FEBRUARY 6, 2008

Hello sweet people of Grand Rapids and the metropolitan area.
I am getting back on schedule and trying to get word out on time. So we will save the chit chat for the end and get right into it.

Here is Word on the Street for February 6, 2008.


This weekend at the UICA catch the final showing of Pierrot Le Fou, the Godard film from 1965, Wed (the 6th) and Thurs (the7th) at 5pm and 7pm.

This Friday night at Nest (613 Lyon) there is an art opening with new work by BJB, Hillery, Sproatt, and Ericka Jane. Performance (I think) by Ben and Bruno show starts at 8pm. Hum feb 8, at 8, 2008.

Skelletones is for music. Skelletones is underground (literally) on the 8th Skelletones is hosting "Mary Shaw", "After Prior Day", "Harlequin Fever", and "Ivan" 7$ gets you in.

So have I ever told you I was in not one but TWO performances of Alice in Wonderland? Once I was Alice (when I was younger and sweeter) and then I was the Queen, so I got to scream and stomp and yell "OOFFF WIITTTHHH THEEIIR HEADS! (obviously not as young and sweet) but the play and the book and many things Alice have remained magical for me so this weekend Thursday through Saturday I am suggesting that you check out Alice in Wonderland at Calvin College. Performances start at 8pm and you can call 526 6000 for ticket information.

This looks cool, this Saturday the 9th form 1pm to 4:30pm, you can be a detective at the Grand Rapids Public Library (111 Library Street) A HISTORY detective that is. You can explore ways to discover more about Michigan's history including "Sleuthing in the Sources" "the Private Collector as Investigator" and "Visual Clues to Michigan's Past" space is limited and you can RSVP by calling 988 5492 or by emailing rsvp@grpl.org.

On the 9th, that is Saturday you can catch 5 bands a Skelletones including "Before their Eyes", "Sea of Treachery", "Bullfight in Tijuana", "Darkened by Reason" and "Showtime at the Apollo" 8$ gets you in the door.

The Grand Raggidy Roller Girls are having their Championship Bout this weekend and it is the final face off for Grand Rapids Home teams. This time there is a change in venue! Bouts are no longer at the Delta Plex they have been moved to Rivertown Sports, located at 2605 Stanford Ave SW Grandville Tickets are $ 12 at the door and they face off at 5pm. If you want to get to know more about the Roller Girls check out their website at www.gr-rollergirls.com

On Saturday night you can check out the MAJIC Concert series at Bethlehem Church (250 Commerce) the performance begins at 7pm and there is a 10$ donation. This weekend's performer is Dean Windemuller a guitarist/singer songwriter who s creating pieces that feature themes of Social Justice in West Michigan. Totally fitting. To find out more check out the website located at www.grmajic.org

I think I am getting sick I hope all of you sick-os that I have been talking with lately haven't contaminated me. Darn it.

Oh I love these guys (and girl!) the Chance Jones band is playing on Saturday night at 9pm at the Sazerac Lounge (1418 Plainfield Ave NE) the show starts at 9pm and there is no cover. I am sure that they will put on an awesome show because they are always entertaining.

On Saturday or Sunday at 3pm you can check out the "Carnival of the Animals" an original ballet set to a composition by Saint-Saens and based on a children's book. Tickets are $10 for adults and 7$ for students this looks like a great family event. The Show takes place at St. Cecilia Music Society in the Royce Auditorium located at 24 Ransom Ave NE.

February 10th at 8pm Slow Children at plat a comedy show including skits, standup and improv will be taking over the Sazerac Lounge. Tickets are only 5$ and the Saz is located at 1418 Plainfield NE.

No I don't mean escape I just mean take a vacation.... To Voyageurs national park in Minnesota there a residencies open to artists of all kinds and the application Deadline is February 15th. if you are interested call 218 283 9821 CST or email teri_tucker@nps.gov

I just wanted to pass on some conflict because I think that sometimes the press, the media, the blogging community doesn't take full responsibility for its actions and the reaction of readers (myself included) So long story short.
Super Happy Funtime landed a gig at the Meijer Gardens, John Gonzales at the press posted a crabby commentary on a show he caught the last 5 minutes of. His comments were reiterated by a reader and by the end of 2 days time the Meijer Gardens show had been canceled (not coincidentally). UM HUM. And then the next 3 blog posts were used to drivel on about how great Kid Rock is. (Gag me with a F**#! Fork, I hate skeeze rock.) So needless to say the SHFT folks were a little discouraged, here is a severely shortened version of their response to the situation.

"History shows that most events of cultural or artistic significance have two points in common: (a) they are derided and cried foul by the mainstream culture; and (b) come from the strangest of sources.

The worthiness of a performance should be judged by its audience. Not by assumption, rumor, or any one man's opinion. We trust our audience. We believe art is something for the individual to choose for him or herself. Disappointingly, not so in Grand Rapids, as "what you're allowed to see" is increasingly controlled by the few.

When artists from other cities ask us about Grand Rapids, we've become increasingly pessimistic. If we allow this trend to continue, our town will lose its heart. If we lose our artists, so goes the flavor, and so go the many other benefits of a culturally rich city.

Artists are perfectly capable of thriving in adverse conditions; in fact, sometimes it results in the best art. But it's been going on for too long: these people have more stamina than we. They have the resources to succeed: media, money and guns. And they will wear you down. Maybe it's our state of mind, maybe it's our city... one or the other, this is no place for an artist to be.

Super Happy Funtime Burlesque
Rich Haralson, Corey Ruffin, Rachel Finan, Steven DePolo, Josh Dunigan"

I find this very disheartening, a little dramatic maybe, but still it makes me very, very sad that the press has the power to shut down a show through their online presence but doesn't have the balls to write a story about the show getting canceled. The power of the press has dealt a nasty low blow this month and I for one am ashamed to have to seek John Gonzales' approval of my events to get coverage in the entertainment section of the newspaper.
To read the blog go to http://blog.mlive.com/goinggonzo/

So it is with a heavy heart and with lungs rapidly filling with phlem that I sign off this week. Drop me a line wordonthestreetgr@hotmail.com, jennschaub@hotmail.com, or jschaub@dwellingplacegr.org. Check out G-rad.... If you want to see or read word with pictures or post comments, check it out online at
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Thanks for reading all the way down to the very bottom.

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