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Word on the Street August 6th, 2008

Hello ya'll
So this weekend is another Avenue for the Arts Market (how quickly the last month went!) and I am personally inviting you all down to enjoy the scene. We have a great line up of performers including some break dancers and a whole bunch of performers, amazing local artist and this time we are featuring some local eats as well. SO I hope to see you there!

Here is Word on the Street for August 6th

Thursday night at Skelletones! "Dance Gavin Dance", "A Static Lullaby", "Secret Whisper", "Four letter Line" along with "Lower Definition". Tickets are $12 and you can buy them ahead of time on the website the show is all ages. The location is 133ish South Division.

I am not much of a wine drinker. I have never really learned to appreciate the taste and have always concluded that I just haven't found the right one. SO this Friday at the GRAM I am going to check out The Art of selecting a Bordeaux Wine with Peter Eizel of Martha's Vineyard. I TRUST the guys at Martha's they know what the deals are what tastes good and Martha's makes me swoon because I love their cheese and deli section. So explore Terra Burdigala from 7 until 7:45 on Friday night!

On Friday night 106 South Division (Calvin College's gallery ) is opening a new show "Propagule Pressure". You can enjoy work by Tory Roff and Karis Medina. Their work is a mixture of drawings, photography, paintings and sculpture that explore the intersection of culture and nature. Check them out from 8 until 10pm. And of course it is FREE!

Help celebrate the kick off tour of "their Teeth will be of Lions" at Skelletones. The bands line up will also include "Doctor! Doctor!", "Reptilian", "Mountain Goat" and "Come Find the Lion" 7$ gets you in!

So this is pretty cool. There is a Benefit yard sale in the courtyard of the American Seating building this Saturday. (555 7th St. NW) you can donate items from 8 until noon or shop from 8 until 5. The sale is donation only (so nothing is priced) and the proceeds go towards CAPACITAR Trauma Center in El Salvador.

Beginning at 4pm you can enjoy the sights and sounds of South Division at the Third Avenue for the Arts Street Market. Performers include the Laura Armenta Belly Dancers, Adam SFA, the Six1syx Break Dancers, Batucata, Brandon Labelle, Clear Days Always (Levi Bailey), Heather and Jesse McGartland, Matt Lovelace, David Bleckley, a Vertigo sponsored DJ, Jared Wekenmen (of Paucity), Mantra, and some fire dancing to round out the night. And if that isn't enough of course we have a ton of great vendors! The short list includes Dr. Alan Szagesh, Kateryn M Robertson, Camille Metzger, Jamie Gibson, Dana Doll, Nicole MacPherson, Erwin Erkfitz, Tracy Putter & Marie Keller, Marie Essenberg, Ashley Folkema, The IWW, Elyse Welcher , Ruther Ribeiro & Sara Barker, Rachel Banks and Sarah Martin. We're looking at having upwards to 50 local vendors! Another total bonus this month is that the Sparrows coffee house will be serving up Crepes and of course you can always grab a bite at Foodsmith or Rockwells afterwards. SO from 4-9pm Saturday night join us on South Division between Weston and Cherry pick up some local goods, enjoy the food and music and get down in the downtown!! For a total list of vendors who have participated check out the website We also have rad new Avenue for the Arts Market T-shirts on sale for just 8$!

Skelletones is pumping up the big shows this weekend. On Saturday rock out with "Terror", "Warriors", "Death before Dishonor", "CDC", and "Trapped under Ice" (waoh! That is some theme!) Tickets are 12$

The St. Mary's Parish International Festival features food from Germany, Poland and Mexico, beverages and entertainment. There will be a Raffle and lots of chilln' at the church. The location is at 423 First Street NW from 1 until 11pm on Saturday and from 12:30 until 6:30 on Sunday ALL AGES For more info call 459 7390

Sunday the at the DAAC Punk Show! Featuring "Spoonboy" Acoustic Front of Resistance", "Battle of Attrition" MNisota", and there are workshops beginning at 6pm about how to form an affinity group for protests, organizing beyond electoral politics and an overciew of the RNC protests. Music at 8pm Location 115 South Division $6 gets you in.

Monday at the DAAC is like a freaking flash back. "Special Dental Team" is playing with "Johnny Unicorn", "The Frenchie Perlis Organization" and "The Local Beer Bottle Quartet." Show begins at 8pm!

WOAHAOW! Have you checked out the google street view for grand rapids yet? It is so crazy! I was checking out South Division the other day and it is so cool to see how they shot the photos, if you haven't take a minute and check it out....
another cool thing is

Ok so here is a link to a possible opportunity the Michigan Municipal League is looking for video spots that show why you decided to stay in Michigan. OR if you have taken off and are an ex-pat what would make you come back. They are looking for shots of communities, your favorite spots, the cultural events that make you gleeful etc. the video needs to be about 5 minutes long posted on YouTube. The sponsor is the Michigan Municipal League and they will show your video to 300 elected community leaders. The deadline is September 15th. Check out the link at

Next up! Recently Lowell lost a local artists and teacher. To continue his vision the Lowell Area Arts Council is creating a David Davis Youth Arts Scholarship Fund. To raise the initial funding they are holding an OPEN ENTRY SHOW they are looking for work that has been shaped by David's influence, made in one of his classes or inspired by him, or about your life with art.... So to enter the show there is a $25 donation which goes directly to the fund. If the work gets sold the normal 30% Lowell Area Arts Council Commission will also be donated to the cause. To get the submission paper work call 616-897-8545 or email submissions are due September 5th and 6th at the Lowell Area Arts Council 146 Hudson St.

Did you know that UICA hosts open clay studio each Tuesday-Saturday from 12 until 10pm. For members it is $75 a month and for non members it is $85 per month. Pretty good for those of you who like to get dirty!

That is it! Adios! See you on Saturday! Drop me an email! Check out G-rad.... If you want to see or read word with pictures or post comments, check it out online at
or you can go to G-rad and then access it through projects....

Thanks for reading all the way down to the very bottom.

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