APRIL 16, 2008

If you don't know all ready Spring for the Arts is Friday and this is my last attempt to remind you to get off of your duff and come out and ENJOY arts and culture in GR. So I am going to give it everything that I've got. Of course there are a bunch of other great Grand Rapids Experiences waiting to be had the rest of the weekend as well SO with no more dawdling.....
P.s. Designers check out opportunities there is a pretty great one

Here is Word on the Street for April 16, 2008

The DAAC is hosting Diane Cluck, whom seems to be pretty popular, Alan Scheueman, and Ben and Bruno ( a Grand Rapids Favorite) show begins at 8pm Location 115 South Division, Cost 6$

I thought this was great. On Friday from 10 am to 4 pm the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services organization will host Shatter the Silence a Sign-A-Thon, the community will share sign language by taking part in story telling poetry and deaf culture. There is also an element of networking for people who have hearing difficulties. Location: Park Church located at 10 E. Park Place NE Cost: ? Find out more: 732 7358

Friday night at the GRAM catch a presentation by Renne Zettle Sterling about her new work beginning at 7pm. Cost 5$, Location the big white modern building on Monroe Center

The CMC is throwing a big old hupla to say THANK YOU for putting the community in Community Media center by asking "Are you experienced?" (so provocative)... The wealthy Experience is FREE it features Gospel, Blues, Boodie music, Vintage Cartoos, Wealthy Street Vendors with booths. Friday at 6:30

On Friday April 18th from 6-11 "Spring for the Arts." There are over 24 great studios and businesses offering spring festivities, new artwork, tons of live entertainment and the unique opportunity to visit a variety of artist's studios. Grand Rapids Trolley will be providing FREE! trolley transportation The "hub" lot will be located at 200 South Division! Maps for the event will be available the evening of the event at all participating locations!
Enjoy dinner or libations at any of the Ionia Street Entertainment District locations or on the Avenue at Pub 43- Bar Open until 2 Am. Location: 43 S. Division or Rumors - Nightclub Open until 2 Am. Location: 69 S. Division

Open Concept Gallery-Gallery One Thousand Arms a multimedia instillation by Mark Rumsey Location: 50 Louis Street NW (Trolley Stop)

Urban Institute for Contemporary Arts - Six new exhibitions featuring artwork by national artists including: portraits made of salt and earth by Young Kim, a red thread piece by Beili Liu, a construction and paintings by George Schmidt, a transparent window installation by Jacque Liu, mixed media installation incorporating glass by Maki Hajikano, and an exploration of architecture by collective Archicule. Open until 11 PM.
Location: 41 Sheldon(Trolley Stop)

Heartside Gallery-Gallery Grand re-opening featuring Heartside community artists creating folk and intuitive art, weavings, pottery, quilts and more. All new art! Open until 9pm! Location: 54 S. Division

Mos Eisleys -Tattoo & Piercing Open until 8pm.
Location: 71 S. Division

(106) Gallery Department of Art and Art History Calvin College Gallery Featuring "Bachelor of Fine Arts Exhibition" work from graduating students Sara Bakker Tracey Rose Guajardo Eric Heerspink and Ruth Ribeiro http://www.calvin.edu/centerartgallery/106southdivision/
Location: 106 S. Division Ground floor (Trolley Stop)

Beginning 7 pm, lasting about 30 minutes enjoy a staged reading of "Iphigeneia" by Katherine Marty, a verse drama based on themes from Greek mythology.
Location: 106 S. Division Glass Elevator entrance, Artist/Live Work Spaces First Floor Unit #311

Derrick Hollowell's Monday Figure Drawing Group Exhibition plus new works by Scott Travis and Josh Deiters and of course...Music and Vibes.
Location: 106 S. Division Glass Elevator entrance, Artist/Live Work Spaces Second Floor Unit #217

Kendall College of Art and Design student work
Featuring: Nathan Adolphson, Brandon Alman, Chelsea Bundt, Jessica D'Felio, Ben Defever, Jennie Ferwerda, Cassie Heuton, Elizabeth Hubler, Jessica Liptak, Zaine Magee, Hannah Novak, Kathryn Onasch, Jennifer Williams, Hillary Meekhoof and Dut Gak.
Location: 111 S. Division

