JUNE 4, 2008

Word on the Street for June 4th!

Hi Everyone!
It is Festival weekend! And as always the first weekend of June is slightly dreary.... But I am sure that the sun will peek out enough to create some great summer memories. In case you haven't found out yet next week is a huge week for the Avenue for the Arts on the 12th we will be invading Forest Hills Fine Arts center from 6 until 11pm and then on Saturday the 14th join us for the first of four Avenue for the Arts Markets. SO mark your calendars! BUT I guess I am getting ahead of myself because here is....

Word on the Street for June 4th!

Thursday June 5th at the DAAC, Spitzer Space Telescope from Boston, the enchanting Ben and Bruno and Potion will be playing at the DAAC, 6$ gets you in the door, All ages all the time! Location 115 South Division

Skeletons is celebrating their birthday this weekend with a Total weekend blow out.
Birth Day One Thursday night "oh Brave Youth" "the Blessed Hope" "Birds on a Wire" and "Blackberry Winter" " Location 133 South Division, by Vertigo!

Sneak Peak of the Waterfront Film Festival preview at the UICA 7$ for non members 6$ for members, get to check out trailers for all of the flicks coming to Saugatuck. There are munchies food and a cash bar. Come at 6:30 or 8pm! Location 41 Sheldon Find out more at www.uica.org

Ever wonder how many sister Cities Grand Rapids has, well it turns out quite a few on Saturday GR is signing an agreement with Zapopan Jalisco Mexico to become the FIFTH Sister city. The Signing will kick off the Festival of the Arts at 12pm in Calder plaza!

1pm Calder Plaza Al-Asdeka middle eastern fusion (belly dancing!)
1:55 Outer Fringe El Fuego Del Sol, ska and reggae
3pm Calder Pacific Island Dancers
4:55 pm Calder Black Rose and the Disciples of Funk
8:10 pm Clock Tower The Mines indie pop rock

Friday night at the DAAC A Vague Sound, Bear Weather and Rec Pause Play. 6$to play, (hee hee), All ages every night! Location 115 South Division Show at 8pm.

Birth Day TWO Friday night at Skelletones "Minnesota", "Dead Fun" "The Scraps" "HIV" "Article 15" and "Selectively Anti-Social" " Location 133 South Division celebrating 7 years underground!

2:30 at the new GRAM the DAACUMENTARY is being shown.
4:40Calder Karissa Wilson
7pm Calder Grand Rapids Ballet Senior repertoire,
8:25 Clock Tower la famila
9:15 Calder The Rocket King
I think Saturday is a great day to stop down and check out the show at the Old Gram it hear it features over 300 works by local artists. Also Saturday is THE DAY to check out the art booths under then tent!

Saturday afternoon at the DAAC you can check out Vegitable (pronounced veg-i-ti-ble) the Alternative to Festival (pronounced Fest-ti-vel) performances by The Scoundrels, Rick Chyme (I like that guy) Matt G & Japanese TV and The Libations. Vegitable gets started around 12pm and should be rocking all day long. For a total list of Vegitable hang outs and events stop into the DAAC.

Saturday at 126 South Division get together for the Green Scare Prisoner benefit beginning at 8pm. Featuring an interactive webcast with Critically Acclaimed author Derrick Jensen and Marie Mason. Check out this tagline "Come learn about Radical environmentalism, government repression and solidarity." Chills, I tell ya, gives me chills. (in a good way) suggested donations are $2 to $10 get up on the issues by checking out www.freemarie.org, Greenscare.org, and www.ecoprisoners.org.

Skelletones wraps up the Birthday bash with "Brothers", "Kaline" "Tall Ships" "The Skies Revolt" and "Horizontal Orange" " Location 133 South Division.

105 Outer fringe Grand Rapids Songwriters Alliance
1:25 Clock Really Bad British Accents
2pm Indoor Classical Shir Shalom Choirs
3:10 Calder The Might Narwhale

Sunday June 8th at the DAAC Victor! Fix the Sun and Loose Lips Sink Ships! Location 115 South Division Show at 8:05pm.

Opportunity to Donate!
Though our Eyes Art Auction to benefit Lake Michigan Academy is a 1-12 School located in GR for children with learning disabilities. Proceeds from the Auction will go towards scholarships for Students in need. If you are interested contact Reanna Gomez at 464 330.

Annually the Parade of Downtown Living provides access to some of the most gorgeous apartments and condos in downtown Grand Rapids. This year's event takes place Friday June 20th, Saturday the 21st and Sunday the 22nd.
The Neighborhood Revitalization Department is quickly filling their volunteer positions but there are still a few left! If you would like a free ticket to the event you can volunteer in one of the following shifts.
Friday, 6:00 - 8:00 pm
Saturday, 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm
And 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Volunteer with a friend and you both get a ticket! Proceeds from Parade benefit the Dwelling Place. Contact Heather Ibrahim at 855-0418.
If you are interested in buying tickets (10$ each) please stop into Dwelling Place Offices (101 Sheldon Blvd) or a National City bank Branch and of course if you are a procrastinator like me you will want to just stop into any of the participating locations the day of

Also I totally need someone to help out shooting video at the Forest Hills Event Thursday the 12th. If you are avaiable and of steady hands and would like to shoot some footage from 6 until 11pm (or just a few hours) please let me know! Jschaub@dwellingplacegr.org.

So this week I was chatting with a women who is working on one of the movies coming to GR. She is looking for a series of backdrops/scenes for an upcoming movie being shot in Michigan. SO if your home or office meets the following descriptions send me a pic or two and I will pass it on (oh and of course you need to be the sort of person that wouldn't mind having a movie shot in your home) A upscale posh office (mafia style), a suburban neighborhood home, or an apartment with a grill out area, a sleek upscale apartment with a large master bedroom and a jacuzzi. Thing with apartments are they need to be First FLOOR, which is a little difficult. BUT let me know!

Local Website Alert!
The UICA got a new website revamp that I am totally digging, check it out at www.uica.org

Mark Rumsey has joined the online art selling movement with his new website. Keep an eye peeled for the great video spot in the middle of the page!

Drop me an email, tell me what is going on with you, in case you noticed word was a little light this week! wordonthestreetgr@hotmail.com, jennschaub@hotmail.com, or jschaub@dwellingplacegr.org. Check out G-rad.... If you want to see or read word with pictures or post comments, check it out online at
or you can go to G-rad http://www.g-rad.org/ and then access it through projects....

Thanks for reading all the way down to the very bottom.

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