NOVEMBER 21, 2007

Well I know that overwhelmingly this weekend will be spent with family and friends eating leftover turkey. But there is a strange phenomena that the night before Thanksgiving is the biggest bar night of the year (that is tonight) and I assume that this weekend as you chill with cousins, or escape from an overbearing in-law that you will be looking to get out and about.

Here are some of my favorite picks for the weekend! And here is...

Word on the street for November 21st, 2007

Tonight ( Wednesday the 21st) if you are looking for some hip hop action check out Rick Chyme and the Southpaw Players at the Orbit room. His shows are usually full of special guests, a great human beat box and dj's like Action Jackson. Also currently listed in the line up are TwoFiveSix, Poor Sports, Manwolf, and John B. Judging by the crowed at the last show I saw it is a great mix between hip hop lovers and those of us who might not love hip hop but like to see a bunch of really talented people take the stage and do their thing. $10 at the door. Starts at 8pm. Did I mention that part of the proceeds benefit the Park School for Unwed Mothers?

On Wednesday night the 21st check out some Alaskan Punk at Skelletones, doors at 5:30 so you can catch "the Filty 42's", National Cadaver", "TDW" and the Hydrants 7$ gets you in! This show is for the young at heart punks.

The 22nd is Thanksgiving. Eat some turkey or tofurkey! Watch the National Dog Show or a Parade!


There is a show up this month at Kendall that looks like it is worth checking out. The Drawings of Jenny Scobel are being displayed and they look pretty damn cool. The postcard explains the artists process as one of collecting images from the media and then reconstructing them and creating drawings based on those reconstructed images. According to the postcard this results in slightly skewed images that explore the power of image making... or something like that... more interesting are the images themselves the show is up until December 7th and I am not sure if they are open this weekend (they are listed as being open on Friday. so check it out then or early next week.

I haven't mentioned this yet but I think it would be a totally cool thing to do with your family this weekend. The Grand Rapids Public Museum (fun for all, carousel for kids, gaslight village for every age wildlife exhibits etc.) is showing "the Supremes-the Mary Wilson Supreme Legacy collection" featuring over 50 dresses from the Supreme's reigning careers as goddesses of Motown. They are open on Friday and Saturday from 9 until 5 pm. Check it out!

The Civic Theater is presenting the Sound Of Music, I LOVED this movie/record/tape/play when I was a kid. All weekend you can be growing up 16 going on 17. the show on Friday and Saturday begin at 7:30, on Saturday there is a Matinee and you can get tickets at the Civic Theater box office online at Break a leg Ann!

On Friday the 23rd Skelletones is breaking down the house with "Flatfoot 56," "Rat City Riot", The Frantic" Attention Span" and "HIV" Show starts at 6pm and it is 10$ to get in. This show is not for the faint of heart, be prepared to rock the F#*& out!

Saturday get some cult-ure. The Grand Rapids museum will be showing 3 movies that totally relate to Grand Rapids Art. The first at 11am is about Alexander Calder ( if you didn't know it that big red sculpture downtown is Calder's if you haven't seen it yet then I will not chastise you other then to say GET OUT OF THE HOUSE OCCASIONALLY!) next at 1pm there is a movie about Ellsworth Kelly (who was commissioned to make the very large piece of artwork in the GRAM foyer.) and then finally at 3pm there is a documentary about Maya Lin (who as we all know was commissioned to create the park which is now the front entrance to the GRAM, which was then dubbed Rosa Parks Circle which I find incredibly inappropriate) SO learn a bit about some of the really well known artists who have left their mark on Grand Rapids, also you should have time to check out the museum or get a cuppa coffee.

So I went to Byrebohem Gallery (on Lake) last week to check out Kelly Allen and Michele Bosack's Work. And WOW! The work is SO complimentary. I really have always liked Kelly's work and her new work is no exception to the rule. She has several pieces I particularly liked. (one with a hippo on a tightrope, another with a blender) The presentation of the work looked really good, Michele's work is a bit more nostalgic and slightly morose however it has a spooky elegance. My suggestion is if you are out and about on Saturday stop in to see the work show it is a winner.

On Saturday the 24th "Ivan" is releasing a new CD and they are doing it in a big way. "LaDispute" (which always draws a huge Crowd) is playing with "Brothers" Kaline" and "Victor Fix the Sun" only 5$ at the Door but the doors open at 6pm. Be ready for mobs of fabulously dressed younger then 21 punk alternateens who are all ready to get out and do it up. Skelletones is located below the Euclid in the 100 block of south division. And yes mom and dad if your kid is smart it is safe to let them go down to see the show!.

I went to high school with this guy named Ted who eventually went to UofM, became an academic type in Chicago and somewhere along the line ended up in a band called "Willamena" the band happens to be playing at Jukes on Saturday night at 9:30 pm and I was thinking about checking it out. The great thing is there is no cover and I have heard through the grapevine that the band is pretty good. See you there! This show is good for the over 21 crowd.

We all want to build our community as a great place to live, work and play. Part of that effort is a focus on developing new community safety strategies. The Heartside Downtown Neighborhood Association (HBA's sister residentially focused organization) is currently working to form a Public Safety committee and they want to hit the ground running. They are collecting information from representatives from all parts of the community and they want to hear what you have to say. By going to and then clicking on Public Safety Survey you can give your opinion about what the biggest public safety concerns are in Heartside. And it only takes 5 minutes!

Opportunity! Trade! Community!
If you are interested in participating in a Holiday Ornament Swap with the Grand Rapids Craft Club email The deadline to sign up was yesterday but I think if you email her RIGHT NOW you might still be able to sign up. The actual swap is December 11th at the David D. Hunting YMCA at 475 Lake Michigan Drive. Or Join up with these craftsters for a little group making each Tuesday (at the ywca in the community room) from 6:30-8:30 bring a project meet some friends.

Four Friends Coffeehouse is looking for Artists to show their work in upcoming Months! They want some people that have work ready to go and are looking for a show. You can Email Joanna at She didn't suggest it but I would suggest emailing her a picture or two of your work. And get on it NOW there is no reason to wait ( I was a part of a show at 4 Friends and I really like all of the employees, we were setting up in a Saturday morning and they were SO nice even though we were totally in the way - this is not recommended artist behavior.)

Check it out! Community!
Wow! Alynn Sent out pictures from the Red Hydrant Press opening a few weeks ago and it looked like so MUCH fun! I wanted to share the link with you all so you could see their great studio, the killer crowd and all of the cool artwork. Congratulations Alynn it looks like it went really well.

Check it out! Community!
Have you noticed lately that there is a really cool new column in the Grand Rapids Press? On Sundays you can check out Jennifer Ackerman-Haywood's newest creation called or check out her blog online at
I love reading about all of those local crafters making some really cool stuff! The last entry is about Geniene Hourigan who is awesome ! also Scroll down for bits about Jared Naperowski and Tanya Llorens!
If it feels like I neglected to mention the consumerist gorging that happens on Friday I haven't forgot I just wanted to save my suggestions for next week. Until then my only suggestion is to try and shop local! Ignore the compulsion to get up at 4 in the morning and try to be the 100the shopper through the door of a big box retailer so that you can purchase something that doesn't have any sentimental value, very little local impact and will fall apart in a year.

Next week we will be back with all of your suggestions for holiday gifts... and if you have suggestions for holiday gifts but haven't sent them too me yet... send them to......,, or Check out G-rad.... If you want to see or read word with pictures or post comments, check it out online at
or you can go to G-rad and then access it through projects....
Thanks for reading all the way down to the very bottom.

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