The DAAC-Gallery/Music Venue Burnboy Studio takes over the DAAC during Spring for the Arts. Come down and witness the creative co-ops latest collaborative installation. Featuring artists Robert Christensen, Kevin Knipstein, Josh Stauffer, Michael Ingold, Kertis Lytle and Chris Apap Open 6-11pm
Location: 115 S. Division

Scavenger Hunt- Local Business A little punk rock, a little glam, all style! Extended business hours until 10pm! Location: 117 S. Division

Vertigo Music Local Business - CD's Records, Extended business hours until 10pm!
Location: 129 S. Division

The Euclid Coffee Shop- Espressos Latte and Wireless, Stop in for a coffee drink, open until 12:00 am.Location: 133 S. Division

Skelletones Music Venue (entrance next to Euclid) Live music featuring, La Dispute, Ivan, The Skies Revolt, Their Teeth Will Be Of Lions, and The Legendary Coal Black Horse. 6pm - $10 Everyone gets a The Skies Revolt CD! Location: 133 S. Division

All City Kicks- Local Business The coolest in fashions for the hip, including both clothing and shoes. Extended business hours until 10PM! Location: 139 S. Division

Foodsmith Catering and Café- Cafe- A great place to grab a cup of coffee, freshly brewed tea, or a delicious pastry snack artwork by Carmella. Location: 120 S. Division

Space Craft Artist/Live Work Spaces First Floor Unit #125 Owners Nick Stockton and Sally England invite you to enjoy FWD>>SPACE event featuring local artist Josh Hoek with an instillation entitled "7 Carpets for a Pink Cart." Location: 120 S. Division

Mexicains Sans Frontieres Artist Live/Work Space Unit #226 Second Floor- Second Annual Grand Rapids Tango Festival beginning at 8:00 with a workshop, ($25) The Physics of Passion: Tango Technique for Leaders and Followers and then from 9:00pm-12:00am ($15) there is an open dance Milonga Live Music by Tango Folias, Demos by Nick Jones and Tara Fortier http://www.grtango.org/festival.htm Location: 120 S. Division

Hosted by Joel Berry Artist Live/Work Space Second Floor Unit #223 Second floor Features prints and studio by Joel Berry, 9pm Musical guests "Clive" perform Featuring Mike Guyette, Josh Knopp, and Brandon LaBelle. Location: 120 S. Division

Imagination Creations- Recycled/reconstructed goods, hair and vintage treasures, Featuring live music beginning at 8pm along with the creation of a hair sculpture. Extended hours until 11pm. Location: 120 S. Division

Music and Movement Artist Live/Work Space Unit #127 -Free the Jazz! or Abstraction in Music is Abstraction in Art! 'Free the Jazz' is devoted to the progressive and experimental forms that evolved out of the abstract and 'free' jazz movements of the sixties just as much as it is based in thick grooves and modern stylings while drawing on influences from such diverse sources as Ornette Coleman and Gilbert and Sullivan. Featuring Corey Ruffin, Chris Lawrence, Sam Snedeker, Brandon Hill Location: 120 S. Division

Capsule Modern Furniture and Art Artist Live/Work Space Hosting paintings by Eric Nykamp, furniture by Cameron Van Dyke and paintings by Rachael Van Dyke Extended hours until 11pm. Location: 136 S. Division

Sanctuary Folk Art - Gallery Featuring performer Bob Fry playing classical guitar and union songs and new paintings by Carmella, open until 11pm. Location: 140 S. Division

"Space Magic" Senior sculpture exhibition with new work by Giles Hefferan www.gileshefferan.com Open from 7-9pm Location: 235 South Division Suite 100

Temporary Gallery Video instillation featuring Erin V. Sotak's "26.2sleep,"Chele Isaac's "Orange Man" and Anna Campbell's "Saddledrag" Open until 11pm Location: 235 South Division Suite112

" Visions Beyond Art" presented by Joe Sherry and Bill Kirk featuring Live music and handcrafted glass pieces by artist Joe Sherry Open until 11pm. Location: 235 South Division Suite111

