OCTOBER 11, 2007

Why Hello!
How are ya'll?
After a slightly hectic week it feels good to check in with everyone and let you know what is going on this weekend. Friday night the Avenue (division Avenue) is where it is at! Check out "Fall for the Arts" on Friday. And on Saturday there are like 10 hot events to choose from. Maybe you have noticed but the weather actually has begun to feel like fall, which means I get to drag out my fall wardrobe (all of my favorite cloths).
I hope to see you out and about this weekend!

Word on the Street October 10th, 2007

Thursday-day October 11th beginning at 12noon the south east area Farmers market (corner of Franklin and Fuller) is hosting the Fried Green Tomato Festival as a celebration of food and community health. Fried green tomato tasting begins at 2 and lasts until 6 with chef demonstrations, kids crafts and a green tomato recipe contest. Goes until 6pm.

Thursday night at 120 S. Division there is a Jazz performance by Thollem Mcdonas & Joel Peterson beginning at 8pm, Hosted by Mexicains Sans Frontieres and Hugo Claudin 10$ entry Fee, BYOB - Unit 226 Second Floor, above Imagination Creations I have ot mention that Hugo has been hosting some really cool events lately and I am sure this will be no exception to the rule.

Last weekend was Pulaski days, this weekend join the Edelweiss club for Grand Rapids Oktoberfest, on both Friday and Saturday! Beer tent, German food, alpenhorn musicians, oom-pah, Edelweiss Choir, Sailors Ahoy Choir, and polka bands ( I didn't know that oom-pah was an actual style of music!) If you are interested in getting a complete schedule check out www.octoberfestwestmichigan.com, or head over John Ball Park between 12 Pm and 11pm.

I also wanted to invite everyone to a show opening up in Fremont Michigan, I know it is a bit of a drive but Friday night beginning at 5pm and going until 7pm there is an opening for "Scratching the Surface" featuring Local Gr printmaker, Alynn Guerra, Bridgeton Artist Jason VanDeusen and MYSELF! Yeah that is right, I, Jenn, make artwork. Prints in fact. So I invite you to join me in Fremont Arts Place which is the NCCA's Gallery from 5 until 7 to see some of my new work. The website for an address is http://www.ncca-artsplace.org/calendar.htm after the opening I will be headed back to GR because .......

The Avenue for the Arts is holding its annual Fall for the Arts gallery, studio and shop hop on Friday October 12th from 6-11pm! Located along South Division the Avenue of the Arts, includes both local businesses and the artists' live/work spaces located at 106-120 and 235 S. Division. With over 20 shops and studios to visit and so many things to see you may want to spend the whole evening checking out art and shopping local businesses. Maps of the event will be available Friday morning October 12th at Sanctuary Folk Art, All City Kicks and Scavenger Hunt Clothing.

As part of the Fall for the Arts here is a listing of special events and promotions for the evening.

(106) South Division Gallery owned and operated by Calvin College's Department of Art and Art History. Reception for "Forest and Family: Contemporary Images of Ghana - Photography by David A. Hoekema" honoring Ga District Sister City with music and food from West Africa. Proceeds from the sale of photographs will benefit Grand Rapids-Accra exchange programs in education and ecumenical cooperation. -Ground Floor Friday October 12th from 6-11pm

106 S Division- Featuring the work of Allison Huyck, Michele Kleinhenz, graduates of the GVSU Photography Department and JoAnna Papaleo, showing a series of self portraits. Hosted by Fouad Catrib. -Unit #216 Second Floor Friday October 12th from 6-11pm

106 South Division-Derrick Hollowell invites you to check out new paintings and music. -Unit # 215 Second Floor Friday October 12th from 6-11pm

106 South Division- This third floor space will be introducing new photos from recently relocated photographers Amber Woolsey and Ryan Pavlovich.-Unit #312 Third Floor Friday October 12th from 6-11pm

111 South Division- Window fronts Kendall College of Art and Design alternative show space. - Street Level Friday October 12th from 6-11pm

115 South Division 7pm at the DAAC, a hip hop show featuring the "Wisemen", "Zhao Ski", "Altaire", "J.Intellect" and "DJ Collectives." -Street Level Friday October 12th from 6-11pm

117 South Division- Scavenger Hunt Clothing will have extended business hours, stop by and pick up that perfect Halloween outfit piece.-Street Level Friday October 12th from 6-11pm

120 South Division- Spacecraft invites you to check out new goods including the Grand Rapids premier of MR. Moustache as well as new created products by local artists Sarah jo, Art Goodies, Sally England Designs, Teamwork T-shirts and Ericka Jane! Hosted by Sally England & Nick Stockton. -Unit #125 Street Level Friday October 12th from 6-11pm

