6 and run until 7:30 through the end of the month. You being your own supplies and donate 5$ for the cost of the model. I really did this part of Derricks description " what else (to expect) flexible drawing painting concepts, social interaction, wine, optional critiques/instruction, the joy and agony of making art" If you are interested and want to find out more about the sessions call Derrick at 454 4723 or email him at

Opportunity! Submit!
I just ran across the website for New American Paintings and I do declare I think Mr Adam Wholpa (Calvin Professor) is featured in a 2001 issue. I am assuming there aren't all that many Wholpa's in the world but I could be wrong... never the less, pretty inspiring, and they are doing a call for entries right now so I am sure we have some people in GR who are talented enough, check out their website at

Opportunity! ACCESS Of West Michigan is celebrating their 25th birthday linking resources with human needs and working to eliminate poverty in Kent County. On October 18th they will host their 25th Anniversary Celebration at Calvin College and they are looking for artists who are willing to donate their work to be auctioned off at the event. the proceeds will meet and emergency need for a local family. Donations need to be dropped off at the ACCESS office at 75o First Street NW no later then Friday October 25th. they would also like watch artist to provide a paragraph of information about themselves and a business card or contact information. If you have Questions email or call her at 774 2175.

Donate! Totally different cause, totally looking for art to make a cool event. On Thursday October 4th the New Urban Leaders will be hosting a fundraiser for Ruth Kelly called Rockin the Boardwalk, and there are a whole bunch of young hipsters on board to make sure the event is pretty cool. But if you would like to support Ruth's Campagin by donating a piece you need to contact Cassie at
Drop her a line today because I was totally late in receiving this email and the registration deadline is past.

Congratulations to GVSU graduate Ian M. he was hired by APPLE (yes as in Apple computers) to do graphic design work..... yeah that is pretty huge and awesome and congrats Ian, we are all really happy for you.

Good luck to Nicole Houghtaling, she is a finalist in the Rotary Club Flag Design Contest!

You know the deal If you know of something I missed that means you should put me in my place, drop me an email at,, or Check out G-rad.... Check out the Forum!!!! If you want to see or read word with pictures or post comments, check it out online at or you can go to G-rad and then access it through projects....
Thanks for reading all the way down to the very bottom.

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