JUNE 18, 2008

Word on the Street June 18, 2008

How is everyone doing? After such a hectic weekend last weekend I feel so chill I might slip into a coma! a good relaxed satisfied coma......But already we are getting geared up for another awesome Grand Rapids Summer weekend. There is simply no shortage of great shows to see and the opportunities this month are blowing my mind. So here's hoping you have some mega fun this weekend.

This weekend there is a theme... the Birthday! (just a hint. my birthday is this weekend, ok that wasn't much of a hint) Here it is, Word on the Street June 18th, 2008

The DAAC has shows all weekend long including Thursday June 19th with an earlier show at 7:25 and actually it is quite the international show. "the Coast" (from Toronto), "Weaver at the Loom" (from St. Paul) "Which way is Home" (Detroit) and "Blackberry Winter" (GR)

If you are looking for a chill hip hop time on Thursday night check out Rick Chyme at Billy's in Eastown. There is a 5$ cover but he puts on a pretty great show and usually has quite the cast and crew who make guest appearances as back up, Djs and beatbox.

Friday June 20th at the DAAC check out some folksy music featuring "Samamidon", "Karl & I" and "Flight & Swarm". The DAAC (Division Avenue Arts Cooperative) is ALL AGES, ALL THE TIME, located at 115 South Division, and is Cheap Just * 6 * freaking dollars!

Your gonna wanna prepare for this one. On Friday the 20th at the Skelletones there are 3 bands, "mewithoutYou", "Maps & Atlases" and "Gasoline Heart" doors open at 7pm and if you are interested in tickets you can get them at Vertigo music. Location 133 South Division, below the Euclid!

To know Stephanie Richards is to love her. And yet she has decided to leave us, so on Friday the 20th at 10pm we can all get together and try to beg her to stay. One last chance kids! Or we can provide the sort of send off fitting of a women who has left her fingerprints all over GR. Location Meanwhile Bar on Wealthy and Eastern.

Anyone born on Friday (June 20th) shares a birthday with Chet Atkins and Errol Flynn.

This weekend is Eastown Bizarre Bazaar, a Saturday extravaganza. You know the vibe in Eastown, kind of a come as you are grab the dog and the kids and head on down. I do have a suggestion, grab a water bottle and prepare to chill because inevitably you will run into someone you know and like and want to kick it on their porch. While at Biz Baz you can help Red Hydrant Press celebrate it's one year birthday by stopping by their booth and saying hi to Alynn and Carlos.

As we all know Saturday is a great day for a party Founders is celebrating its BIRTHDAY (I think) this weekend on Saturday June 21st with Founders Fest. They are shutting down Grandville Avenue between Williams and Bartlett, festivities cost $10 to get in. Music includes Oracle, Chance Jones, Uv Hippo, Total Blam Blams, and winter session and Afro beat project. You have to be over 21!

If you are feeling proud this weekend head to John Ball Park on Saturday for the west Michigan Pride celebration. Beginning at 2pm the lesbian, gay bisexual and trans community (along with supporters of course) are getting together for music, bingo, food, beer and fun. Admission is free but donations are accepted.

Dog Story Theater will present Sarah Jean Anderson this weekend in One Pretty, Funny Girl. The show is $8 general admission; the space is located at 311 State Street at the corner of Lafayette. And Students and seniors get in for $5.

Saturday June 21st the DAAC is all ages as always and featuring 4 bands at a 7pm show. "the Skoundrels" "Cookie Burnstead" "the Geographers" and "Eric 'n Duncan" The DAAC is located at 115 South Division and is ALL AGES, ALL THE TIME. $6 gets you in!

Skelletones is celebrating the Farwell of "National Cadaver", with the following line up, "Attention Span," "Fight to Die," "Mountain Goat" and "S&M." Location 133 South Division, below the Euclid!

What a Pearl of a day (the pearl is the birthstone of those born in June...) also moonstone (my fave) and Aquamarine are used as June birthstones.

Tis' the bike riding season and on Sunday you can get in shape.... Well get your bike in shape at the bloom Collective Bike repair Informal workshop location 1134 Wealthy St. SE. beginning at 1pm.

If your birthday was today, the earth would have completed one journey around the sun traveling about 564,337,600 miles. DUDE that is 66,780 miles per hour. YOU no longer have to feel lazy because even when you are just sitting you are still moving, very very very rapidly around the sun.

Monday June 23rd at the DAAC "Battle Royale" and "The B-side is Better" The DAAC is ALL AGES, ALL THE TIME and tickets for this show are $6.

I have totally been enjoying Lydia's local blog, she reviews dinner both out an about as well as some dishes served up by local friendsters. One of her last entries has to do with her birthday. If you know Lydia please send her a birthday card! Check it out at http://www.g-rad.org/dinner/

Check out Redhydrant online at www.redhydrantpress.com

This weekend is the Parade of Downtown Living is celebrating its 3rd Birthday. Beginning Friday night you can 10 downtown developments to check out what condo life is all about. The Dwelling Place is still looking for a few volunteers to fill out the schedule. June 20th, 21st and 22nd. (You get a free ticket for volunteering! And you can bring a friend!) If you are interested in tickets please stop into Dwelling Place offices (101 Sheldon Blvd) or a National City bank Branch, of course if you are a procrastinator like me you will want to just stop into any of the participating locations the day of. Contact heather at 855-0418

Are you looking to get into a gallery (well duh isn't every artist?) imagine360 Gallery and Studio in Grand Haven is looking for new artists you name it and they are interested. IF you want to test the waters (get it, Grand Haven, snort snort) then you can call them at 402 6543 or check out the space at 403 Davis Street Grand Haven Michigan 49417

So the Arts Council of Greater Grand Rapids is looking for a new executive director. What does that mean for you? Well if you are interested in arts administration it could mean a job! You can email your resume and a cover letter to ilianaoj@artsggr.org or by standard mail to Arts Council of Greater Grand Rapids Director Search, Po box 2265 Grand Rapids Michigan 49501-2265. Submissions are due July 3rd and the position includes health benifts and salary commensurate with candidate experience. Questions can be called into Iliana at 459 2787 extension 11.

Wednesday night June 18th there will be auditions for Dog Story Theater's (birth of a new theater space, get excited) production of Boston Marriage. Audition location 311 State Street beginning at 7pm check them out on line at www.dogstorytheater.com

Drop me an email, tell me what is going on with you, 'cause I know great things are happening and I want to know what they are! So email me! wordonthestreetgr@hotmail.com, or jschaub@dwellingplacegr.org. Check out G-rad.... If you want to see or read word with pictures or post comments, check it out online at
or you can go to G-rad http://www.g-rad.org/ and then access it through projects....

Thanks for reading all the way down to the very bottom.

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