APRIL 2, 2008

Good Afternoon Ladies and Gents,
Today is the sort that makes you believe in the power of spring! Today I am a believer in the possibility that we may once again soon be warm, that I may get to pull my dusty flip-flops down off the top shelf and brush off the dust. Today is a good day.
Also of note: This weekend downtown GR is sprinkled with Smart (student Arts multimedia Art Festival) openings featuring innovative multimedia artwork so get out and about to check out some fresh technology based works.

Word on the Street April 2, 2008

SMART Thursday night visit Open Concept gallery for the SMART Party along and check out the piece in the Window Gallery, "Peripheral Visions" There will also be an outdoor projection of stop motion videos curated by Anna Campbell and Paul Wittenbraker, they are showing them in the "Galley" or the Gallery in the Alley.... Open Concept is located at 50 Louis Street NW (down by San Chez) FREE!

Thursday night April 3rd catch some jazz at Mexicains Sans Frontieres with the band "Reptet" a sextet playing all original songs and they have toured all over and have been recognized nationally as a great gig to catch. The band takes over at 8pm and tickets are 8$ for students, and 10$ for everyone else. Mexicains Sans Frontieres is located in the 100 block of south Division between Cherry and Oakes in the 120 building unit 226 (second Floor) doorway between Music and Movement and Imagination Creations.

Skelletones this weekend has a back to back line up. On Thursday check out "Berry" described as amazing showgazer pop (I am not sure what that is but it sounds good) "Lights at Sea," "Blackberry Winter," "Conrenete," and "Shane Tripp" tickets are $7 skelletones is located on the lower level of 133 South Division.

SMART Friday before 5 pm stop by the Arts Council of Greater Grand Rapids to check out "the Beauty of Discarded things a show of Digital Photography by Lacey Daniels and Mike and Sue Conway. The Arts Council is open until 5pm. FREE and located at 532 Ottawa Ave NW (by the overpass)

This weekend "4 months, 3 weeks and 2 Days" opens at the UICA, I have heard pretty good things about this movie which takes place in Romania and examines the day that two young women are working to procure an illegal abortion. Catch this movie Friday, Saturday or Sunday at 3 or 7pm. Total show times are listed at www.UICA.org. Location 41 Sheldon

If you are looking for some great art Friday evening head over to Lafontsee Gallery and check out the opening for Michael Schaeffer and Linda Lafontsee. I am sure it will be a packed house. I really dig some of Michael's small portraits, he is one of those patiners that gets how to layer color and his figurative work has an illustrators flare. I am interested to see what his new work is like. Opening from 5 until 8:30 located at 820 Monroe and it is FREE!

SMART on Friday April 4th from 7 until 9pm Smart Festival takes over the UICA. "Humor Globalization and Stories in Central European Video Art" was curated by Viera Levitt with an audio visual performance by Heavier then Heaven entitled "Telo Immunity" Performance starts at 8pm. The UICA is located at the corner of Weston and Sheldon, address 41 Sheldon the event is FREE!

This Friday night at the GRAM tickets are half Price (5$) and at 7pm you can catch Kirsten Strom's lecture "Andy Warhol and Pop Art: At the Dawn of the Information Age", I have sat though many a Kirsten lection and I have to say she has a talent for being able to pull out little idiosyncrasies which I really appreciate and of course check out the show.... My favorite Mao is in the top row, and is orange pink and green.

I wanted to quickly thank everyone who made welcome DAAC weekend such a success. The newly elected board met last night for their first meeting and it was great. This Friday at the DAAC check out Enduro and State of the Art. The show is 6$ and all ages.

On Friday catch "Kaline," "Secondhand," "North Lincoln," and "Friend or Foe" at Skelletones. Tickets available at the door.

SMART Kendall College is hosting "Green House" multimedia works by Milota Havrankova and video work by her students the galley is open Saturday from 10am to 5pm. Located at 17 Fountain on the corner of Fountain and South Division. FREE!

Saturday head down to Four Friends café, Peter Brant, Eleanor Scott-Brandt and Beverly are holding a sale and an opening for their spring show, "Bunny Art/ Boat Hut" from 11am to 1pm. If you attend the Avenue for the Arts Market or frequent four Friends you know Beverly, she is a great sales person and I have a personal Beverly collection of about 6 pieces along with at least 5 bracelets and all of my potholders are Beverly originals. She also makes bag, purses and cards. I believe this may be Eleanor's first show and this will be my first experience seeing Peter's work as well. So I am looking forward to it and I hope to see you there. Four Friends is located at 136 Monroe Center and the show is open to all ages and free

Side note: Saturday afternoon is a great time to visit downtown, check out the new Schuler's located in the Steekedee's building

Saturday April 5th from 1-3pm join up to draw. Naked (not you! The model !) Elizabeth Goddard will be guiding a Figure Drawing session but you have to RSVP because there is a fee and registration is totally limited. Location: UICA 41 Sheldon BLVD.

Steppin in it Cd Release PAR-TY this Saturday at Founders the shin dig starts at 9pm and of course will feature some live tracks. Founders is located over on Grandville and although I am sure there will be a cover I have no idea what it might be.

On Saturday the 5th Skelletones is mixing it up with music AND poetry. Join poet and Author Bradley Hathaway with "the Harlequin Fever" "For All We Know" and "Come find the Lion" tickets are $8!

The DAAC is rocking Saturday night with "Viking Moses" from Missouri and "PPBO#2" a little robot comedy along with "Justin Stover" tickets are 6$ at the door. The DAAC is located at 115 South Division next to Scavenger Hunt.

Elisabeth Vedrine, one of our favorite Parisians, is opening a solo exhibition of her work at Fountain Street Church this weekend. Sunday from 12-1:30 you can see two bodies of her work "Cambrian Explosion" and "Nature Under Glass" the show is called Convergence. I have never seen a show at Fountain Street Church so I am excited to see the space. See you there!

SMART On Monday night April 7th from 5 until 7pm visit Open Concept to catch One Thousand Arms a multimedia instillation by Mark Rumsey Mark is graduating from Kendall this semester with his Masters Degree, congratulations Mark, Open Concept is located at 50 Louis Street NW FREE!

Elisabeth Vedrine is rocking out a new website as well as her "Convergence" opening you can see her work on line at www.elisabethvedrine.com

Get ready to dust off the dresses and the shorts, it is time to get out and get some sunlight. Drop me a line wordonthestreetgr@hotmail.com, jennschaub@hotmail.com, or jschaub@dwellingplacegr.org. Check out G-rad.... If you want to see or read word with pictures or post comments, check it out online at
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