DECEMBER 14, 2007

Hello fine citizens of Grand Rapids and the surrounding country!
AHHH this week Word is a day late but hopefully not a dollar short. We are going to begin with a quick thanks to all of you who came out to Urban Lights last week (so THANKS! If you got any great images of the event please send them my way) and now we are diving right into this week's Word on the Street.


The Grand Rapids Latin American Christmas Concert by the Grand Rapids Cantata Choir will be taking place this Friday December 14th at 7pm at 7pm. The Bethlehem Church located at 250 Commerce is hosting it and although it is free there is a suggested donation of 10$ to got towards the GR Coalition to End Homelessness. Sounds lovely, for more information call 456 1741 or check out

Friday night check out "Fields of Industry" at four friends downtown, the show starts at 7pm.

Stacy Nedszwiecki is opening a show at the Grand Rapids First United Methodist Church located at 227 East Futon this week. The show features her Michigan based nature photography and will be up though January 18th. Check it out Monday though Thursday 9-9, and then Friday 9 to 4 and Sunday 9 to noon.

The Aztec is a new place over on Century and Grant. They have 4 bands playing on Friday including "loaded for bear","Deep Shit"," Victor fix the sun" and "Dick Bomb" $6 gets you in the door.

Friday night at the DAAC (115 S. Division) check out "Lock Hame", "The Pellows" and Meal Time" 5$ gets you in!

I have a pretty shitty memory, but I remember the day that kurt Cobain died. Maybe it is because I had a huge crush on this guy who thought Cobain was really cool (jeff are you still out there?) or maybe it is because I had just really started to get into music like nirvana, or maybe it was becase I was really impressionalbel .or maybe Cobain was just that big of an icon. Whatever the reason this weekend I can get ultra nostalgic and check out "about a Son" at the UICA. Based on 25 hours of preciously unused audio taped interviews about being a kid, growing up, getting famous. Show times are Friday 3 & 7 Saturday 3 & 7 Sunday 3 & 7 Next Tuesday 5 & 9 and Wednesday 5 & 9

On Saturday at 1 or 3 pm you can get holiday Nostalgic with A Christmas Carol at the GRAM, you know we have all seen it at some point the Dickens reminder to be good and not be a scrooge. If you are a member it is free, adults get in for 8$ seniors, college students and kids get in for 5$- 6$ check it out!

On Saturday December 15th at 8pm get yourself to the Wealthy Theater at 8pm for the Holiday Burlesque show. Tickets are $15 at the Door and what a show it will be! Naughty or nice the whole crew will be decked out in holiday inspired finery, I have a feeling that Santa's elves have never looked sexier and the crew will be geared up for a rocking and rolling holiday special.

This Saturday night show some support for high school bands at the DAAC there are 6 bands competing in the School House Rock Show featuring "Blessed Ambrosia", "Friend or Foe?", "Mountain Goat", "Final Oath", "Ammonium" and "Abra" show starts at 7:30 at the DAAC also you get to vote for your favorite band! The DAAC is located at 115 S. Division.

On Sunday at the DAAC Jes Kramer is back in town and there are 3 bands playing it up. "Jenny is a boy","Tiny folk" and "Kolka-Karmadon" are playing beginning at 8:30, 5 bucks!


JOB! The Cultural Alliance of Southeastern Michigan (CASM) is looking for an executive Director to do all of those things that an executive director does, Strategic leadership, fundraising ect. The mission of CASM is to facilitate collaborations and initiatives that enhance the ability of arts and cultural organizations to achieve their missions. Of course there are some guidelines for what they are looking for but a Full job description is online at

JOB! The Chelsea Center for the Arts is searching for an executive director with a strong grant writing background. You can submit a resume and salary history to Chelsea Center for the Arts, Executive Director Search Committee, 400 Congdon Street, Chelsea MI 48118 and check them out on the web at

JOB! Well house is looking for a new live in manager, you get room and board for free and manage one of the houses, Well house is a great supportive community for those recently homeless while they get on their feet. I have visited and the project and community seem really cool. You can find out more about the position by contacting Judi Buchman at 245-3910 or emailing her at, or find out more about well house at

PARTICIPATE! A local group of involved individuals is beginning a website at the website was described to me as a place for people to share their story focusing on those who have dealt with Addiction, Self injury, Suicide, Depression and Eating disorders the creators would like individuals to submit their own stories and then in the future they would like the website to be the beginning for a magazine. So if you know someone who has experienced or relates to addiction, self injury, suicide depression and eating disorders this might be a great way for them to share their experience, The video submission information is located on the site and if you are looking to submit to the magazine they are looking for a written story that is no longer then 8x10 and by that they would like you to use the 8x10 to creatively support your story using whatever means are necessary. For more information email Jon Bell at

SHOP On Saturday at 1 or 3 pm you can get holiday Nostalgic with A Christmas Carol at the GRAM, you know we have all seen it at some point the Dickens reminder to be good and not be a scrooge. If you are a member it is free, adults get in for 8$ seniors, college students and kids get in for 5$- 6$ check it out!

