OCTOBER 17, 2007

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This weekend you can really tell it is fall. Fall events abound and there are some cool weather friendly events that I am pretty happy to report. So get out get active and enjoy your city. By the way I am working on a major restructuring of Word, you may find over the next week that I am switching email addresses on you, or you may fall off the list. If this happens please email me and I will reinstate you. Also if you have friends or family that you think would like word send their email address my way, now is the time to get them into the loop, ear to the ground or tell them about the.........

Word on the Street October 17th, 2007.

October 18th (Thursday)
The YWCA is featuring the Grand Rapids Women's Chorus and Ngozi Eze the Nigerian country Director for Women for Women, on Thursday night at 6:30 pm at the YWCA. The event is a benefit for the Women Survivors of War, however it is free so take some cash incase they pass the hat.

On Thursday night form 6-9pm catch "A Fancy landscape" new work by Eric Pichardo opening at Accents Gallery and Supplies, the space is at 1054 West Fulton, the show opens this week and if you want directions or more info call 233 8320.

I was so trying to think of a great pun for this one but I don't think it will be all that good,... something about catching the BUZZ? The Beehive Design Collective lecture at the UICA takes place on Thursday night (the 18th) at 7:30 pm/ the lecture is free the collective is a volunteer driven political arts organization based in main. I have heard a bit about this group, at one point there was a great interview on NPR about them but the description of what they do is a bit complex so let me lay it on you. " The beehive design collective is a non-profit, volunteer-Driven, Political-arts Organization based in eastern Maine. The Group use the creation of images as a means of deconstructing and educating the public about complex geopolitical issues. The bees generate collaborative hand illustrated posters of dizzying intricacy based on the stories related to them during their travels." Whoah! Cool. So check them out I am going to try and make it down.

This Whole Weekend... (Friday Saturday and Sunday)
Poker slang, chips, cards, groups of men (and some women) huddled around tables, the sound of shuffling. That is right it is time for another POKER Tournament at the Westgate bowling Alley, to benefit the Dwelling Place of Grand Rapids neighborhood Revitalization Department. And we are going to be there ALL WEEKEND LONG! So poker face, belly up and buy some chips. Tournaments start at 7 Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. Sunday it starts at 1pm. (Hours include Thursday form 5pm to 1am, Friday 5pm to 2 am, Saturday 1pm to 2 am (yes that is a whole 13 hours of poker madness!, and then in Sunday afternoon from 12pm to 10pm.) see you then!

I love Can-Can, have ever since I was a kid. It is so fun and peak-a-boo sexy and kinda raucous, and who doesn't like it? So this weekend from the 19th (Friday) to the 21 (Sunday) you can check out the Can-Can with the GR Ballet and the Symphony. Begins at 7:30 Pm at the DeVos Perfomance Hall, call ahead for tickets.

October 19th (Friday)
On Friday night at around 5pm head to the GR Art Museum to enjoy a presentation from the local event legend, Erwin Erkfitz. A short Jenn Version bio of Erwin would read, " His appetite to create increasingly innovative and fun events have helped to shape grand Rapids as a place where the art opening is no longer just something to do in between dinner and drinks. Those Grand Rapids events coordinated by Mr. Erkfitz have redefined the art opening as an interactive multi genera experience. At the same time Erwin has managed to create bodies of his own work including Indie Ops Clothing, 2-d urban inspired mixed media, video collaborations and through his talents as a graphic designer had defined the image of many emerging local businesses." But I would bet in his presentation he will cover a whole lot more then that with pictures to boot! So see you there Friday night!

On Friday night the 19th at 14 Williams (right off of South Division across from the Goodwill parking lot) catch a new show of work by Jason Christensen. The work is a series of large paintings and photos examining the post Katrina catastrophe that is New Orleans. I would say show up around 8pm and you will get there at the perfect time. FLUX Gallery!

This Friday at Skelletones check out Bradley Hathaway, Come find the Lion, the Skies Revolt and Harlequin Fever, tickets are 8$ for this one kids, also in case you haven't visited Skelletones lately I would suggest stopping in but I would note it is a younger all ages scene.

I thought this was cool (because it is always cool to support a good Charity) the Mental Health Foundation of West Michigan is hosting an Art Show and Auction featuring artists who have personally suffered from a treatable brain disorder. Silent auction at 5:30, dinner at 7pm and a live auction at 8:00pm. Although I find it odd that one of their promo points is a special guest appearance by Eric Hipple, (former Detroit Lion Quarterback) Weird. Cause it is for charity tickets are 80$ each or you can get a table for ten at a rate of $750. Taking place at Saint Nicholas Cultural Center located at 2250 East Paris. Call 459 4212 for more info.

