NOVEMBER 9, 2007

Hello Kids!
And we are totally back into the swing of things, this week there is a bunch of stuff going on and I am pretty excited to help spread the word, So with no more ado, here is

The Word on the Street for November 7th

Wednesday night at the UICA the Visiting Artist Committee is hosting Kevin Tavin, the rundown is he is a Theorist on Visual Culture and has been specifically writing about the world of images since 9-11. SO this is a THINK night. The lecture starts at 7:30 and it is FREE! (you know the person is going to get theoretical on you when they use the word pedagogy, it is one of my sisters favorites)

Wednesday the 7th, at Skelletones they are having a special Wednesday night show with "Farewell Flight", "The Tide" , "Snowdays" , "and "Blackberry Winter" tickets are 8$ doors are at 7pm.

Thursday night the 8th at 7pm at the DAAC (115 South Division) join Grand Rapids Micro Cinema for a screening of "Reel Bad Arabs" a look at how Hollywood has vilified a people. Kind of an awkward description but you get the idea! The event is free but they are taking donations for the DAAC. So turn your analytical brain on and get ready to watch.

Thursday night the 8th at Skelletones check out "Sick of it all", "Down To Nothing", "Viva Hate" and "refuse to lose" tickets are $15 and available at Vertigo and the Euclid, this is a pretty big show and they are definitely saying buy in advance. Doors are at 6pm.

FRIDAY! (Friday is SOOOOO Busy!)
Friday night at 5:30 I would suggest you meet at Calvin, there will be a group from U of M. Once they climb out of their big orange van you may get to see a very large bird, several acrobats, some thespians and a few musicians. They will begin a parade route leading from the 106 parking lot north on South Division and then west on Monroe Center, the group "On the Road" has issues an open invitation to all of YOU to come and meet them or join the crew. They will end in Rosa Parks Circle outside the Museum.

Coincidentally in Rosa Parks Circle will already be abuzz with activity, beginning at 4:30 pm there will be an experimental live postmodern reproduction of the following Masterworks "A Sunday afternoon on the Island of Grand Jatte", " American Gothic", " Dejeuner sus l'herbe", that spitting fountain in Chicago be Jaume Plensa and Grand Rapids Calder! They should be hanging out until about 6pmish Of course the other cool thing about Friday downtown is that you would naturally be headed to Friday night at the GRAM. The Featured artist lecture this week is Kulapat Yantrasat the design architect for the building. He begins at 5:30 and it is only 4$ to get in.

Afterward the GRAM head back to the Avenue for the Arts (South Division) and over to Mexicains Sans Frontieres located at 120 South Division unit 226. The performance for the Night are the Fantastic Merlins featuring Nathan Hanson, Jaqueline Ferrier brian Roessler and Fredrico Ughi. The show is $10 but it is open to all ages and begins at 8pm for more information contact Hugo Claudin
Friday night at The Photography Room (on Ionia next to Bar Davani) check out some photos by Rick DeVos, the show is open from 5:30 to 8:00pm.
Friday night you can check out some truly fresh films at Compass Film Academy. Students will be premiering their thesis projects and I believe this is free to the public. Since this is a first time showing for these films it doesn't get any more fresh then that. Doors at 6:30 movies at 7pm. I would expect to see some pretty interesting stuff.

Friday November 9th at 7:oo pm at the DAAC there is a potluck show! (this means bring a dish to pass) actual music starts at 8pm. I have heard that the DAAC potluck shows are really great because people bring super killer food. The bands are equally as good with "Victor! Fix the sun", "Native", "Them Roaring Twenties"," Their Teeth will be of Lions" and "the Skies Revolt" those last two bands tie for best band names of the week. 5$ gets you in the door (dinner and a show!)

The Breakroom on Friday night is host to 4 bands including the ever weekend popular "Winnie Cooper", "Left Hand Daisy","13 step Group" and the iconic "Mick Nasty & the Confessionals" Starts at 9pm Breakroom is located at 1359 Plainfield about 2 blocks from Leonard.

