MAY 7, 2008

Word on the Street May 7, 2008

Hello Ladies and Gents
Keeping it short and sweet is what we are all about lately here at word so no chit chat no beating around the bush! There is a pretty fun opportunity towards the end and a ton of great Weekend activities, also this week Sunday is reserved for mothers Day so I included some local shopping suggestions to find that perfect gift that says, Thanks for giving birth,, nurturing (and totally supporting) and loving me even when I am a crusty salty crab.

Here is Word on the Street for May 7, 2008


Wednesday night get your ABC's as in Art Battle for Community at the Saz. The Creston Neighbrohood Association has gathered a killer group of artists to make art and hang out. The crew is pretty talented and the door fee/art sales go to support the CNA. Location Sazerac Lounge, 1418 Plainfield. Cost $15.00 at the door.

Thursday night at Skelletones catch 4 bands, "Comma After You," "Sleep though Static," "Why Violet," and "These City Lights" Location 133 South Division (subterranean) Cost 6$

This weekend the Grand Rapids Hardcore Punk 7" comp release show is holding a DAAC benefit and including 7 bands for just 6$ "Jesus Crisis" "Positive Noise" "Attention Span" " the Real Bitters" "S/M" "Religious ss Disorder" and "Final Word" Location 115 South Division (next to scavenger Hunt) Cost 6$

Friday Skelletones, Grand Rapids underground sound is hosting a whole bunch of bands including "All Rights Reserved," "the Republicants," "the Hubies" "My Friend Jared" "City Train & All That" "Dead Fun" and " the Hydrants" doors open at 6pm Location 133 South Division Cost only 3$ Say what! That is SO cheap!

Saturday morning East Hills is promoting their Fair Trade shops with a Tour and lunch hosted by Marie Catribs. Learn more about local Fair Trade Stores and get the low down on their effect on our community and others. The hop begins at 10am and goes until 12:30 pm if you are interested call Anna at 635 7978

Last weekend marked the opening of the Fulton Street Farmers Market. AND let me tell you how great it was to be hanging out buying herbs and goods from the locals. I got my herb garden started, bought some flowers for the porch saw some friends and was totally enjoying the vibe. Make sure you check it out this Saturday any time between 8am and 2pm. Location 1145 Fulton Street East, Cost Free to look, varied prices on plants, veggies and handmade goods!

The good weather makes everyone frisky, they get out the get warm they get in the mood for love. I have been noticing lots of lovey doovey couples strolling the streets lately and I have to say it is GREAT after an entire season of being locked up indoors or in a snowsuit grab someone you love, dog or a friend and head out this weekend to enjoy the great amazing sites of the city. The river walk is super great, the Calder is a destination, Ice cream stands are open again and if you can't think of any where else to go could I suggest Shuler's downtown. Get a book head to your local park and chill.

OR pack a picnic and head to the Eastown Community Picnic at Wilcox's Park, you can buy hotdogs and soda but there will be live music, Kids activities, infor tables and of course the entire thing is free. Wilcox is located in between Lake and Fulton, on Milton and Youell.

Saturday head over to the Meanwhile and enjoy the opening of their new Beer Garden. I hear it is totally sweet and beginning at 5pm you can enjoy some drink specials, appetizers and an amazing brick patio that is a tribute to MICHIGAN! Bring your friends because the patio seats 50! Cost Free (but I suggest you try the Michigan Vodka selection) Location: Wealthy Street

Saturday there are 5 bands at Skelletones including "Knowlyfe" "ReInventing Yesterday" "Anacortes Burns" "Darkend by Reason" and "Bullfights in Tijuana" Location 133 Soth Division DOWNSTIARS and the Cost is 7$

Saturday at 8pm at the DAAC check out Good Teeth/Gold Teeth at the DAAC. 6$ gets you in the door, I am not sure if there are other bands TBA or if this is it. Location 115 South Division.

Love your Mother.
In honor of Mother's Day I am suggesting several local shops that are a great place to pick up a Mother's Day present.

Check out any local health store for special soaps, lotions and bath items, Harvest health is a local favorite but there is a new Health Hutt down on Monroe (by the Camerage House) that has a great set up and the new Green Grocer over on Fulton next to From the Heart Yoga is also good.

Which brings us to health. Get Mom yoga classes at From the Heart or your local YMCA, if your mom is looking for something a little more rockin I would totally suggest a class at the Armenta Studios. For all of the Ladies (and maybe some of the Gents) a belly dancing class for the two of you is a way to bond and loosen up a little.

Give the gift of ART. I got my parents a membership to the GRAM for Christmas and they love it. Moms are pretty fond of flowers so instead of getting her a bouquet passes to the Fredrick Meijer are a great present.

If your mom likes fashion there are 3 great suggestions right in Cherry Hill, Pink Boulevard, Clothing Matters, and Cobblestone.

And then last for the mom who loves to cook, because some of them DO enjoy it, check out Spice Merchants in EGR, they have a wide variety of spices from high end basics to exotics. Also for the kitchen nut or mother with exquisite taste Art on the Table on Wealthy by the Bakery is a great place to get kitchen wares, delicious sauces and a specialty collection of treats.

Marie Catribs and Slow Foods USA are hosting their First Ever Garlic Festival on August 9th (I love garlic in all forms) and they are looking for 3 poster designs. If you are interested in throwing down some artistic talent and finding out all of the details email The crew at Maries is great, the food is wonderful, the smells are free, the soda is good, I love the Adult Grilled Cheese and the Chocolate pudding, Oh and the Slow food movement and Garlic are also winners so drop them an email and get involved!

Drop me an email, tell me what is going on with you, in case you noticed word was a little light this week!,, or Check out G-rad.... If you want to see or read word with pictures or post comments, check it out online at
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Thanks for reading all the way down to the very bottom.

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