JANUARY 25, 2008

Hi Folks!
I know...I'm late... and there is so much to do this weekend SO before you roll out for the weekend take a gander at what you will be missing if you don't get out and about!

Here is Word on the Street for January 24, 2008

Thursday nights CMC members get into a workshop for Method Acting. The Class meets 6 times beginning at 5:45, (there is an additional cost of $65) I would call ahead for information, if you are interested maybe now it is time to Join the CMC, check out their website online at www.grcmc.org

Thursday night at Skelletones check out "Eternal Covenant', "our Forsaken Victory", and "Darkened by Reason" Skelletones? Where is it? Below the Euclid on South Division.... What is it? An all ages venue that caters to those a little more punk at heart.....

On Thursday night at the Wealthy Theater catch Blackie and the Rodeo Kings apparently there are 3 lead vocalists and they are going to get crazy on stage at beginning at 7:30 pm, doors are opening at 7pm and admission is $12.

Friday night at the GRAM check out the Rob Smith Trio Starting at 5pm until 7pm. At 7pm ther will be a Featured Artist Talk with Katherine Sullivan and Assistant professor of Art at Hope College. From 7:45 until 8:30 you can wander around check out the art and enjoy the lilting sounds of a solo piano performance. Reduced prices on Friday night make this a $4 wonder.

On the 25th (more commonly referred to as FRIDAY!) check out the show at Skelletones. "Attention Span takes the stage along with "H.I.V.", "S&M", "Desiring Dead Flesh", "City Train & A time Bomb" and "the Scraps." Crusty punx anyone?

This Saturday afternoon the DAAC is back at it again planning for a Future... really we are trying to make this thing work If you want to be a part of the Future... of the DAAC... then please come by and make a difference, we are starting at 12:00 (noon) and the plan is to make some big decisions, pass the hat to try and get some rent, and do a bit of light cleaning. So please bring a donation, a bit of elbow grease and a great community spirit, See you there.

Saturday the 26th there is a DAAC benefit show being put on by Jes Kramer this weekend at 115 South Division (the apartment ABOVE the DAAC) it is 5$ at the door but they are accepting donations bands include "Jes Kramer" "Native" "Selectronics" and "the Sleep til's" Doors at 8:30

On Sunday at the UICA you can catch a free flick from Chiaroscuros' "Children of the Screen" series, this week they feature "the Italian" a movie about a Russian kid who has to decide if he wants to live as an adopted child in Italy. The movie starts at 2:30 and is FREE!

On Sunday there is a special show at Skelletones (they don't do many Sunday Shows) including "Brothers" "Fight this War: "Tiger: "In the Cut" "First Strike" and "Dead Lift"

Sunday night (and every Sunday night) you can participate in Negative Space a bare bones poetry open Mic at 106 S. Division Apartment 311 to find out more check out www.myspace.com/grpoetry

at the UICA catch a movie, A documentary about Joe Strummer (front man for the Clash) The Future is unwritten is playing on Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 3:00pm and 7:00pm.
"Wristcutters: A Love Story" is playing on Friday Saturday and Sunday at 1:00pm, 5:15pm and 9:15pm.

This weekend check out the Meijer Garden's new exhibit "Art of Africa" according to Mary Lamson it is the place to be this weekend!

According to their website the GRAM is hiring an Assistant/ Associate Curator of Art for their collection of 19th and 20th Century American and European Art., they would love someone with a specialization in works on paper, must have an MA in art history and 3-5 years museum experience. You can contact their Human Resources Department at 831 2904 for more information (someone somewhere just found the job they have been waiting for!)

Are you a Graphic Designer dreaming of a future as an Assistant professor? (aren't we all dreaming of a future wherein we get to get up in front of a room of people and teach them about the things we thing are good and teach them to despise the stuff we hate... that sounds AMAZING to me... but alas I am not a Graphic Designer. But if you are then check out Http://www.gvsujobs.org there is an Art & Design Graphic Design Assistant professor position open.


ART! So maybe you have heard that the Republic is going to be opening on South Division, like almost right next door to Pub 43... and they have commissioned Artworks (UICA student program) to curate a rotating show highlighting new artists every 2 months. The qualifier to submit artwork is that you must be affiliated or live in Heartside. (actually pretty opne, so if you have participated in a free radical show or the street market or are shown at a gallery then that counts) if you are interested in being considered you need to submit 3-4 Digital images of your work (preferably work that you have available for display) send that along with your contact info to Artworks@uica.org or call Becca (this is my sister folks!) at 454-700X17... tell her that jenn sent you.

POETS! The 40th annual Kent county poetry competition is open for submissions Starting next week, February 1- march 1st. you can submit
1- 5 per poet,
2- poems must be unpublished original (duh)
3- there must be 3 copies of each poem, typed (DO NOT INCLUDE YOUR NAME)
4- Each total submission must include a 3x5 note card with your name address, telephone number, email and division
5- Entries get sent to " 40th Annual Kent County Poetry Competition
(Specify appropriate division on envelope)
PO Box 6879
Grand Rapids, MI 49516'
And you know what? I don't know what the divisions are so you are going to have to figure that out for yourself.

If you are on Facebook (which I am not) now you can be friends with Open Concept gallery by , they are listed at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Grand-Rapids-MI/Open-Concept-Gallery/6499891661.

Uh This was totally cool and unexpected, I found Josh Leo (local Grand Rapids podcaster) on I-tunes, I knew he was out there, and I had seen his stuff before but there is something really great about stumbling across it on "ITUNES!" Congratulations Josh Leo. Someday we will meet face to face.

The February 22nd Art of Love event is being rescheduled for a later date, we apologize for the inconvenience.

2008 has gotten off to a running start. Stuff is busy busy busy. If I missed your event is it because you forgot to tell me about it. Drop me a line wordonthestreetgr@hotmail.com, jennschaub@hotmail.com, or jschaub@dwellingplacegr.org. Check out G-rad.... If you want to see or read word with pictures or post comments, check it out online at
or you can go to G-rad http://www.g-rad.org/ and then access it through projects....

Thanks for reading all the way down to the very bottom.

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