Flux Gallery Artist Live/Work Space "Habitat Treasury" Curated by Annamarie Buller and Becca Schaub featuring prints and a collection of objects by Meg Prec and Todd Freeman. Open until 11pm. Location: 14 Williams Suite 320

Temporary Gallery - Group Drawing Exhibition featuring Sixteen Seniors from Valley State University School of Art and Design Julie Seaward, Julia Greenway, Geoffrey Holstad, Patrick Richardson, Christina Mrozik, Adrianne Bulthuis, Albert Garcia, Ryan West, Brooke Sutherland, Kimberly Wood, Michael Hoskins, Liz Leonard, Cara McCollum, Carrie Schoenborn, Elliot Slenk, Jason Rood Open until 11pm Location: 333 S. Division

Kendall College of Art and Design Graduate Studios featuring: Christopher Bettley. Megan Mathews, Nuel Friend, Dru King, Jamin
Rollin, Janet Dean, Katherine Johnson, Justin Kellner, Timothy Kranz,
Susan Mulder, Melissa Sirk, John Wagoner and Devin Slattery. . Location: Wealthy and Grandville

Civic Studio- "Wealthy End to End" exhibits individual and collaborative projects informed by images, objects, and ideas encountered along Wealthy Street. http://civicstudio.org Open from 6-9pm. Location: 632 Wealthy Street

Saturday is National Record Store Day and of course your favorite local shop Awesomeness of independent shop keeping all day long. HOW will they exceed the awesomeness that they normally exude? WELL imagine an entire day of live local music, imagine great food, image free goodies and giveaways. And then imagine yourself at Vertigo, Saturday from 11am to 8pm. BANDS include Invisible Mansion, Moss Folk, Chance Jones, Cookie Bumstead, Victor! Fix the sun and Winnie Cooper CHECK IT OUT! Location: 129 S. Division Cost: FREE!
Need to get rid of those old cell phones? I know I do, you can drop them off at the main Library down town GR this weekend and receive a compact florescent light bulb in return. They will be donating the Phones for use as 911 phones for Mothers and Children. Awesome huh??? Drop off from the 19th to the 26th at the Information Desk.

In the evening (8 pm) enjoy some music with "Cains & Abels", "Trouble Books" and "Talons" at the DAAC. Location: 115 South Division Cost: $6

Saturday night at Skelletones Spring Ska Fest Continues with "Forty Lashes" "The Risk" "The Happy Accidents" " The Skoundrels" and "Selectively Anti Social "
Location: 133 South Division Cost: $6 Doors at 6pm!

Sunday catch some MMMUUUSSIC at the DAAAAACC performers include, "The Analog Sister", "Hegemonicide" and "Potoculture"Location: 115 South Division

The tickets for this show are totally great. Geo made them and they look killer. But if that isn't reason enough to see the show here are 3 more "Casiotone for the Painfully Alone" "Pattern is Movement" and "Clue to Kalo" Location: 115 South Division Cost $8

This one you aren't want to wait on. This summer the Grand Rapids Symphony is going to have souvenir shirst for picnic pops and they are looking for design submissions: Guidelines Up to 4 colors, incorporate the four concerts that make up Picnic Pops (check them out on www.grsymphony.org/events) submitted as a Jpg or TIFF must be received attention Claire Van BRandeghen 300 Ottawa Ave NW suite 100 Grand Rapids MI 49503 by FRIDAY MAY 16th!
And now you are wondering what do you get? Tickets to the Classical Fireworks Concert June 10th or 11th (one of my favorites), a complementary shirt, and recognition in the 20,000 program books printed and distributed over the summer. I LOVE the Fireworks show, and picnic pops is SO good!
Questions? Email Clair at CVanBrandeghen@grsymphony.org or giver her a call at 616 454 9451 ext 128

Drop me an email, tell me what is going on with you or your scene, wordonthestreetgr@hotmail.com, jennschaub@hotmail.com, or jschaub@dwellingplacegr.org. Check out G-rad.... If you want to see or read word with pictures or post comments, check it out online at
or you can go to G-rad http://www.g-rad.org/ and then access it through projects....

Thanks for reading all the way down to the very bottom.

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also playing: jesus crisis at 4pm
julio gomez at 3pm!

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