October 20th (Saturday)
I wasn't sure about this one because I have never gone but I guess the Grandville Fall Harvest fest Craft Show is taking place this Saturday the 20th there are 120 Artisan, Crafter and vendor booths running from 9am to 3pm. Location you ask? Grandville High School 4700 Canal Street Grandville (google it!)

I love weird conventions and this one sounds great. The Deltaplex will be opening its doors at 9am on Saturday for the "Midwest Ferret Fellowship Faire" THERE IS A COSTUME CONTEST! Seriously and Ferret games ( I don't know if they are games for your ferret or games about ferrets but that is awesome. And the special guests are involved with crating the book Ferrets for Dummies. They have a website as well. www.midwestferretfellowship.org I wish the website had more pictures. If Ferrets are your thing this weekend is going to ROCK!

Saturday afternoon the Grand Raggidy Roller Girls are looking to take the show to Las Vegas and once again thrash the Sin City derby team. They leave on the 10th of November and this weekend are doing a little fundraising to help out with expenses. So BOWL for the ROLLer girls. Admission is only $12 for adults and 410 for kids, which included 3 games, shoes and food. The event begins at 12pm ends at 4 and takes pace at the Fairlanes Bowling Alley.

This might be one of the best Burlesque shows all year on Saturday night for 10$ at the Wealthy Theater the Super Happy Funtime Burlesque show is going to take a few moments to reflect on the great films that define horror. I have been hearing them practicing the musical score and without giving anything away can safely say it will be SO Fun.

On Saturday night there is a benefit show at the DAAC. Proceeds go towards the DAAC and the Film. "From the Back of the Room" a film about women in punk and hardcore. The benefit will be plaid by "Barren", "Fuck this", "Religious ss Disorder", "Jesus Crisis", and "HIV "the show is only 6$ and starts at 7pm.

Saturday the 20th at founders beginning at 9pm the amazing entertaining Chance Jones band will be taking the stage with the talented hypnotic Paucity. It is only 5$ to get in, grab a pint and a chair cause you know it is going to be a great show.

On Saturday night there are two bands playing at Skelletones "Bones of Dowry" and Corrosive Kids, along with other bands TBA (this means To Be Announced) so it is kind of a surprise show.

This weekend the Micro Cinema is showing "We Own the World" for free. We own the world is actually a lecture by Noam Chomsky and organizers hope it will be a conversation starter. The film and social political discussion begin at 8pm.

The MEANWHILE is here to stay! This weekend marks the first weekend of the newly opened-long awaited- going to be super packed- everybody has been waiting for years- awesomeness of the Meanwhile bar. Local organizers and celebrities open the bar after YEARS of pulling it all together. And we are all so excited. So Saturday night head on down, meet the new staff, enjoy the great atmosphere. We are all so freaking stoked! I will be going first chance I get to socialize next week!

October 21(Sunday)
Sunday night at Mexicains Sans Frontieres, Scout Niblett, Panther and Cains and Abels. The show is 8$ all ages, I know there are people coming from across the state to see the show because I have been getting random emails from this aggressive fan in Ann Arbor who is REALLY looking forward to the show. 120 S. Division #226 (enter around the back!)

this is SO Awesome! You read the thing earlier about Erwin's Presentation? Well it turns out that the GRAM is looking for local artists who are interested in presenting their work. The idea is to seek those that have recently graduated from a graduate program or are at the senior level of school (you are working on your senior show) to present a 30 minute PowerPoint presentation of your work followed by 15 minutes for questions. They will be using the Cook Auditorium which is really lovely, and they will be simulcast into the lobby area on a large screen. Interested artists should send an artist's statement and 10 jpegs of their work to Cassidy Van Woert at events@gr-artmuseum.org How Freaking COOL is that! I think this is such a cool opportunity it is awesome.

Have you ever worked with an intern? I would ask you that in the same dreamy voice that I would say, have you ever had toasted coconut ice cream? And then you would realize if you hadn't ever had toasted coconut ice cream or worked with an intern you were obviously missing out on something great. So if you run an arts related business or are an artist and would like an intern Artworks is looking to find excited arts interested youngsters to help you out. The intern would start in January and go through May, BUT as an organization you have to apply for an intern within the next 2 weeks! I do not suggest interns for people who do not like teaching. Part of the reciprocal relationship between the intern and the "employer" is the learning experience. But if you like the idea of Multitasking at its most refined interns are for you. If you have questions call Becca at 454 7000 extension 12.

Mind your Manners!
Just a reminder, when someone gives you a present it is rude to tell them you don't like it and take it directly to Goodwill. Bite your tongue, sit on it for a while put it in a cupboard and then take it to Goodwill in a year. It hurts the person who gave the gift if you tell them it sucks. And it means you will probably not be getting any presents again any time soon.

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