FEBRUARY 15, 2008

Hello Lovely Ladies and Gracious Gentlemen
It is already Valentine's Day, crazy huh? And February doesn't seem as bad this year... but we are only halfway through so I guess there is still time for it to get old and ucky. So if you get into the corporate craziness of candy and hearts have a great day and I hope that everyone is able to celebrate with someone they love.

Here is "Word on the Street" for February 14th 2008

Ohhh I read about this in the paper this weekend sounds really good. The UICA is showing "Control" this weekend, the movie is about "Joy Division's" (80's punk band) lead singer he was totally one of those great geniuses who couldn't cope with being alive and killed himself at a really young age (I think it was like 23) the movie isn't a documentary and is based on a book that his wife wrote. So performances are Thursday at 5 and 9pm Friday and Saturday at 1,5 and 9pm and then on Sunday at 6pm. Location 41 Sheldon (in between Weston and Oakes) Cost: Not 8$ but not 2 dollars but somewhere in between.

Tonight at 7:15 you can catch the last showing of Woody Allen's Annie Hall. I hate Woody Allen's movies but Geo claims this could be the one that makes me change my mind (I always fall asleep in them!) Location 41 Sheldon (in between Weston and Oakes) Cost: I am not sure how much movies at the UICA cost. Can someone let me know?

This weekend is a totally Valentines day extravaganza at Skelletones. First they kick it off on Thursday night with "LaDispute", "The Legendary Coal Black Horse", "North Lincoln" and "Charles the Ospery" doors open at 6pm to get you in bed early enough to function on Friday. Location Skelletones in located between Oakes and Cherry on South Division. Cost $7 gets you in the door.

So on Thursday night there is a show. "Southeast Engine" from Athens Ohio and "Frontier Ruckus" the show starts at about 8:30 pm here is the tricky part. It will either be at the DAAC Location 115 South Division OR it will be at Mexicains Sans Frontieres which is located across the street on the second floor (Walk directly across the street from the DAAC go through the parking lot up the ramp to your left at the top of the ramp go up 4 steps, second door to the left. ) Either way I am guessing the cost is $6

Friday night at Skelletones "Dead To Fall", "Impending Doom", "Winds of Plague", " With Dead Hands Rising" and "Re-inventing Yesterday" Doors at 6pm. Location: Skelletones in between Oakes and Cherry on South Division. Cost $10 order tickets now! www.skelletones.com

Jazz is in the air this week on Friday night from 7 until 9pm at the Loosemore Auditorium Dr John Hair will be speaking about his career in a presentation entitled "an evening of Jazz from Bebop to Afro-American Funk, there will be a performance with John Hair and New Connections. Location GVSU's downtown campus, Loosemore Auditorium, Cost: FREE!

Also Friday night, February 15th you can grab your favorite instrument and jam with the end of times Orchestra jamming begins at 8pm and the second set is open for anyone interested in participating. Location: Movement and Music located at 120 South Division between Cakes and Cherry (street level unit 127, next to Capsule) Cost: there is a Suggested 5$ donation at the door.

Ready for some Vagina? Friday night GVSU is presenting the 7th annual performance of "the Vagina Monologues" at the Wealthy theater. Performances of The Vagina Monologues have raised over $12,000 yearly to stop violence against women and we are lucky to have the tradition running strong in Grand Rapids. Location Wealthy Theater, 1130 Wealthy SE between Eastern and Fuller, Cost: Tickets are only $10 for students and $20 for non students.

On Friday night at the GRAM the enigmatic Deb Rockman (Kendall Drawing professor, artist about town, great local scenes-ter) will be doing a presentation of her work at 7:00, (if you haven't seen any of Deb's work and you like people who have a ton of drawing talent, this is totally something you gotta see) before her talk there will also be a performance of Dan Richardson and Friends (live music) Location The GRAM, located on Monroe mall, next to Rosa Parks Circle, Cost: $4 (discounted Friday night rate) gets you in the door.

The week marks the closing of Other Options show at (106) Calvin gallery. There will be an Auction of red items to raise support for AIDS in Africa. The closing begins at 6pm and lasts until 9pm, the show is really good by the way, the Viget (www.viget.org) instillation is cool, the pinball machine is also super awesome. So if you haven't gotten a chance to check it out, or you are looking for something RED... Location 106 South Division Corner of Oakes and South Division, first floor, Cost FREE (unless you buy something)

This week (until March actually) check out new work by Kendall illustration professor Molly Alicki Corriveau and Kendall digital media professor Bill Fischer. Their joint exhibition is called Beauty and Beasts. I really like some of Molly's work and it would totally be worth a peek. Location Kendall College Gallery, South Division and Lyon Cost: FREE!

On Saturday Skelletones is hosting a Valentines Day Massacre, including "Bringing Down Broadway", "of Choir and Chaos", "of Wolf", "the Crowned Virgin" and Cricket the Face" get bloody at 6pm. Location: Skelletones in between Oakes and Cherry on South Division. Cost: not sure think it must be around $7.00

On Saturday night rock out for a good cause. The Sazerac is hosting a Benefit show for Crash's Landing you know, the cat lovers, the band line up is great with "chance Jones," "Nathan Kalish and the Wildfire", "Coin" the Plurals" and "Redtom" Location: Sazerac Lounge 1418 Plainfield NE cost $5

Sunday afternoon form 3 until 3:45 the Ash Grove String quartet will be performing, comprised of 4 (because a quartet is 4) performers, Irena Kocharova, Mary kladder, Christie Wiersma and Lorene Turkalo will be performing obscure works by European composers. Location: The GRAM, on Monroe mall, next to Rosa Parks Circle Cost:$8 to get in on Sundays.

If you like Movies and people and people who like movies I would say that Sunday afternoon at 5:30 you should head over to nest for the Nest Film Club Screening of "La Petit Soldat" everyone loves French film maker Jean Luc Godard so here is another one of his flicks. Location: Nest at 614 Lyon St. Cost: FREE!

On Monday February 18th there will be a performance at the DAAC (Welcome DAAC weekend details coming up soon!) this weekend they will be hosting "Nat Baldwin" and "Ben and Bruno" $6 gets you in the door!


On Tuesday night Hopcat is presenting "HipCats" a night of jazz inspired art. From 8pm until 1am you can join artists and musicians, there will be an ecletic blend of art, libations and musical expressions brought to you by Derrick Hollowell AKA Vito. Location: Hopcat bar is on the corner of Ionia and Weston Cost: whatever you put on your tab.

So you want to get out and enjoy the wild outdoors? Then apply for a summer fellowship at a national Park. This week I am suggesting Montana's Glacier National Park open to all sorts of artists and there is a deadline of March 1st for applications. If you want more information call 406 888 7942 or email matt_graves@nps.gov

This is a big one folks the Frederik Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park is on the look out for a Director of Development and Communications. They want some mad skills in fund development, membership grand preparation, management of budget, and you would manage a department of 10 WOW. Resumes anyone? C/O Human Resources 1000 East beltline NE Grand Rapids Michigan 49525 questions jbaumgras@meijergardens.org.

So lots of love for all of us this week/end drop me a line wordonthestreetgr@hotmail.com, jennschaub@hotmail.com, or jschaub@dwellingplacegr.org. Check out G-rad.... If you want to see or read word with pictures or post comments, check it out online at
or you can go to G-rad http://www.g-rad.org/ and then access it through projects....

Thanks for reading all the way down to the very bottom.

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