AUGUST 1, 2008

Word on the Street for July 30th!
Hey guys.
I have to admit, I am still loving the hot. The Hot Hot summer. It makes me feel happy but it is sort of hard to sleep..... There is something very comforting to me about wearing flip flops every day, the daily rituals of watering my flowers, lots of barbequing ALL THE TIME. So I plan on just enjoying the hot this weekend and here are some of suggestions about how YOU can enjoy the hot.

SO Delivered to your inbox, posted online, burning up your weekend schedule with so much great stuff. Here it is Word on the Street for July 30th!

This weekend at the UICA there is a pretty great looking movie that features a Michael Jackson impersonator, who hooks up with other impersonators and then somehow Werner Herzog is a priest and there are flying nuns. So crazy huh????!!! You have quite a few opportunities to check it out . Friday at 1,5 and9. Saturday and Sunday at 1 & 5.

This weekend marks the renaissance of ABBA in Grand Rapids. On Thursday or Friday you can check out ABBA's Swedish cover band Waterloo playing with the GR symphony. They have performances on both Thursday and Friday at Cannonsburg. Granted it is a bit of a drive, and you have ot bring a picnic (oh darn!) but it is a GREAT way to spend a summer night. Tickets are $22 for adults starts at 7:30 pm. (there is usually a warm up band and I suggest getting there early for a good seat.

This Friday at Skelletones you can Rave till Dawn. With a bunch of Guest Djs. Begins at 9pm dance till 3 only $5 gets you sweaty, pulsating in a thriving mass of teenage flesh. Sounds like a sticky time.

The DAAC needs a new sound systems (duh! If you have ever seen a show there you know this!) and of course the bands they have brought in for the show are AWESOME. Casiotone for the Painfully Alone and the Spectacles both out of Chicago. Since it is a benefit there is a sliding scale ticket price 6$ minimum but for those of you who can, a few extra bucks would be great!

The Michigan Shakespeare Festival is performing at the Ballet theater over off of Grandville this weekend. On Saturday you can catch their performance of "Alls well that ends well" at 2pm. I think most people have a bit of apprehension when going to see Shakespeare but over all you can't not like the stuff it is so well written! Fore more info about the MSF email them at

ABBA invasion 2! "Mamma Mia" (a stage musical featuring ABBA songs) is taking place at the DeVos Performance Hall this weekend. I am assuming tickets are around 20$ the show starts at 800pm and you can call 742 6500 to find out more.

I am not a big fan of the Intersection. BUT this weekend they have a KILLER line up. Mighty Narwhale, Chance Jones and Nathan Kalish and the Wildfire. The show starts early at 7pm $5 gets you in but you gotta be over legal (over 18)....

Saturday night totally different feeling at Skelletones. The SKA Spectacular includes bands like "the Skoundrels, the red shift The new Urban Sprawl and the Risk. So lately I have been listening to a whole bunch of old ska and it is totally freaking cool, like reggae meets 50's boppers meets Motown. 7 dallahs gets you in and of course this show is all ages! (133 South Division!)

On Sunday at the bloom collective on Wealthy Street check out the collective organizing workshop. Beginning at 1pm the interaction if sliding between 5 and 10$ you know facilitation, consensus, decision making, fundraising conflict resolution and more.!

Directly afterwards head over next door. Fusion Film Academy is showing two spoofs at the Wealthy Theater this week. First up "Hannah Michigan" and then "Napoleon Firecracker" Begins at 3pm showing takes place in the Koning Micro Cinema at 1130 Wealthy St SE. for more info visit

Get out your poetry book and begin to look for something good, Negative Space invites your to take get on the mic. Time 7pm. EVERY SUNDAY. 106 South Division, Buzz up to unit 311. The website is

Sunday at the DAAC there are 5 bands! Check them "A Drum and an Open Window" "Paul Baribeau" "Toby Foster" "the Boy Who Could Fly" and "Clear Days Always" $6 gets you in the door for more info visit the site at

The DAAC is having a special performance at Vertigo music featuring the ever popular Breathe Owl Breathe and Nat Baldwin. According to their myspace invitation list over 200 people are planning on coming to the show! WOW! Anyhow Vertigo is totally awesome, 129 S. Division pick up a used cd or record while your at it!
$10 gets you in! All ages 8pm.

So that is pretty much it for now..... I am excited about the prospect of some art shows opening soon..... if you know of one Email me! or post a comment on the blog on G-rad.... If you want to see or read word with pictures or post comments, check it out online at
or you can go to G-rad and then access it through projects....

Thanks for reading all the way down to the very bottom.

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