MARCH 20, 2008

Hello to all,
This weekend marks the beginning of spring, expect to see shaven faces, legs and people preemptively pulling out their shorts and flops. But MAN it is still so chilly, the weather has been sunny but I am cold, cold, cold. So here we are with a list of weekend warm-ups to usher in spring and keep you hot and hopping.

Here is Word on the Street for March 19th, 2008!

On Thursday March 20th at 8pm the Stache Bash is taking over the DAAC, Victoria mentioned that this event is a fundraiser for testicular cancer but other then that I don't have any details for you so be brave and stop by.

Totally weird and totally cool. GVSU is hosting the IRST Robotics Competition this weekend where high school students will compete with the robots they've designed, built and programmed, TECH NERD PARADISE. This should be totally great Friday from 9am to 5pm on GVSU's Main Campus in Allendale.

This Friday night Yo Hakomori will be giving a lecture at the GRAM about the concepts involved in the exhibition "Four Salvaged Boxes" the lecture begins at 7pm and runs for about 45 minutes! ALSO GASP! WRASP! GURGLE! Total mistake on my part. The GRAM RAISED its prices for the Wahol show (grumble grumble grumble) tickets went from $8 to $10 and on Friday they went from $4 to $5. (SIGH) BUT the good news is that Tuesdays from 1 until 5pm admission is free. Thanks for the update Sal.

After the lecture head across the street for Four Friend's Coffeehouse to catch some live music with Jeff Courter. The show is free and the coffee is GOOD. Located at 136 Monroe (like right across the street from the Museum.

On Friday March 21st (and this is a direct quote) Grand Rapids will be home to the Greatest Bjork tribute EVER. One night Four Bands ALL Bjork. (I am going to take this all verbatim because it is SUCH a great description)
Featuring: Jes Kramer (plays BJORK) Jesse Stephanopoulos (plays BJORK) Hegemonicide (plays BJORK) Clear Days Always (plays BJORK) !GO BJORK OR GO HOME! YEAH! Show at 8pm $6 at the door.

On Friday night at Skelletones check out 5 bands including "Dead Fun", "The Republicants," "National Cadaver," "the Hydrants" and "the Scraps" Skelletones is located at 133 South Division below the Euclid and Vertigo.


This Saturday the UICA is hosting the City Wide art show featuring work from over 1000 k-12 GRPS students, call 454 7000 for more details.

I think this sounds rather lovely, on Saturday night at 9pm catch some live music at Mexicains Sans Frontieres with the band "Barefoot Tango" check out this description " A darker, more intense more romantic sound then listeners of tango may be accustomed to" HOT. It is $10 to get in the door but well worth it. The setting is super intimate and Hugo is a great host. Located at 120 South Division Second floor unit 226, there are entrances both in the front (next to imagination creations) and behind the building up on the second story porch.

On Saturday night you are going to rock out at Skelletones when New Jersey's "One Win Choice" takes the stage along with "the Campaign 1984","Damages" and Young Guns" there is a special flyer floating around that gets you in for $5 so I would stop by Euclid and see if there are any flyers left.

Saturday night the Super Happy Funtime Burlesque Troupe hits the stage at the Wealthy Theater with "Adult Bible School", intuition tells me that this might not be like any bible school class you've ever been to! Tickets are $15 at the doors are at 7pm and the show starts at 8pm.

Happy Birthday MOM! Thanks for being born and being a great super-supportive mom also it is EASTER, so get your bunny ears out.

On Sunday at the GRAM check out the Ric Burns Film about Andy Warhol. The film begins at 1pm and I am sure it will wax and wist over the amazing amalgamation of Warhol.

Sunday March 23rd 4 bands play the DAAC one from Puerto Rico "Tropiezo" one from Chicago "la Armada" and two from west Michigan "No Slogan" and "Positive Noise" show starts early at 5pm of course it is always all ages at the DAAC and the cost is only $6!

Sunday night is a great night to see a movie.... At the bar? No really, Hopcat is trying out movie nights on Sunday. This Sunday checkout Seven and Apocalypse Now, 4ish for the first and 7ish for the second. By the way, while I am sure the rest of their food is great I would totally steer away form their bar cheese it is totally forgettable and has no zip to it, I would suggest Short's Soft Parade beer, if you like something fruity but smooth this is a great choice. Hopcat is located at 25 Ionia Ave

Tuesday night is a great night to get out and support a great local info shop, the Bloom Collective. If you stop into the Meanwhile on Tuesday night there will be a potluck at 7pm and a portion of all drinks sold will go towards Bloom. There are a whole bunch of new microbrews in the house so stop by and check it out.

Tuesday night the DAAC invites you to check out MANS, Coal Black Horse and Charles the Osprey, Show at 8:30 6$ at the DOOR!

The Steil Boys and Girls Club is looking for a full time art teacher to teach 8-18 year olds. Yep like a JOB you can check them out online at or contact Kim Krajniak at or give here a call at 451 4297.

The owner of Rocky's and Monarch's Club "Frank Lehnen is opening a new deli next to the Monarch's and he wants ART! Lots of lovely ART! YOUR ART! Art is for sale and you get all the proceeds! If you are interested in submitting work or hooking up with Frank, 616-901-2247

I totally am looking for photos of the Avenue for the Arts, including but not limited to Images of Avenue for the Arts residents, Locations/ businesses along the Avenue for the Arts, Images of public artwork or architectural pieces, Avenue for the Arts gatherings or events These photos will be used in the production of several informational banners and promotional items. If your photos are used you will be will be thanked in Exhibition literature, photos must be at least 300 DPI. Small batches of photos (5 or less) can be sent via email to

If you are interested in getting hooked up with some great intuitive artists who like to make art in a community setting I would recommend checking out the Heartside Gallery artists. With over 30 regularly participating artists and a whole lot of enthusisam there is ALWAYS something going on check them out on the web at

I stand corrected. A little birdie told me that the GRAM has hosted a Warhol show before BUT even though that may be... I still stand by my statements of intense excitement and think that it really is totally awesomely rad, and now I am just giving the shout out about how awesome it is that they brought Warhol back for a SECOND TIME!

OK! So for the millzillionth time. HEY YOU! READER! If you don't tell me about your event (hopefully the same week as the event BEFORE Wednesday) then don't feel so bad when it doesn't get listed. I don't actually really keep tabs on EVBREYTHING... so you got to LET ME KNOW!,, or Check out G-rad.... If you want to see or read word with pictures or post comments, check it out online at
or you can go to G-rad and then access it through projects....

Thanks for reading all the way down to the very bottom.

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