OCTOBER 3, 2007

Hello! Hello! Hello!
To all of the coolest people in Grand Rapids:
The great weekends just keep rolling on...... This weekend there is an excitement in the air (or is that fall?) Put it on your calendar, next weekend is the FALL FOR THE ARTS along South Division, there should be some really great stuff going on so be ready to check it out. will someone drop me an email and let me know how the Destination 1111 show was last weekend? I had to be out of town and didn't get a chance to check it out.

Word on the Street for October 3, 2007

There are some movies playing at the UICA this weekend that sound really good. The First is "the Golden Door", immigrants come to America by boat fall in love and then get to the us, romantic Fable of Sorts, The descriptions sounds right up my alley, it is showing Tonight (Wednesday) at 5pm and Tomorrow night at 5pm and 9pm.
Then Friday "This is England" is playing for one night only at 7pm. This movie sounds way more messed up. Kid meets skinheads they become friends mischief and mayhem ensue. (is it still considered mischief if you are a skinhead?)

This week a new show opens at the Kendall gallery featuring Doug Bucci (metalwork and jewelry) and Gabriel Romeu (furnature) Show deals with Diabetes (bucci) and a multitude of artistic and manufacturing disciplines. To tell you the truth I am wondering if the work will really go together so I guess I will have to go and check it out and see how the show is put together. Anyhow stop by and see for yourself. Daily until 5pm

I think that this is what all of the excitement in the air is about... that smell, that is new construction, and that noise is people talking about how LOVELY the new GRAM is and oh that other noise, those are scissors cutting the ribbon on October 4th at 5pm. Get your year memberships, the building is SSSSOOOOOO Flipping cool I really dig it. And then after that sound you can relax and enjoy a celebration concert until 7:30.

On Thursday night from 6:30 until 900pm the Young Urban Leaders are inviting you to come and ROCK the BOARDWALK as a fundraiser to elect Ruth Kelly as 2nd ward City Commissioner. PIZZA! Art for SALE! Local musical groups including Ben Hunter, Wazobia and Jesse McIntosh! Awesome Josh D. is running sound. JD Reardons is located at 920 Monroe and it is 20$ to get in (it is a fund raiser!)

On Thursday night the Grand Rapids Micro Cinema is playing "Sir No Sir" at 8 pm for FREE!

Thursday night still the 4th, at Skelletones catch a Grand Haven Indie pop band "the Fabulous along with "Blackberry Winter" and "Death by Dancing" at "the Advent" release party! Skelletones is located below the Euclid on South Division by Cherry.

Thursday Thursday Thursday! (the 4th) there is an Open House of The Meanwhile over on Wealthy as part of the Autumn Stroll which means you can come down and visit all of the businesses along the newly renovated street scape. Super Awesome almost Open! The Autumn Stroll is from 4-8pm between Union and Fuller on Wealthy!

Ok what is up next? beginning on Thursday the 4th and running until Sunday the 7th "Women with Brain Death" is going on at the Wealthy Theater, although I hate the name I like the description "Tackling subjects form Genuine press on nails to Barbie and ken with Detours though a forest where Bambi meets Rambo and severed heads from aging prom queens have a chatty after life decapitation." With most decapitation a little hilarity must follow, does it get any more knee slapping then that?! Show starts each night at 8pm Doors at 7 admission is 22$

On Friday the 5th I found a listing for Todd Wozniak at Gallery Noir from 12pm to 5pm. It is just weird enough to be true. So if you know Todd or want to meet him this might be your chance. Todd it a total mudder, ceramics and clay all the way.

Friday night from 5-9pm the GRAM is holding its first Friday Nights at GRAM, I would guess it will be totally packed, and so FUN! The doors open at 5 and the place stays open until 9pm. Guest Artist Christopher Carter will lecture about his work Totemic Poles at 6 Pm with a performance from the Jim Cooper Quartet to follow. SO Awesome! And the weather is supposed to be lovely!

On the 5th (Friday) Skelletones will be hosting "those Dying Words", "Void", "Burn the Sky", "Eternal Covenenat" and "the Crowned Virgin" Sounds like a Mirimax Queen Elizabeth movie.

Across the street on Friday night you can check out the newest Avenue for the Arts space "Music and Movement" at their first Butoh Benefit, Corey and Rachel will be off to New York in a few months but they need to raise the funds to go (Rachel is in a national Butoh showcase) so there is a suggested Donation of 5$ BYOB! The show starts at 8pm! The space is located at 120 South Division, Street level in between Capsule and Imagination Creations.

Friday night October 5th swing by the DAAC to check out a band straight out of New York, "Paleo" along with "ribbons of Song" and "baT baby". The DAAC is located at 115 South Division!