120 South Division- Located at Mexicains Sans Frontieres features new oil paintings by Hugo Claudin and Eric Pichardo. -Unit #226 Second Floor Friday October 12th from 6-11pm

120 South Division- Local painter Bill Taylor opens his doors in an open Studio event with new paintings and recent works. -Unit# 225 Second Floor Friday October 12th from 6-11pm

120 South Division- Prints and other work for sale by Mike Guyette and Joel Berry, and a special performance by "Clive," a New band featuring Mike Guyette, Josh Knopp, and Brandon Labelle at 9:00 PM.-Unit #223 Second Floor, entry around back. Friday October 12th from 6-11pm

120 South Division- Foodsmith Catering and Café, A great place to grab a cuppacoffe, freashly brewed tea, or a snack. -Street Level Friday October 12th from 6-11pm

129 South Division- Vertigo Music, all the best music on vinyl or cd, with extended business hours. -Street Level Friday October 12th from 6-11pm

133 South Division- The Euclid, for coffee, for soda, for frothy crazy cappuccino drinks. -Street Level Friday October 12th from 6-11pm

133 South Division, below the Euclid, at Skelletones six bands beginning at 6pm featuring, As Angels Mourn, Battling this Descent, Of Choir and Chaos, Bullfights In Tijuana, Vile Asphyxiation and Ridgemoor. Friday October 12th

136 South Division- Capsule Gallery will feature Graffiti art by Matt (Dusa) Wyatt and Chip Wardell (Tier 2). -Street Level Friday October 12th from 6-11pm

139 South Division- All City Kicks sporting the coolest in fall fashions for the hip including both clothing and shoes. Friday October 12th from 6-11pm

140 South Division- Sanctuary Folk art will be open with one of the largest collections of intuitive artists represented in Michigan. -Street Level Friday October 12th from 6-11pm

235 South Division -"Visions beyond art" featuring live glass blowing, air brushing, and live music. Glasswork and assorted art for sale, hosted by Bill Kirk and Joe Sherry. -Unit #111 Street Level

333 South Division Kendall College of Art and Design alternative show space. - Street Level Friday October 12th from 6-11pm

341 South Division Kendall College of Art and Design alternative show space. - Street Level Friday October 12th from 6-11pm

250 Commerce Ave. S.W.-Bethlehem Church, Featuring, Steve Talaga with Mind's Eye (modern jazz) Hosted by MAJIC (Musical Arts for Justice in the Community) Concert Series, A ministry of Bethlehem Church www.blc-grmi.org Free with Suggested Donation of $10 7:00pm

and that is about it for the "Fall for the Arts Event" I can't imagine that you won't find something that suites your interest.

There are some other things of note on Friday night, at 410 Webster (also know as the Mall) there is a punk show featuring 3 Midwest bands, Check out "off with their Heads", "Traffic and Weather" and "Vietnam Werewolf" show starts at 7pm, only 5 bucks to get in.

I am hoping you got a chance to check out the GRAM last week if so you got to see their permanent collection as well as "A Faithful Eye Modern and Contemporary Art from the Netherlands" which was a pretty cool show looking at the work of modern and contemporary Dutch art, primarily painting. If not Friday night is a great time to visit the Museum, see the show and check out the space ( the museum is LOVELY!) 101 Monroe Center (right smack dab downtown)

I really dig these classes that Blanford is putting on Saturday mornings, This Saturday the 13th at 9am you can check out "Rustic Cures for Urban Dwellers: Medicinal uses of plants" learn how to properly make tea decoctions, tinctures and other medicines for curing poison ivy, treating bug bites and other natural cures. Starts at 9AM!

Saturday October 13th 2007 at the Microcinema at 2pm you can catch the improve and Sketch Comedy of Notable Sawyer with stand up by EJ

Also on Saturday night ....
Here is a great drive for another color tour. On October 13th, at 7:30 pm in Howard City at the Great Northern Hall (Gettingpicky Music Hall) you can catch out Nobody's Darlin' playing in support of the Phoenix Society for burn Survivors. The hall is located downtown Howard city, about a block past Steelheads (my suggestion for dinner before or after the show) Tickets are 10$ at Schulers, and 15$ at the door kids 15 and under get in free. It is the kids 15 and under free policy that makes the Great Northern Hall such a cool place to see a show because it will be a full house with a ton of age variety, old timers sitting with their kids and their kids-kids, lots of kids play outside before and after the shows. It is super cool small town fun. Google for directions ( 230 E. Edgerton Howard City Mi.)