Performer Gary Morrison will be putting on his play "hi, I'm Ernie Pyle to benefit the Alliance Grancaise west Michigan Chapter. The show is $10, the location is Fenian's Irish Pub in Conklin Michigan, (Google for directions, 19683 Main st. Conklin Michigan, 49403) This is also a Veteran's Day Tribute. Show begins Friday at 8pm

Friday night, (the 9th)at Bethleham Church (located at 250 Commerce) Eastern Block will by playing . This is a really cool music series called MAJIC the Musical Arts For
Justice in the Community, and all of the proceeds benefit the GR Coalition to End homelessness did I mention that they also feature great music, (I think Eastern Blok performed at Founders a few months ago because one of my friends mentioned that they were super good, kinda middle eastern flavor with some crazy instruments) Tickets are 10$ to get in, show is at 7pm.

On November 9th (Friday night) check out "Drop Dead Gorgeous", "Alasena" "#12 looks like you" and "Idiot Pilot" tickets are $13 in advance and $15 at the door of course you can get tickets are Vertigo or the Euclid. (this is a big weekend at Skelletones!)

So in one of my favorite movies the old and wise grandmother walks up to a young man and puts her hands on his chest and begins to work a rhythm. She tells him to "feel the rhythm" (in context they are saying that he can dance but he has no soul he has to be passionate and feel it in his heart, what can I say, I am a sucker for great romantic movies) anyhow the point is. If you want to feel your own rhythm sometimes you have to have a little help. So if you are interested in having someone guide you to the rhythms of our inner self then the Rhythmos workshop this weekend is for you. Lead by Patricia Hickey the workshop will be taking place on Saturday from 1:30 until 3:00 pm it is $25 per person and it will be held at Armenta Studios at 951 Wealthy St. SE. I would call to make sure there is still room in the class, 235-9642.

This weekend at the DeVos center you can catch some of my favorite music with a performance by Patti Austin, She will be singing a tribute to the late great amazing voice of Ella Fitzgerald. Tickets "For Ella" are on sale now and the show is both Friday night and Saturday beginning at 8pm.

Saturday night there is a show at 945 Thomas Street SE, I don't know if it is a house show or a space show, I have been hearing rumors that there may be another south side independent space around and maybe this is it, any how bands are "Boca Chica", "Rusticus & the Invaders", "Claire Fisher", and "Cotton Lily".(Claire Fisher is a character in 6 feet under a really great tragic HBO series, she was such a great character, what a good series, I love that a band is named Claire Fisher) Show is at 8pm, they need donations, and you are suggested to bring blankets and camping chairs, the show sounds pretty laid back (3 indie bands and one Ska Punk)

Saturday, Saturday Saturday! And Skelletones there is a Minor Adjustment CD release Party with "Kaline", :Jimmy Troung" and Miami Breakdown"

Slow Children at Play is this weekend funniest improv comedy in Grand Rapids. Featuring Josh Fremer, Sarah Jean Anderson and Philip Baba you can check them out Sunday, November 11th at 8pm. Where? Sazerac Lounge, located on Plainfield at 1418, across the street and up a-ways from The Breakroom. 5$ gets you through the door.

TUESDAY! "They might be Giants" is going on Tuesday the 13th to the intersection. Tickets are $20 in advance and 22$ the day of the show. "They might be Giants" is one of those bands that I have always thought I should like but have just never gotten a chance to really get into show starts at 8 doors at 7pm, opening act Oppenheimer.

Opportunity! Show!
Have you ever submitted work for a show and then it was rejected. Or maybe you rejected it and hid it under the bed or behind the close in the closet? Well now it has a home. The Call for Bad Artworks is looking for submissions of those "bad pieces" but with the caveat that you have to explain why the piece is bad, and what went wrong. You can email an image of the "bad" piece along with the written explanation by November 16th to Teresa Zbiciak,

Opportunity! LOVE!
To adopt! And find feline love! Sara Neal and her friend Ann have found and nursed back to health and adorable grey kitten, but this very small and very good looking cat needs a home. Right now they are calling her Miracle because she was in such ill health when they found her. But she has seen a vet, was nursed back to health and they are now trying to place her in a happy warm cozy home. If you are interested contact Sara via email at

I am looking for suggestions first of all for where to buy Holiday gifts, and if you give me a suggestion of where to buy, then give me a suggestion as to what to buy. Every year around the holiday season we do a bit of a suggested local sampler of gift suggestions and I would like to hear yours SO! , drop me an email at,, or Check out G-rad.... Check out the Forum!!!! If you want to see or read word with pictures or post comments, check it out online at or you can go to G-rad and then access it through projects....
Thanks for reading all the way down to the very bottom.

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