If you want to catch Winnie Cooper Friday night, they are playing with "the Helio Sequence" and "Crash City Saints" beginning at 9PM! There is probably a cover but I am guessing it is about 5$ 1359 Plainfield!

OOOHH this weekend is Pulaski Days (did I spell it right this year?) anyhow there are so many halls participating, you can get eats (yuummmm perogies), dance a polka and of course get rowdy drunk, Check out the events at Diamond Hall, Little Hall and Northeast Post (all on Michigan) or go Westside with Sons and Daughters, Vvtutus, St. George's Hall, K of C Hall, Sixth Street Hall, Fifth Street Hall, Jackson Street hall, Lexicon Club or the Polish Falcons. There is also the Laddies hall and Koscuisko hall. Festivities Start on Friday at noon. DID you know that Pulaski days is all weekend? Did you know there is a parade on Saturday? Starts at 11am on the Westside. I would say stand in front of one of the halls on a main street and you will see it.

On Saturday morning throw in a hand to clean up the Grand River, beginning at 10 am at the 6th Street Park over the last three years they have removed over 15 tons of trash... is that outrageous or what! 15 tons is so much trash! Bags, gloves, snacks, t-shirts and pizza will be supplied, plan on being there until 12:00 noon.

Or another great thing to do on Saturday (6th) morning is check out the Grand Rapids Wheelman Bike Club, this year the Wheelman club has raised over $80,000 for MADD and other organizations though their charity tours. as they eat some pancakes and ride though Fallasburg County Park. They get kicked off early at 8am and then ride. Check out their website at http://www.lmb.org/rapidwheels/Colorburst/colorburst.htm
Also they are looking for a photographer to document the event, if you are interested call Josh Duggan at 295-1154 (Josh is super great and a delight to work with)

And on Saturday October 6th at 12pm at FOODSMITH (120 South Division across from the DAAC and Scavenger Hunt) the Annual DAAC meeting will be taking place! And we are looking for new members! So if you are interested in becoming a new member stop by because it is a great time to get involved with the DAAC.

Oh Kay! Tiger Passion CD release party is Saturday night the 6th beginning at 8 pm you can catch them with Spouse Killer rocking down at the Wiskey Lounge (located at 1044 Godfey!

"Attention Span"," the Hydrants", "Hit and Run", and "City Train &A Time Bomb" will be taking over Skelletones on Saturday night.

Or maybe you want to catch "Winnie Cooper" on Saturday night? They are playing with the "Mighty narwhale" and "David Bleckley" at Founders Brewery. David is fresh back to town after some overseas adventures, everyone loves the Narwhale and I have friends who have NEVER MISSED a Winnie Cooper show! NEVERMISSED, that is pretty impressive, and admission is only 4$ See you there! 648 Monroe NW.

Get ready to register for the 2007 UICA Annual Holiday market (this is like the 19th in a row) the applications are due on the 12th of October Download your application at www.uica.org, also the fee is 40$ BUT it is waived if you are a member of the UICA, AND the UICA membership is only 40$ for a year so... UH DUH kinda makes sense to become a member and then apply. The Show is November 30th and December 1st

And this one is a good one. Fredrik Meijer Gardens is accepting entries from West Michigan artists for the The Loeschner Annual Art Competition. The work must be inspired by the Meijer Gardens, there is a $1,000 winning entry and then your piece becomes a part of the permanent collection. Applications must include résumé digital images or slides of the artwork and the application form. You can download a form at www.meijergardens.org and if you want more information contact Rick Jensen at 975 3155, tell him that Jenn Sent you. The deadline is November 5th 2007

SHOW SOME LOVE! Herm needs you to show your love for Vertigo, so go in (like this weekend), buy a CD, tell Herm How much you love the store and NEVER FORGET how awesome it is that vertigo exists to help support local music. (BUT also remember it can't exist without OUR support) So I am thinking a little cd buying is in my future.

So I just wanted to include a little shout out to the Spectrum Health emergency room over off of Wealthy, last night Mr. Man and I had to go in to get a little piece of metal removed form his eye and they were A. Prompt, which was super great! B. all really friendly and awesome. And C. Fast! We were in a room within 5 minutes and out within an hour, so I just wanted to say it was the best emergency room visit of my life and thanks to their great staff!

You know the deal If you know of something I missed then tell me WHAT IS UP!, drop me an email at wordonthestreetgr@hotmail.com, ioniastreetmarket@hotmail.com, or jennschaub@hotmail.com.. Check out G-rad.... Check out the Forum!!!! If you want to see or read word with pictures or post comments, check it out online at http://www.g-rad.org/projects/wordonthestreet/ or you can go to G-rad http://www.g-rad.org/ and then access it through projects....
Thanks for reading all the way down to the very bottom.

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