APRIL 9, 2008

Hi Ya'll.
Put it on your calendar for next Friday night because Spring is about to arrive! "Spring for the Arts annual gallery and shop hop" is right around the corner next Friday April 18th from 6 until 11pm and with over 22 great art music and shop venues to check out I know you aren't going to want to miss it. Trolley transportation is provided and next week Word will be brimming with all of the details.
Until then there are so many great things to do!

DAAC March 30th

Here is Word on the Street for April 9, 2008

Tonight WEDNESDAY APRIL 9, 2008
WYCE is having and open house and celebration at the Wealthy Theater. Doors open at 6pm and there is great free food, a cash bar and performers Josh Rose, Karisa Wilson and Peter Mulvey will be performing. Location: 1130 Wealthy ST SE.

At Kendall this week until Friday You can check out graduate work by 4 Kendall Master's students. Mr Andy Branch, Andrea Eckert, Ben Harrison and Mark Rumsey. I am excited to see all of their new work. The show only runs until Friday the 11th so if you can go on Wednesday or Thursday. Kendall is located at 17 Fountain!

Thursday night April 10th the DAAC is hosting "Unwed Sailor," "Ryan Lindsey," "Lights At Sea," and "Rio Bravo". SWEET! Doors at 8:30 tickets 6$ all ages welcomed.

Friday night at the UICA check out the super spring opening with new exhibitions by Young Kim, Beili Liu, George Schmidt, Jacque Liu, Maki Hajikano, and collective Archicule. You can nosh and mingle indulge in a cash bar and meet the artists. The opening is from 6 until 9pm FREE!

Skelletones kicks off the weekend early with "Miami Breakdown," "U.C. Losers," "View form Ida," and "Comlag." All ages for all ya'll to come and rock out Tickets are 6$ at the door Location 133 South Division

Ready to check out something new?
Something French?
The band "Ladybird" might be your cure, this Friday join "Ladybird," "redbear," "Toby Foster," "Clear Day Always," and "Toro and the National Guard" at the DAAC for an all ages show. Doors at 8pm tickets are $6

Friday night at the GRAM Warhol Hysteria continues from 5 until 7 relax to the Matt Clifford Trio and then get excited because "Andy Warhol on Stage " begins at 7pm and ends around 7:45. entrance to the GRAM on Fridays is only 5$ and as we know this Friday is a great night to be out and about!

WYCE is wrapping up their fund drive (thanks to everyone who supports local volunteer run radio) to celebrate they are hosing Cheryl Wheeler at the Wealthy Theater on Friday night beginning at 8pm, you will laugh, you will be moved, you will pay $15 at the door and support our great local radio station 88.1 doors at 7:30 Location: 1130 Wealthy ST SE.

Skelletones goes punk, Friday night the 11th with "African Rabies" "Desiring Dead Flesh" First Strike" and Acoustic set by "Nihlism" (acoustic punk?) more bands TBA so check on the website for updates or just check out the show. Begins around 7pm tickets available at the door. Door located at 133 South Division in between the Euclid and the empty storefront next to Vertigo!

The government is sometimes creepy and dark and terrible (GW Bush was in my dream last night... looking somewhat like a Brett Colley Print) anyhow the UICA and GRIID are hosting "Taxi to the Dark Side" an Oscar winning documentary examining issues surrounding the current Administration's wiliness to undermine the law by using torture in the war on terror. The flick opens Saturday at 5pm, following the film there will be a discussion about Torture policy with several local experts including International Law expert Kary Love and GVUS professor Zulema Moret. Tickets are 5$ Location is 41 Sheldon BLVD. and all UICA film show times can be found online at www.uica.org.

This sounds totally awesome! On Saturday the 12th the Grand Raggidy Roller girls are releasing their COOKBOOK (there is nothing these ladies can't do!) and are celebrating with a Tasting party at the Meanwhile. You need to be 21 and up but participants can enjoy samples of 20 dishes and drinks. 4 until 6pm at the Meanwhile located at 1005 Wealthy!

For friends and followers of Jeff Large Saturday night at Four Friends coffee shop promises to be magical, be sure to check out the artwork by Beverly, Eleanor and Peter. The show begins at 8pm and is FREE to all ages! Location 136 Monroe Center (across from the Mya Lin and the GRAM)

Saturday night Skelletones has two bands booked "Time of Plague" and "McKaya" and there may be a few bands TBA for up-to-date info check their website

Auditions have happened, the talent has been sought, and this weekend new performers will be rocking, rolling, tapping and singing on the Wealthy Theater Stage. New Talent Night is totally an audience participation event geared for families. Beginning at 8pm Saturday night Tickets are $8.00 doors at 7:30 Location: 1130 Wealthy ST SE.

What a totally great idea. On April 13th D. Adam Estner turns 30, so he decided to invite a ton of GREAT local performers to celebrate with him at the Wealthy Theater. And he is inviting all of us to join him the event is officially called "D30 Birthday Special" and features this radical line up: "Black Rose & the Disciples of Funk," "Black McKenzie," "Gruv Unit," "Headlight Insane Theater," The Lighthouse Commission," Al-Asdeka," "Karisa Wilson," "Scatterdome," "Mystic Dub," "Grropolis," "the Montana Boys," Hazy Past," "Heart of Gold Band," and "Ultraviolet Hippopotamus" Sarah Mayne and Laura Armenta will be dancing and the whole show sounds totally great, the line up is rad and it will be a great time! Doors at 6 show at 7 tickets are $10 at the door and be sure to say "Happy Birthday!" Location: 1130 Wealthy ST SE.


Skleetones is hosing a special Monday night show with "Alesana," "the Chariot," "Skyatsairplane," "Love Hate Hero" and "Our Last Night" Doors at 5:30 and tickets are available online at www.skelletones.com.

If you are working with a local organization or business looking to invest in the community though art and support local kids learning programs then the Artworks summer program might be a great way to get involved. Artworks is seeking summer commission projects to create artwork for your office, building or community. You can contact Becca Schaub at 454 700 extension 17 for more details.
The time has come for graduating seniors to begin to break out of the University mold and show us what they've got. This weekend out at the GVSU Performing Arts Gallery a show featuring two illustrators, Sandra Bellerive and Lindy Patterson and two metal smiths, Jennifer Surine and Hilary Koster goes on display. The opening reception is Thursday from 5 until 7pm. GVSU has plenty of visitor parking located right outside of the performing art center and graduate shows are always worth a peek!

This week the music community was hit with some sad news Bob Van Kirk has passed away. Outobol's thoughts about Bob are echoed by all of us
" I always loved Bob's straight forward talk. I never once doubted his sincerity in any word he spoke. The DAAC needs to officially recognize Bob's commitment to art and community. That Bob would engage our organization shows great character and stands as an example of how ones age should not stand in the way of embracing music and art.
Bob you are missed and are an inspiration."

Last week, I referred to a band as being of the showgazer genera, when they are actually and brilliantly explained by Wikipedia as SHOEGAZER.. which makes a ton more sense and is a pretty great description. This was brought to my attention by Curt, so... thanks for the learning Curt.

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