MAY 28, 2008

Word on the Street May 28th, 2008

Well Kids,
here is a little secret, Rockwell's (American pubstyle) and Republic (has a great menu) have opened on South Division between Weston and Oakes, currently they are being a little hush hush and slip in like they have always been around but I am so stoked about it I just had to give you the tip. All of the things I have been hearing about food have been great so let me know what you think. Other then that!!!!!

Word on the Street May 28th, 2008

Thursday May 29th at 7pm at the DAAC, "Phobia" "Magrudergrind" and "skarp" tickets are $10 Location 115 South Division between Cherry and Oakes, All ages as always.

May 29th, Thursday night at Mexicains Sans Frontieres performers Jack and Ben Wright will be performing beginning at 8pm. They have a pretty interesting history musically as father and son and a tradition of touring once a year SO get out show some support, ticket are 10$ and Mexicains Sans Frontieres ls located at 120 South Division unit 226. Second Floor entrance next to Imagination creations or around back!

Friday beginning at 7:30 Pm the DAACUMENTARY will be shown. Exciting and enthralling this documentary is all about the fall and rise of the DAAC like a Phenoix from the ashes, a rising star of guiding light for collective action. Yep. For real. And it was made by some really nice guys from the GVSU film department, and did I mention it is free????

Then at 8:30 there is a huge show at the DAAC featuring La Dispute, Native , Downers, and A Hollywood Ending, this show is 6$ to get in, Location 115 South Division between Cherry and Oakes, All ages as always.

I suggest you get some ART this weekend and Friday night at the UICA, is a perfect opportunity. They are opening their summer exhibitions featuring Cynthia Pachikara, Rod Northcutt, and Anne Mondro, get in on the action, snacks and cash bar on Friday night beginning around 6pm. This event is FREE and located at 41 Sheldon BLVD SE

Skelletones on Friday night is featuring "Pandora" "Darkened by Reason" Beyond all Reckoning: "Occupying the Sarcophagus" and "Look to the Skies" Location 133 South division underground!

Saturday may 31st at Riverside Park (2001 Monroe Avenue) the Grand Rapids Kennel club is hosting Dog Day! You name it and they have it. Carnival dames dog vendors dog parade, dancing with Dogs, an obsitcale course, best Dog in the Park award and at the end of the day "Blessing of the Dogs: there is actually more but I was getting exhausted just thinking of all the canine themed goodness. Begins at 8am and ends at 2:30 pm. FREE!

If the DAACUMENTARY gets you going then maybe you want to think about getting involved booking a show or volunteering at the DAAC, if so then there is a programming meeting Saturday at noon. If you are into it all you have to do is show up!

Saturday May 31st at 4pm at the Wealthy Theater you can support community and enjoy yourself all at the same time. From Salsa to Belly Dancing to Ballroom, "Dancing to Make a Difference" benefits the Kids Food Basket. Ticekts are $13 for adults, and 5$ for kids. Location 1130 Wealthy ST SE Doors at 3:30 pm!

Saturday at Four Friends Coffeehouse you can catch a free show featuring Jeff Large beginning at 8pm!

On Saturday night you can get a little Creole, the old intersection in eastown has been transformed into "Chez Bayou" a Cajun Creole restarunt. The menue sounds pretty interesting and you can check out their website at menu sounds good, interior looks themey so please if you check it out let me know how the food is! 1520 Wealthy St. SE.

Ok so there is an event on Saturday June 1st (which is confusing because Saturday is the 31st of May and June 1st is Sunday) so I am just going to tell you what it was and you can figure out if you want to go. The End of Times Quartet is holding a Cd Relase/ Kick off to their Tour at Music and Movement. The event is technically free but they are looking for donations to help with gas prices so it is a pay what you can sort of event. It begins at 7pm and I guess you could show up on Saturday and if it isn't happening show up on Sunday!

Saturday night at Skelletones is all out "Victor Fix the Sun, Doctor Doctor and Come find the Lion play and then All night RAVE! Location 133 South division, all ages no booze no drugs!

Sunday at the DAAC, 115 South Division, catch four bands, "the Great White Jenkins" ( I think this name is HILARIOUS) "Javelins" "The Silent Years" and "Jon Rajewski." Show at 8pm 6$ gets you in, all ages all the time.

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday.
Capture the Flag anyone??? Rosa Parks Circle team up beginning at 7pm get ready to rumble and Run!

This weekend get in the car head out to..... Muskegon. NO! really! The 80th Muskegon Regional is going on and this event always reads like a mini who is who in the west Michigan art scene. Totally worth checking out, AND the Muskegon Art Museum notoriously has other great shows and a pretty solid body of permanent works. Google yourself some directions, the address is 269 W. Webster Ave. Muskegon MI 49440. So check it out!

The Fredrick Meijer Gardens are gearing up for another great show this summer with "Degas in Bronze the Complete Sculptures. When I was a kid we went to the Chicago Art museum and I got to see one of Degas's dancers. I was impressionable. It was during a Monet exhibit. I LOVED IT. There are 74 sculptures, the show should be opening this weekend but I would check their website for details!

Ok So maybe you were interested in making a poster for the Garlic festival but didn't email for more info, I thought I would make it easy and lay it all out for you. (seriously, how hard is it to make a Garlic poster, take the challenge, I am making one for pete's sake!)

Event: Marie Catrib's and Show Foods USA First annual GARLIC FESTIVAL
Tag line: Slow food.....Slow Beer.... Slow music.
Locaiton parking lot of East hills center of the Universe 1001 Lake Drive.
Date: August 9th 2008 from 5 until 8pm
Submission can be sent to

Drop me an email, tell me what is going on with you, in case you noticed word was a little light this week!,, or Check out G-rad.... If you want to see or read word with pictures or post comments, check it out online at
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