Since we are all getting ready for the spooky season I am sure you have started to think about your Halloween costume... so if you want to get together and work on your idea with a group of crafty witches (or zombies, or warlocks) then fly on over to Nest this weekend on Saturday the 13th 7:00Pm for a little Halloween costume making party. Nest is located on Lyon right around the corner from Martha's

Grand Raggidy Rollers Girls are going to be taking on the Sin City Neanderdolls Saturday night! Rolling and Brawling I think this is one of the first times the girls have taken on an outside crew on GR soil. Time to show them what your made of girls! Doors at 6pm, bout at 7pm, tickets are $10 in advance and $15 at the door. The bout is at the DeltaPlex so parking is an additional $3!

So I don't know anything about "yo la Tengo" and I don't know if they are any good but they are notable this week for two reasons, the first is because they are playing at Calvin and I overhead some people talking about it... excitedly, and second because I found out their new CD is called " I am not afraid of you and I Will Beat Your Ass" and I think that is totally hilarious, So tickets are $10 and Calvin id (time to whip out that fake Calvin id you made this summer and clean the dust off of it, because it is $20 for the rest of us sad folk. Show starts at 8pm at the FAC (this is Calvin lingo and I am not sure what the FAC is but I am sure you can figure it out once you are on campus) Saturday night!

if there aren't enough great options tonight! "the Concussions" are playing tonight at an outdoor beer party at the corner of 4th and Stocking in front of the Monarch Club, which is one of the new west side bars, and one of the better, more off the beaten path west side bars at that. They are starting at 8:15.

OR the 13th head back to The Mall (410 Webster) for a show featuring "Loaded for Bear" and "Religious SS Disorder" Grindcore punk show, it is rumored there will be a few more bands showing up but those are TBA. Again 7pm, 5bucks.

OR Saturday the 13th beginning at 8pm the DAAC is having this crazy show with 5 bands from all over "the Winks" are from Montreal, "Phosphorescent" is from New York, "the Funz " is out fo Scotland "Breath Owl Breathe" is Michigan and lastly "peter the Wolf" is based in California. It is only 6$ and why not make a great impression that Michigan is a super place to visit?

Saturday night beginning at 6:30 pm there is an interesting show at Café Solace, and I have to say it sounds as though it should be a bit more lively then their normal band set up. "The Judy Show" features impressionist Michael Holmes as a Judy Garland inspired "one women" show. Even though it begins earlier then I prefer it still sounds quarky and interesting. Café Solice is located on the corner of Monroe and South Division, at 40 Monroe.

OR Saturday night back at the Microcinema, 8pm catch Evil Dead 2 and other gory shorts, the movies are free and it should get you in the Halloween mood.

The Fredrik Meijer Gardens is hosting a retrospective of artist George Rickey's kinetic sculptures. (kinetic means they move, and I am guessing from what other work of his I have seen they probably move in relation to the wind) remember the Gardens are different then most museums they close at 5pm so that is why this is a great thing to do on Sunday afternoon from 12 until 5pm.

On Monday night from 6-8pm get in the groove and DRAW with at Vito's Place, 106 S. Division unit 215, (buzzer is located next to the glass entryway. You bring supplies and $5 Vito supplies the artist, the space and a great vibe. If you want to rsvp call 454 4723

Tuesday nights get ready to chill starting on October 16th at Rocky's Tavern (located at 650 Ottawa) check out "the Rare Groove" No cover, eclectic sounds with Guest Dj's .50 cent wings, pool, darts, and "old skool brews" are just 1$. Hosted by our very own Vito!

I got to attend a Young Nonprofit Professionals Network meeting today, and it could end up being something really cool (the alternative is that it could really suck) and of course as the group is just getting started they are looking for people who might be interested. SO if you might be interested let me know and I will add your name to my recommendations list. The national Website is not to awesome but the local chapter has a lot of potential. Check out the website at http://www.ynpn.org/

Congratulations! to Kelly Allen for the great coverage in Rapid Growth e-news this week. If you guys don't already get it Rapid Growth is a pretty good e-news letter that covers all the good stuff going on in and around GR. And the pics of Kelly' and Jay's house are cool along with a look at their new clothing line Heebeegeebees. Check it out at www.rapidgrowthmedia.com

You know the deal If you know of something I missed that means you should have dropped me an email so keep that in mind for next time and email me at wordonthestreetgr@hotmail.com, ioniastreetmarket@hotmail.com, or jennschaub@hotmail.com.. Check out G-rad.... Check out the Forum!!!! If you want to see or read word with pictures or post comments, check it out online at http://www.g-rad.org/projects/wordonthestreet/ or you can go to G-rad http://www.g-rad.org/ and then access it through projects....
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