SHOP LOCAL..... you knew this was coming. So here are a few of my favorite places to shop during the holiday season.

Downtown: Little Bohemia, I totally just bought my sister this super cute little dress for Hanukkah and I am thinking about heading back there to find gifts for Mr. Man's sisters for Christmas. However they have great cloths for guys as well and all sorts of great gift ideas, not to mention their shoe collection is AMAZING. They are located on Monroe downtown next to the new Bloom. (close to the corner of Monroe and S. Division.)

Avenue for the Arts South Division: All City Kicks, more then just a shoe store they have hip hop apparel for the afficnado, along with a great selection of limited release shoes. More for guys then girls and they are having a killer sale right now. Like 40-60% markdown on some of the cloths! Located on the corner of Cherry and South Division

Also on Avenue for the Arts at 115 S. Division is Scavenger Hunt, the best of the best vintage used clothing, it is all great and I am going there tomorrow to pick up a gift for a family member, this is the store that makes an outfit a statement.

I am going to a Christmas get together for Mr. Man's family this weekend and plan on swinging by Art of the Table because it is perfect for great stylish home gifts, they have wine cute doodas, nice little whatchamacallits, and it all is really cool stuff, this is a you can't go wrong sort of a place and there is no better gift for a social event then a bottle of Wine. Located next to Wealthy Bakery,

For my food snob friends I am heading to Martha's Vineyard on Union. Martha's is so good I get all tingly when I walk in. They have a TON of wine, great staff, cigars, an amazing deli, exquisite selection of dried and canned goods. If you are running late and looking for a gift that says "I have taste" Martha's is the place. I would also suggest a gift certificate for your favorite food snob.

If recycling is your thing then Argos books, located by Brandywine is a classic Used bookstore wonderland, I love this place, it is a treasure hunt for sure but you are bound to find something kick ass.

Downtown: The New Schuler's, great to grab a cuppa' coffee and browse, wireless internet, decent selection and they will order anything you need. Great to unwind after a bit of intensive shopping or when looking for that hard to buy for person. I bought half of Mr. Man's birthday present at Schuler's and I am so excited that now I can walk there!

Avenue for the Arts S. Division: Vertigo, how many times must I tell you that this place is rad. The staff rocks, Josh always has a great suggestion, the selection is awesome and what they don't have they will find. Say hi to Herm, Josh, and Vanessa. Located in between Cherry and Oakes.

Eastown: Gallery 154 in Eastown is a great place to pick up ornaments, and Ron and his wife are so nice. I always try to swing by and find a great little Trinket.

Avenue for the Arts South Division Imagination Creations has a great selection of unique jewelry, and vintage pieces. Also you can pick up a gift Certificate for a haircut...Right next door Space Craft is sporting all of those great handmade gifts.

South Division! Sanctuary Folk Art is a great place to stop in and find something funky, Chris S. has some rings up next to the counter that are pretty nice, for a stocking stuffer check out Randall's crazy pin/magnets and there are so many cool smaller pieces at reasonalble prices you are sure to find something. $ to $$$ and it is all cool.

Cherry area: Imagerie on Cherry Co-operative gallery space, eclectic mix of artists. Last time I was in they had some interesting photos. $$

Fulton: Mercury Head Framing and Gallery with great trinkets, landscapes, and Irishy stuff. Good for a kind of conservative taste in art with a color twist. $

MAKE A MEMORY: Tickets to a show or other event are a great present. Something you can do with a loved one is a great gift so I would also suggest getting tickets or memberships from the following local organizations.

Theater: The Civic Theater, newly renovated great season of plays, tickets are more then reasonable, anywhere from $10-25ish and available online at

Music: Opera Grand Rapids, with one of the best promo looks of the year the Opera has great shows. Tickets range form $20-90$ Online at or if you are not into opera check out the Grand Rapids Symphony which does a great job of mixing classical and more "approachable" tunes and shows any of their pops series are great for the whole family.

Dance: The Grand Rapids Ballet, it is just so pretty! Gentlemen if your lady has a dance appreciation, tickets to any Grand Rapids Ballet Event are sure to please. This weekend the Nutcracker begins in GR!

Visual Arts: Give a loved one the gift of Art, a membership to The UICA ranges from $20 for a student to $35 for an individual or $60 for a household. Or a membership to the Gram which begin at $50!!!! We got our parents memberships to the GRAM and I am looking forward to a family trip downtown.

Did I miss an event? did I miss your favorite place to get gifts? . Drop me a line,, or Check out G-rad.... If you want to see or read word with pictures or post comments, check it out online at
or you can go to G-rad and then access it through projects....
Thanks for reading all the way down to the very bottom.

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