JULY 2, 2008

Hi everybody.

This week isn't nearly as hectic as last week. The events for this weekend mostly feature hardcore Fourth hanging out. You know; grilling, fireworks, friends, lemonade, bottle rockets and the occasional sun burn. But never the less there are cool things to check out in GR so here are some of the best and brightest.

Word on the Street July 2, 2008

On Wednesday nights from the GRAM has extended hours until 6pm and from 4:30 until 6 you can check out the shows for just $1.97! which is SO cheap!

Thursday night celebrate the season with a band from Philadelphia! Show starts at 8pm and features Hezekiah Jones, Chris Bathgate and The Sleep 'Tils the door is $7 and of course the show is all ages!

Thursday night is the last night to check out "my Brother is an only Child" at the UICA. The movie sounds great. Sibling rivalry, love story, communists and the fascists, the 60s and Italy. Yep all the makings of a good night. Showtimes on Thursday include 6pm and 8pm.

Don't we all love Audrey Tautou? (the actress form Amelie??) seriously she is SOOOO CUTTEEE! ( I know that has a hint of obnoxiousness to it but I can't help it...she is!) anyhow she is featured in "Priceless" a French flick about a love story with a blue eyed bartender shy gigilo...with subtitles. You can check it out on Saturday, Sunday at 3 and 7 and Tuesday and Wednesday at 7pm.

HAPPY FIREWORKS DAY! Celebrate independence!

Almost everyone will be heading out to check out some fireworks this weekend and in Grand Rapids the whole Floyd Mayweather retirement party is accompanying the Downtown fireworks. Which includes a carnaval, and something called starts on the grand, on Saturday there is also a car show and competition, and an ESPN Great lakes Strong Man Competition. The only info I could find about the Floyd Mayweather retirement party was located on a Myspace at www.myspace.com/round13gr
so if you are interested in more deatails check it out!

On Friday as part of the Mayweather throwdown the Woodland Skating Rink is hosting a 70s throwback skating party it begins at 6pm and there are suppose to be "BIG STARS" in attendance. (tickets $20) Later from 9 until 2am at the Intersection there is a Concert at the Intersection hosted by Lil' John performers include Ray Jay, Tank, Trey Sonz, J Holiday Tickets are $25!

On Saturday the 5th Skelletones is hosting Rock against hunger 3 a proceeds benefit for compassion international the show is free but they are collecting donations. Bands include Lights at Sea Yourself and the Air Sea foam Green Charles the Ospret Father Time Bomb and Cult of reason Doors at 5pm.

Sunday at the GRAM check out a film beginning at 1pm called Half Past Autumn; the Life and Works of Gordon Parks afterwards there will be a flute performance on the second floor.

Sunday July 6th more Grand Rapids downtown Mayweather extravaganza includes not only the carnival but there is also a gospel show and sports courts and did I mention all of this downtown carnaval business is free??? It goes until 6pm.

On Sunday the Mayweather party wraps up at Studio 28th with a Green carpet Black and While Party. It begins at 5:30 and seems to include a VIP Cocktail Reception, a movie, a performance by Monica and a bowling after party. Tickets are $20 and reportedly available online at www.celebrationcinema.com.

Monday July 7th the Michigan Meltdown is sure to blow a speaker or two at the DAAC bands include: Shattered badge, Merkit, Brown Shugar, Rational Namials, Punch, Harressar, Xbrainax, Protoculture, Attention Span, to fit in all of those bands the show begins at 5pm and tieckts are $10. That is one HOT night of entertainment. The DAAC is located at 115 South Division and to get up-to-date info about the DAAC visit www.thedaac.org

Mirf is selling Skelletones. (this breaks my heart.) but (this makes me kinda happy) he is looking for someone that wants to buy the business. SO if you are interested in running a music venue check out the website at www.skelletones.com

The Avenue for the Arts Market is coming up next weekend so put it on your calendar for SATURDAY! Also you can join us on Facebook (as a group) or become friends with us on Myspace.

So the weekend is shorter on community events but huge on family, friends and fireworks. If there is some kind of great event coming up next weekend I WANT to know about it! drop me an email, jschaub@dwellingplacegr.org or check out the blog version on G-rad.org. Thanks for reading all the way to the bottom!


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