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Word on the Street July 23, 2008

Hello Do gooders!
Welcome to your weekend! I am totally jealous that all of you fine folks will be out and about participating and enjoying a GREAT summer weekend (I have to work) SO I want you to all let me know how the weekend plays out and report back about any of these great events.

Here is Word on the Street for July 23, 2008

Skelletones. "Alleyway Sex," "the b-Squad," "Selectively anti Social" and "Article 15" check online for details at www.skelletones.com

Thursday night there is an early 5pm show at the DAAC, tickets are $3 and there are three bands including "paper Respirator" "oyster Thieves" and "Matt Muschiana" Having just recently met Matt (super nice guy, easy to talk to, knows lots of the kids I know and like) I would love to check out this show. DAAC is all ages all the time, Located at 115 South Division.

Yummy! This weekend is Taste of Grand Rapids (Friday and Saturday) there is free admission but samples are anywhere from $1-$5 you can get your drink on, music starts at 5 on Friday featuring Dirt Road Logic and Adam Gregory.
Location! John Ball Park. There are 23 participating restaurants!

Friday night at Schuler's books downtown Sam Kenny is playing. Free! But I don't know if you will be able to resist the temptation to pick up a new book, (I just read "Dry" by Augusten Burroughs, and am starting "The Botany of Desire", which looks GREAT!)
Time; 6:30 pm Location Monroe Center.

Skelletones Ivan Farewell Party with the insanely popular "LaDispute", "Brothers", and "Reinventing Yesterday" $7 gets you in the door.

Friday night at Jukes check out two great local bands Winnie Cooper and Chip Fundy. Chip Fundy is a great group of performers and always a pleasure. Show begins at 9:30, there is never a cover at Jukes and they are located over on Leonard!

This Saturday morning at riverside park you can get in on the 5k run/walk sign up begins at 7am (SO EARLY!) and the hustle begins at 8am! Meet up at the Riverside Park Island Shelter and proceeds benefit the Creston Neighborhood Association.

Over on Wealthy they are holding a Block party! Which means food, fun and entertainment. Some of the Coolest NEW small businesses in GR are on board for this event including Coat of many Colors, meanwhile, Sparrows, Electric Cheetah, Brick Road Pizza and Bloom. Party begins at 11am. Goes all day until 10pm and the location is 1045 Wealthy right across the street from the Sparrows!

Saturday is a great day. Beginning at 1pm at the CMC on Bridge you can take a Video of the web workshop and for the life of me I can't find a price so you might want to call the CMC but they are located on Bridge St and the doors open at 12:45. Having just uploaded my first video ever on the web I can see where a class might be helpful!

For those of you who don't know Dog Story Theater is now inhabiting the old Gateway middle School building at 331 State Street. They are holding a benefit event for violence against women and calling it "Bot Mitzvah" the bands include Chance Jones, Wicker Basket, The Fainting Generals, The Sleep tils The Chinese People TrainRek and T-101. Totally great line up! There is also a whole bunch of artwork about robots... (bot, get it?) a silent auction and the proceeds go towards V-day (check out V-day.org) this is one of those events that I am totally bummed I can't attend. Begins at 6pm.

Also on Saturday, another totally interesting event happening in Heartside! LAME studios is having their company launch tonight. Begun by two Forest Hills Students they are ready to go public there are three bands playing the show, Rec pause play, (they have played the DAAC a few times as well as participated in the Market as entertainment at Scavenger Hunt, Dean Windemuller and Open Land as well as Zach Vinson. The doors open at 7:45 and the event is only suppose to go until 10pm. Tickets are $5 at the door. The space is located at 25 South Division Ave. (the space name is Mosaic but has no relation to the Mosaic space that use to be over on Fulton.) if you go I want a FULL report!

Saturday July 26th "with "Darkened by Reason", "Behold the Man" "Judgment of Paris", "Come Find the Lion" and the whole shin dig is a Cd release party for "After Prior Day". Skelletones!
133 South Division!

Saturday July 26th at the DAAC at 7pm check out "Dan Cadillac and the electric Racecars", "Simien the Whale", and "the Darts" Show at 7pm, all ages all the time, $6 gets you in! Located at 115 South Division.

Sunday morning the Really Really Free market is happening at Wealthy and Fuller. A really Really Free market seems like a great way to exchange stuff that you just aren't into any more. Like hum, I like this thing but man, I just can't see why I still own it.... Or hum...this can of organic ravioli has been sitting in my cupboard for 6months and I really don't think I am going to eat it...but it IS FOOD! You know stuff you don't want to throw out but you just don't need. And maybe you will find some stuff that you really do need! Begins at 2pm!

Welcome home Sunday! Victor Fix the Sun, and Native take the stage at 8:30 pm. get in for $6 and rock out!At the DAAC!

Vegans unite and have a Potluck. Enjoy a movie, "The Day the Country Died", and then catch music from a few bands including "From the Depths" from North Carolina. Location 115 S. Division (the DAAC) show at 6pm! $5! All Ages!

A long lost artist has returned to GR! After a hiatus in Kalamazoo, Shannon Harris has started a new business called "Hearts for the Arts" located in the same building as Lafontsee it is a stop in art shop for those looking to get in touch with their inner artist. Shannon specializes in working with kids and adults with disablities and if you want to find out more check out her website (which is pretty well put together)

Open Concept Gallery is going to be hosting a show by Dennis Oppenheim (whose work will be the newest outdoor sculpture at the Rapid). Open Concept will be opening the show in October of 2008 BUT they are currently looking for donations to support the gallery as well as a bit of muscle (volunteering) if you are interested in getting involved you should email them at info@openconceptgallery.org. Location 50 Louis St NW.

Creston is unveiling their new Artworks mural this week. I got a sneak peek before it was going up on the wall and it was totally COOL! The students have worked for a month on this piece and it shows!

OK Guys I am not able to go to ANYTHING this weekend so LET ME KNOW how these events are! Email me! jschaub@dwellingplacegr.org or post a comment on the blog on G-rad.... If you want to see or read word with pictures or post comments, check it out online at http://www.g-rad.org/projects/wordonthestreet/
or you can go to G-rad http://www.g-rad.org/ and then access it through projects....

Thanks for reading all the way down to the very bottom.

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Shannon Harris will be featured next Monday in the Your Style column that I do for the Grand Rapids Press. I got to check out her studio and it's a very cool space and concept. Check it out!

- Tricia | July 24, 2008 2:47 PM

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