NOVEMBER 14, 2007

Hello to All!
I am so excited to see that there are a ton of "art" events this weekend I feel like it has been a while since there were a bunch of openings and "arty" type activities. And that is not to say that the last couple of weeks haven't been awesome, because they have. It just means that I am pretty excited about some of the cool things happening THIS weekend. So here it is.......

Word on the Street November 14, 2007

This afternoon Wednesday November 14th from 1-3 pm you can attend an initial meeting of MI Voice which is a coalition of organizations who have come together to discuss the development of tools and infrastructure to facilitate on going coordination and collaboration in voter education and engagement. Sweet! If you are interested they are meeting at Fountain Street Church. Or call Kim Hodge at 248 336 3452 for more information.

So I totally goofed last week and listed an event that is happening THIS WEEK. So Tonight (for real this time) Wednesday night, at the UICA the Visiting Artist Committee is hosting Kevin Tavin, the rundown is he is a Theorist on Visual Culture and has been specifically writing about the world of images since 9-11. SO this is a THINK night. The lecture starts at 7:30 and it is FREE! (you know the person is going to get theoretical on you when they use the word pedagogy, it is one of my sisters favorites)

Tonight you can check out the new hot stuff out of Grand Valley by visiting the senior exhibition of Scott Travis and Clare Flore. The show is called Paradigm it is in the Calder Art Center (GVSU Campus Allendale) and I really like Scott's work, it is fantastical and bizarre. His use of the printmaking plate is interesting and I enjoy his imagery. If you go, let me know what you thought of the work. Open from 5-7pm.

November 15th (that is Thursday) the Micro Cinema is at the DAAC for the night playing "Instant Mix Imperial Democracy" beginning at 7pm. The flick is free, but donations are accepted. This week it is a film of Arundhati Roy addressing Riverside Church wherein she "Emphatically challenges Americans to reclaim Democracy and resist the US war Machine. Powerful stuff. All ages at 115 S. Division.

Last week I go the pleasure of meeting Steven Sorman out at GVSU last week. He is the first Artist in residence out at GVSU he is friendly seems to be very warm and I am excited to see him speak more about his work. This week on Thursday night you can have the pleasure of meeting him yourself at the UICA, his presentation is : The Working Artist". and begins at 7:30.

The Ebony Fashion Fair is coming to town this Thursday night and tickets are $35 for Adults and $21 for students. It is taking place at all of the proceeds go to benefit scholarships for graduating high school students. The show is at Union High School and it is pretty interesting because it actually travels from place to place and GR is just one city that participates. To find out more check out the website at.

OOOHHH here is the reality of the rumor that I had heard. It is true that really neat old restaurant over off of century called Aztec has been taken over by kids doing independent shows. This weekend they have "Coin", "Religious SS Disorder", "Corrosive Kids" and "Dead Alives". Thursday night the 15th at 8pm 5$ gets you in the door corner of Century and Grant, Go over us 131 on Wealthy turn left on Grandville left on Logan and then right on Century up a street or so.

This weekend, all weekend Tanglefoot Studios are turning "Sexy and Seventeen" Stop by and celebrate with them Friday until 8pm, Saturday until 8pm and Sunday until 5pm. They are Sexy and 17 this year. Enjoy the Annual peek into the studios of Tommy Allen, Elaine Dalcher and Michael Pfleghaar.

Friday night from 5:30 to 9:30 check out the Show at Byrneboehm Gallery. They are presenting new work by Kelly Allen and Michele Bosak both a GREAT artists and I am really interested in seeing their new work. The show is called Gaeeting Closer and the work is described as "an intriguing look at our encounters between the self and other and our search for the familiar and universal intimacies in life" so stop in before or after dinner . Byrenbohem is located at 959 Lake Drive ( just up the street from Marie Catribs!)

So then next you have to head downtown to Noir Gallery to see new work by Carrie Westra. Her new show features differing landscapes and is open from 6 until 9pm. I know Carrie has been working on this stuff for a while and I have always enjoyed her work she is one of those great manipulator of materials just the right line, just the right smudge sort of artists and I am excited to see her new work. Noir is located at 15 Ionia Street.

Coffee Break! Friday night November 16th check out The Stray Dog is having their grand Opening, The Stray dos is a new coffee house on at 1035 Wealthy. How great! Two young entrepreneurs making Grand Rapids even cooler. They are going to feature green organic products and artwork on the walls by local artists. The first artist up is Aneka Vanderhill and on Friday night from 6 until 11pm you can stop in for a cuppa coffee, see Aneka's new work (which is freaking AMAZING) and listen to some music by Jen Collier. If you don't make it then check it out on Saturday which is their first day of business.

On Friday night at 9pm the movie "Sacrifice" is being shown at the Micro Cinema. The movie is Andrei Tarovsky's Final Film. Doors open at 8:30 the flick is free BYOB the location s 470 market upstairs in the Warehouse and they always have some kind of innovative interesting way to tell you where to go.

Friday November 16th at the DAAC beginning at 7:oo Pm check out "the Snowdays" and Netherfriends. 5$ gets you in. All ages!


Eastown will be eating pie this Saturday with their very own Pie bake off. There will be local "celebrity judges" and winners will receive prizes. 6pm at the Eastown Community Association located at 415 Ethel. Man this is a good idea everyone gets to eat something yummy and hang out as a community. Does it get better then that? Pie off at 6:00pm.

Vegans Unite (or those vegan curious) for a potluck at the Bloom Collective located at 1134 Wealthy Street on November 17th (Saturday) at 3pm! So bring a dish, browse the library of radical social change and awareness texts and meet some great people.

WELCOME TO HEARTSIDE FOUNDERS! This weekend Founders celebrates their new location and Chance Jones is going to help them hit it off on November 17th (Saturday) beginning at 9pm! Did you know that Founders is now in the Heartside neighborhood across from the Rapid Station? Now you have absolutely no reason to not take the bus home. I am so stoked they are in our neighborhood!

So I know that people are starting to hear about this and it is becoming a hit. There's a poetry open Mic night every Sunday at 7pm at 106 S. Division unit 311, there is a door man who will greet you from 6;30 until 7:15 and he will get you in the building. The night is open to anyone interested in sharing some spoken word. Totally free, totally open, but they do accept donations for food and wine. There is no PA and No musicians because this is about the power of words and the human voice. I am seeing new faces show up weekly.

Sunday this is apparently the show to be at. Ryan C. brings you a Crazy messed up 5 band line up including "Disaster Strikes", "Resistance culture", "religious ss Disorder" attention Span" and "Polite hatred." $7 6pm All ages as normal! At the DAAC! 115 South Division!

Monday night you can check out a band from Louisiana "thou" will be playing with national Cadaver at the DAAC at 8:30pm.

Next week!

If you haven't been to the Meanwhile yet now is the time because they have created a Happy Hour for all of us Michiganders. Monday through Friday enjoy some Michigan Faves including Founders, Bells, New Holland, Michigan Wines and did you know that there are 2 different vodka's produced in Michigan? True North and Divine. Craziness and of course the best place to try all of the Michigan Favorites that you haven't tasted is at the Meanwhile (before 8pm)

Do you have band envy? Do you read word and think, man how do all of those other bands get shows at the DAAC all of the time? If so check out to find out how you can go from band envy to local rock super star.

Donate work to support "The Network" a nonprofit agency that serves the LGBT communities of West Michigan. They are doing a fundraiser for programs that offer social and emotional support for youth. For more information about the network visit or email Sarah Scott Brandt about the event at

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