FEBRUARY 21, 2008


This week we start with a RANT! I can fairly be accused of running off my mouth, like thinking out loud with no conclusion in sight. Here is one of the things I have been thinking about: How do small spontaneous non-financially focused arts projects exist within the confines of cities that ask them to conform to rigid bureaucratic guidelines? And once you recognize that these guidelines were probably first created to safeguard against some horrible tragedy, how do you deal with the idea that these guidelines create a dichotomy that is oppositional? And somewhat crushes the underground? Or makes it so it is a struggle to be legitimate and yet small with a limited economic impact. My brain almost overloads when thinking about this.....

SO we must say adieu to another small independent underground space Sean Kinney's Micro Cinema as the Tanglefoot building has been deemed no longer a site for event based gatherings. The fire marshal has said "no-no" and though you can't fault the fire marshals for doing their jobs and saving lives, we loose another small personal project because it becomes financially unviable for Sean to continue on.

So share your thoughts on the subject give me something else to throw into the burning fires of my brain. And in turn I will tell you 12 reasons to get off your butt and out of the house this weekend. Don't worry the capitalist bureaucracy isn't stifling everything cool.

Word on the Street for February 20, 2008

Skelletones on Thursday night is home to "View from Ida", "Essex", "UC Losers" and "the Republicants"

GREASE! Need I say more? Do I have to remind you about the hand jive, greasers, awesome songs, pink ladies? I didn't think so... The Civic Theater is presenting Grease. And our friend David Bleckley will be taking the stage as Johnny Casino the dance floor heartthrob. He dances, he sings, he plays the guitar! Apparently tickets are selling like freaking hot cakes so get them online at www.grct.org I am totally thinking that Thursday night might be the best bet for me! (playing Thursday through Sunday, for the next 3 weekends!)

I like to cook. It is the one place where I feel domestically proud. I like to feed people and I find the whole process pretty soothing. SO. I thought that this sounded interesting, but I am not thrilled about the distance. The DW (on 44th street!) is holding a Culinary Classroom class featuring "Tuscan Dinner" yeah you "Become Familiar with" Cacciatore, Bruscetta, Tuscan Bread Soup, Homemade Ravioli, and Saltimbocca. from 6pm to 9pm but you definitely gotta register for this one. 1888 296 5850/ or email nancy_williams@spartanstores.com. (is this a little to corporate?)

Friday night at LaFontsee gallery you can enjoys the artwork of some steller 20something artists. Renee Hartig (paintings) Jenny Pope (prints) and Andy Near (metalsmith) will be displaying new work. I LOVE Jenny Pope's work it is totally so amazing and rad, she is truly a printmaker's printmaker, did I mention the whimsy? Am I gushing? And Renee and Andy are not to be overlooked! Renee's landscapes are so technically clean and have such a bold style it is crazy to think about how young she is, and Andy is a making some hip and funky miniatures. (really lovely little folded pieces) So this show totally has my kudos. Starts at 5 and goes until 8:30! Lafontsee gallery is located at 820 Monroe event is FREE!

Maybe we all need a good laugh this weekend. Really it has been a downer sort of a week don't you think? So the wealthy theater is hosting "Get up and Laugh" featuring Michael Jr. Kerri Pomarolli, and Henry sapp. Apparently they are famous, so they better be funny. The show is Friday. Show at 7pm and 10pm. Tickets are not free.

Friday night, visit Mirf at Skelletones and check out "no holds Barred", "Damages", "Strength N Honor", "Fight it Out" and "Young Guns" located almost on the corner of south Division and Cherry ask the closest coolest hipster for directions. The show is only 7$ the space is large enough for plenty so bring a friend.

Francis Ford Coppola had to start somewhere right? Well, he started with "Youth without Youth" (love story, filthy German Nazis, philosophical questions of life) and the UICA is showing it this weekend, Friday at 3,6 and 9pm Saturday at 12, 3, 6 and 9pm and Sunday at 12 and 6pm.

Saturday is Snow Day at Wilcox Park. There will be snow, snow, snow festivities galore, all your traditional snow activities, snowmen, angels, cross country skiing, forts, sledding, snowballs and who knows someone is bound to show up with some hot chocolate. The snow filled festivities begin at 11 and will last until around 2pm. If you feel like you need an invite contact Sean Baker at 451 3025. Wilcox is located in Eastown on the corner of Youell and Milton, I like to get there by taking Fulton to Carlton and then turning left after a block or 2. you run right into the park. FREE!

For all of you above 21year olds the 3rd annual Michigan Brewers Guild Winter beer Festival is in Grand Rapids this weekend out at Fifth Third Ball Park. The event is outside so dress warm and I think I saw a sign at Hopcat last night that said they have a bus headed out in that direction (might be worth checking out) but the event begins at noon ends at 5pm. So make the brewers welcome, taste some bubbly beverages Saturday. I am assuming there is a cost cause beer isn't free so bring your wallet and a designated driver. Location 5/3 ball park 4500 West River Dr. NE way out in Comstock park!

Wow this was a little different, Saturday night Nathan Kalish and the Wildfire, lazy Genius, Otto Vector and more are playing out at the orbit room this weekend. Uh, I kinda feel weird, there aren't a lot of shows out at the orbit room that I am interested in but, heck whatever. The show is 17 and up the Orbit room is out on Eastbeltline and 28th street. Show is at 8pm, door is 7$

On Saturday night Skelletones is hosting 4 bands including "everybody's out" (who have a band member by the name of Ric Barton of DropKick Murphy's, "the Hubies"," My Friend Jared" and "City train & a Time Bomb" tickets are available on the website, www.skelletones.com, they are only 8$!

OH Monday is a night to get out and show some support! Head to the meanwhile at 7 and bring a dish to pass for the potluck, or just show up and have a few beers. The proceeds of the evening benefit the DAAC, the Meanwhile has great local and Michigan inspired beers, and you are bound to see some people you dig, so everyone benefits! 21 and up!

This one is for the Center for Women in Transition located in Holland Michigan. They are seeking an Executive Director, mission is to create and sustain an environment that enhances the voice opportunities and strength of women and girls in Allegan and Ottawa county If you are interested in the position or the organization check out www.aplaceforwomen.org. The deadline is March 10th!

Hey if you know about a job in the area, send it over to me, I constantly have people asking me if I know of anything available and I would love to pass it on!
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